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Black Beauty Tugging Sleeve


The new ManHood Tugging Sleeve provides a more comfortable foreskin restoration experience. Designed from customer requests, the sleeve fits over your tugging device to absorb friction from metal and silicone pieces that rub against your thigh. It includes a handy ribbon that fits over your waistband for quick retrieval. See the video below for more details.

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Featured Customer Testimonial:

I’ve been wearing ManHoods for two months now, and I’m thrilled with them. My tugger has fallen off a few times, and when it does, my now sensitive glans becomes exposed and instantly irritated. When I realized this problem, I was excited to see your tugging sleeve and bought one immediately. I have definitely found that my tugger stays on better with the tugging sleeve to protect it from rubbing against my leg and pants. It really makes tugging a more comfortable experience. I would recommend that men buy a longer sleeve than they think they need, though. I measured the area that I wanted covered and ordered to that size, but I’ll definitely be ordering a longer one next time.
— Sean