ManHood Restorer Review by Jason

Check out this detailed and helpful review by Jason. He discusses how he’s using ManHood to aide with his foreskin restoration, and shares a list of ManHood’s benefits as a comfortable foreskin retainer.

Here’s a preview:

“I’ve been using the Manhood for a couple months now, and as a guy who is restoring his foreskin, I’ve found this product to be very useful. There are times I can’t, or don’t want to wear my normal foreskin tugger throughout the day, and the Manhood jumps in. I wear it underneath my underwear, and it keeps my skin covering my glans. The other time I use it is at night…I sleep with it on. The Manhood is made of a stretchy material, which means that it stays on while you get erections through the night. The material is hard to describe. It is so soft, and a bit tacky, so it actually holds onto your shaft skin.”

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