manhood beats the competition

Our customers prefer ManHood over other popular retainers, such as Your-Skin Cone and Senslip! ManHood was the world’s first foreskin substitute, created in 1995, and we still offer the most affordable product on the market. Below are some highlights of recent testimonials we’ve received. If you’d like to read the other 200+ testimonials we’ve received in the last few years, please send me an email request and I will forward them to you. If you would like all of the testimonials we have received in the last 29 years, please check for space on your hard drive before we send them. 🙂


  1. David says:

    Kudos on a great product! I am age 87 and have been restoring for about 4 years, resulting in increased sensitivity and pleasure. My female partner also loves the result!

  2. Rod says:

    I bought two of the Manimal Manhoods and I am extremely pleased with them. I can’t explain how grateful I am that I found this and you have been doing it for so long. I suffered from very bad depression for a long time and tried restoring. I was hesitant about the Manhood but I was wrong. It has restored my confidence on a daily basis and I can’t thank you enough for the physical and mental relief I have had. Plus just having a cool design makes it feel less like a medical device and something you can be proud of. Thank you so much.

  3. Blue says:

    I’ve worn mine for almost a week and I’m 125% satisfied, the first day I wore it, my glans was so much more supple and moist. I wear it for a retainer for foreskin restoration too and it’s been the best device I’ve tried. It really does stay on no matter what. I wish I would have gotten one sooner, i wear it now 24/7. I’m so excited every time I take it off because I notice a little more sensitivity each time. I got circumcised at 21 because of fear of embassasment but now I wish I hadn’t, I met a girl 3 years later that wouldn’t have thought twice about if I was or not, we’ve been together for 4 years now and she fully supports my restoration journey. I never new before I would have lost so much sensitivity but thanks to manhood, I’ve started gaining it back and I’m very happy with it

    I never thought that I could regian so much sensation! Sex is like fireworks, already!, with having only worn manhood for a week! I can’t believe it! My penis haven’t felt this sensational since I got circumcised, I’m 28 now and I’m remembering what it was like before, and that makes me so happy I could cry. Yall are doing a wonderful thing for men everywhere 👏 and I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves the manhood devices enough to talk openly about this subject, circumcision caused me to grieve my foreskin from about the 3rd month after I had it done. I’ve delt with a lot of mental anguish and sexual hangups from getting cut 😢. But you guys have brought a new light into that part of my life and I’ll be forever grateful for helping me regain foreskin and most of all my sensitivity. Thank you

  4. Mark says:

    I have just worn my Manhood for a day and find it very comfortable. I actually am quite amazed that the Manhood does hold the foreskin that I have managed to restore so far, over my glans…amazing! Thank you for a great product.

  5. Andrew says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for changing my life in so many ways for the better 🙂 I’ve worn ManHood religiously since the first one I got I think August 2021 and then the additional ones in December that year made it easy to keep at it. My glans is as shiny as a pool cue now, it reflects light in any environment, even when its not erect I can see light reflecting off it. Dekeritinization has taken a long time, its still not there all the way yet, but I’m hopeful it will continue. Sensitivity is wild and its like I have a new body part. I can’t imagine life without wearing sleeves!

  6. Gary says:

    My work requires a lot of walking. It wasn’t until I wore Manhood that I realized the variety of unpleasant feelings I was exposing my glans to throughout the day. Wearing Manhood is kind of like putting on sunglasses under harsh, bright light.

    After just weeks of consistent use, my custom size became too small and I found that my flaccid girth had increased by about a quarter inch. This correlates with the presence of other changes like improved sensitivity and color. I’ve since ordered more Manhoods to better accommodate my current size, including in silk, and find them quite comfortable.

    It’s important to get the fit right. I first experimented with Manhoods several years ago but gave up, and proper fit may have been one contributor. Also, I dabbled in foreskin restoration over 15 years ago, and I’ve found that wearing Manhood, including non-restorer versions, has brought back previously forgotten gains. I can see how Manhood could complement a restoration protocol quite well and I may revisit it in the future. For now, I appreciate the comfort that Manhood provides.

  7. Joe V says:

    I’ve been a loyal customer for a couple years now, and I can say this has changed my love life tremendously, Wearing the restorer gives back crazy changes in sensitivity & appearance, and the feeling of being protected without anything rubbing on your glands all day is worth every red scent.

    What you can do is try it just buy one and wear it for a couple weeks then take it off and walk around and see what a crazy uncomfortable thing it is to not have the gland protected, then you’ll also be a loyal customer.

  8. Nicolas says:

    Keep up the great work boys, it truly is a public service providing these for us to take back our Manhood! Thanks again, you guys rock

  9. Sam says:

    I absolutely love the manhood! I ordered a few others just so I could cycle through one daily. Amazing discovery, thank you!

  10. Andreas says:

    Been using Manhood for more than 3 years.
    For me it is an extremely effective solution for my circumcision.
    Glans sensitivity is back to the point that if I dont wear it during a day, it feels extremely uncomfortable walking with the friction created when my glans moves against my boxers.
    It never falls off, I play sports and soccer and it always stays on.
    Trully a God given solution for the condition of circumcision.
    Really grateful and highly recommend!!

  11. Saul says:

    I use ManHood for running and cycling comfort. The stretchy tacky version always stays on no matter how much friction I subject it to.

    Your product has helped me considerably. I was struggling with sensitivity following circumcision. Even after a year I still use them during sports or high friction activities. Many thanks

  12. Martin P says:

    I have been dealing with Randy for years.

    Service is always excellent, fast and reliable.

    The product is truly world class. I now could not imagine living without my manhoods and I have regained all of my sensitivity prior to my circumcision.

    Anyone reading this that is not sure please buy and see for yourself.

    The manhoods are life changing.

    Thank you so much Randy.

  13. Sensitive man 123 says:

    I’ve been using the Manhood now for 5 years and I can resolutely say that this product has had a profoundly positive effect on my manhood.

    Wearing one has become second nature and is easy to keep on, even with my physically active work.

    Over the years, my sensitivity has improved, the thickness of the skin on my manhood has reduced and certainly has undergone the process of dekeratinization.

    Sex is incredible (always was), but I feel so much more. If I rub my manhood on a towel by accident, I feel sore. Even going a few minutes without one, I get too distracted by it and have to re-apply it.

    Now this might sound absurd, but this is a thought ive had. As a Jewish man who attends a synagogue on occasion, it’s an amusing thought knowing that out of all the men in the congregation, I am likely to have the most sensitive penis in the building.

  14. Omar Lacchini says:

    Super glad to have discovered Manhood Canada on Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast! This product has changed my life for the better.
    I’m almost happy to have been circ’d! Just joking, it’s a barbaric practice and should be outlawed internationally.
    Thank you for helping me crawl out of the cave of shame.

  15. D H says:

    I ordered the starter pack and I feel I need to thank you for developing this product. I never gave being circumcised a second thought because when I was playing football and running track in school back in the 1990’s everyone in the locker room was circumcised. It wasn’t until my mid 30’s when I started to noticed a decrease in sensitivity during sex. Now I’m in my 40’s and the lack of sensitivity has gotten worse. It has gotten to the point where my wife gets aggravated with how long it takes me to finish. I knew I needed to do something and stumbled across your product. I have only been using your product for a couple of weeks and I am starting to notice a small change in sensitivity if I don’t wear it (which isn’t often). I hope it will continues to improve. I will definitely be ordering more when the time comes. Through this experience with decreasing sensitivity I’ve realized that circumcising babies for any reason, even religious ones, should be illegal outside of medical necessity. If an adult makes the decision to get circumcised that’s fine but it should be a decision made during adulthood. Sooner or later circumcision does have consequences and anyone saying it doesn’t is full of crap.

  16. CM says:

    The silk manhood is a great product. Even though it doesn’t stretch it’s great because it seems hypoallergenic. I’ll be sending another order soonish. thank you very much.

  17. Eric says:

    I really love your products, and I’m really glad that I happened across them. I may embark on the journey of foreskin restoration at some point, but until I do, I’ll be using your ManHoods to protect my manhood. Hah!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This product is a godsend and has made my life better. I can’t imagine not wearing one unless I am fully restored some day.

  19. Cory says:

    I recently purchased a Gold Beginners Bundle after hearing about foreskin restoration.

    Only a few weeks in, and I have to say I’m loving it. Wearing it did take some getting used to, but now it’s quite seamless. I haven’t been without one since I started wearing them.

    I can’t be certain, but I think the dekeratanization process may have started. In brighter light, I can see shiny spots on my glans, almost making it look like glitter. I can also attest to some increased sensitivity already.

  20. John says:

    I’m only a week in, and even if I don’t regain ANY sensitivity, I’m in shock of how much more comfortable everything is now. I slept better starting on day 2. And on busy days at work I no longer feel any discomfort on my glans. I am a massive grower for sure and I thought slipping off was going to be a huge problem, but I just use the original for home, and the other for work and I have no problems.

  21. Ryan says:

    I have been using the manhood covers for about a month now and the results are amazing so far. I had a circumcision at 18 because I was embarrassed and the girl’s in my generation or at least where I live in New England thought uncircumcised penises were gross. I can see where I lost A LOT of sensitivity and feeling over the last 20 years but that has and will continue to be fixed thanks to your amazing product. Thanks again.

  22. Adam says:

    Manhood has changed my sex life drastically. I’ve been circumcised my whole life so the sensitivity of my glans and remaining foreskin was very poor. After a few months wearing the manhood sex started to feel more like it did when I was younger. I requested some customizations to help keep the manhood from slipping off. They kindly keep making these customized manhoods for me. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the service.

  23. Jeff says:

    I’ve been using these constantly since 3/22 and the long-term effects have been virtually miraculous. Every circumcised man should be using the Manhood 24/7. Thank you! 😁

  24. Johan Bernard says:

    I got circumcised at age 16 due to religious reasons(I had wanted to convert to Judaism at that time),So I know the difference between not only the foreskin being a sweet spot for sexual pleasure,but also the glans being extremely sensitive to sexual pleasure when unexposed and supple and not keratinized.

    I just got my manhood canada and have been wearing it for about a day total,I feel better just having my penis covered.

    I plan to use this with keratolytic creams like Urea and Salycilic acid to dekeratinize the glans more quickly,and gain full pleasure from sex.

    I highly recommend this product.only asnnoying thing is it can slip off during sleep or in certain laying down positions when laid down on your stomach.

    Other than that I have nothing but praise for this product.

  25. Nathanial says:

    My experience with the ManHoods has been so good that now my husband wants to try them. Thanks.

  26. Eric says:

    The manhoods have changed my life. I realized around a month ago that circumcision was an incredibly traumatic experience for me, and my body remembers the pain even though I was just a baby. It left a very noticeable scar and has caused me to have a lot of insecurity about my penis. It’s interesting how I have always felt like something was missing physically and emotionally and it turns out it is the foreskin that was taken from me without my consent.

    Although it’s not the same as my own foreskin, when I wear a manhood I feel more confident, protected, and complete. The difference it has had on the texture of the glans is AMAZING. It looks and feels completely different. It’s becoming smoother and more sensitive. Sexual activity feels 1000000x more amazing than it ever did before. If you’re considering trying it out, have no doubts. Don’t feel weird about it. Wearing a piece of fabric around the most intimate and special part of your body is not weird. A stranger chopping off the most senitive and protective part of your penis before you could consent to it, THAT is weird.

    I hope one day the technology is available so that I can be reconnected with a foreskin that is my own without the stretching and tools etc., but until then, I’m always going to wear a manhood.

  27. Simon says:

    I’ve been wearing these for years now, totally changed my sensitivity. Appreciated.

  28. Anonymous says:

    The manhood has improved my partner and I’s sex life. As an individual who suffers from vaginal dryness before my partner started wearing the manhood I would experience a lot of severe pain during and after intercourse. Once they started wearing the manhood it made a significant change. We have been able to have sex more often and longer with zero pain and it is much more comfortable for me. Highly recommend.

  29. Matt says:

    I’ve been a loyal Manhood wearer for years and don’t know how I lived before I found your product. It provides essential daily comfort, even as my restoration process is indefinitely on hold. Methods I found before seemed uncomfortable and too hard with my active lifestyle, and while manual stretching began to work, I know it’s a very long, slow process and can’t make time daily. I pray your business will always thrive and continue to provide comfort and ease in my life. Thanks again.

  30. G. M. says:

    I am a 25 year old male from WV (state with the highest circumcision rate in the US) who has been dealing with problems with my penile skin and glands for over 2 years now. I am tightly circumcised and never knew how much damage contact with clothes and sheets was doing. Your product is an absolute blessing and has me feeling comfortable in my own skin again. I will be recommending them to all of my friends and family.

    Not only has your product completely changed the appearance of the glands after only ONE WEEK of regular use, but it has also had more benefits than I had initially intended. I suffered from what I thought were Fordyce spots or sebaceous cysts under the skin along the shaft. My dermatologist told me these were normal and could only be removed with laser or cryo surgery, but after wearing the manhood, the spots are disappearing! I assume this is because the raised bumps were actually a reaction to the constant rubbing and irritation of the shaft skin.

    I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing and I hope the business is doing well. You have made me a customer for life.

  31. William says:

    I’ve been using manhoods for 3 years now and they are probably the best product I’ve ever bought. I usually buy the XX ones because they seal in moisture, and that gives me maximum sensitivity. Also, the grip-like texture keeps them on pretty reliably even during exercise. The original manhoods have never reliably stayed on but I got an original manhood with a gripper strip in my last order to try it out. I found that the gripper strip works remarkably well! It stays on VERY well and I can say that I trust it to stay on almost as much as the XX now. I still do not use the originals because they tend to dry me out (since their fabric is not rubbery like the XX) but just want to review it here so others can benefit.

    I love the XX manhoods and will continue to wear them forever!

  32. Bill says:

    I’ve been using the restorer since Monday and it is really nice. It stays put without trying to pull it tight when putting it on and I don’t need the strap.

  33. Matthew B. says:

    I love my manhoods. Getting the sizing right has been a challange, but I have found the right size and styles to suit my need.
    On days that I need a break from the restoration process, there is nothing that I’d rather use!

  34. Martin says:

    I have dealt with Randy now for years and he always communicates promptly with any questions and queries.

    These products are life changing and this company is truly world class.

    Strongly recommended.

  35. Brandon says:

    I’ve been wearing mine for about 5 days or so now, and when I went to take a shower, as I took off my “manhood”, I could see some shine on my head! As in, it was semi-moist (just a little bit but I know it will get better with time). I couldn’t believe it, my head was actually protected for once and was slowly but surly getting better! I love wearing mine, as I feel a mental secure and safe feeling while wearing it and now feel vulnerable anytime I don’t wear it haha. I’ve been following you guys for a while but never ordered because of money and stuff but now I’m considering buying one for literally every male in my family (if they agree to it ofc) You guys are doing LITERALLY gods work in my opinion, thank you so much.

  36. young says:

    I want to always thank and love Randy for making this wonderful product. I think there are a lot of people who are sad and frustrated because of surgery like me. I highly recommend using the manhood.

  37. Alexander says:

    The ManHood has completely changed my life…I greatly underestimated the impact it would have on my life, I do landscaping and am constantly hot and sweaty and the manhood increased my comfort level by 200% so thank you.

  38. alca says:

    I’ve been using the manhood I ordered and its been so great to me. I’ve finally been able to walk and run and do all the things I couldn’t because of the sensitivity problem.
    I was experiencing rubbing against my underwear or clothing and it caused pain and irritation. It was hard to go for a walk and my foreskin kept going below the head of penis. My skin is very sensitive and although I’m uncircumcised, the foreskin is seemingly too short. You have a great product and I love it.. and I love that I can tell you genuinely care about us and always reply immediately. Thank you!!

  39. Patrick says:

    I love the new grip strip! I can’t wear the hoods that hold moisture like the restorer hood or the xx because my penis sweats and breaks out when i wear those throughout the day, those are my nighttime regime. So I wear the original throughout the day and I find myself adjusting it or having it slip off in high movement activities. But with the gripper strip it held throughout the work day no problems, plus I played sports a few times and it didn’t fall off which was awesome. Keep experimenting with it please! Thank you.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I love these masks *so* much. Am traveling and getting masks to bring my in-laws as gifts (they’re from a non-cutting culture, so no manhoods 😉 . My own family loves their masks – thank you!

  41. Jason says:

    The new design with rubber on the inside to prevent slippage is a home run!!

  42. Ole says:

    I am now 83 and the vastly increased sensitivity makes success possible. I thank you for that.

  43. Logan says:

    Thank you so much, I receuved my order today and I am very happy with it! The rubber elastic ring that you put into one of my ManHood’s (to prevent slippage) is a genius idea!

  44. Dave, W. Australia says:

    I’ve been using the ManHood restorers for 6 months since Dec 2021. My cut glans was deeply furrowed & dry, but looks shiny & smoother now. The Restorer XX Stretch really retains moisture, gathers skin around the glans & even produces some smegma – all great for restoration. Randy has always been helpful, honest & prompt in his advice, product delivery & follow-up. I’m one of many men very grateful to have found Randy’s product & service.

  45. Andrew says:

    Manhoods have been vital for my restoration and I can testify to the benefits within the first month. Wish I knew of restoration sooner!

  46. Anonymous says:

    My husband, due to chronic masturbation, porn addiction, and death grip syndrome lost a lot of the sensation in his penis. Sex sucked. But not in a good way.

    After abstaining completely from masturbation and consistently wearing his Manhood for 60 days, he was able to get pleasure from oral sex, possibly for the first time ever. While we still have a long way to go, Manhood has been an intricate part of his porn and sex addiction recovery. ?

  47. Nathanial says:

    I am so grateful that I discovered the ManHood. For years I struggled with intense feelings of violation and anger about being tortured and mutilated when I was too young to defend myself. I had looked into foreskin restoration in the past, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Then I found the ManHood web site. Here was a product that claimed it could help me without requiring years of restoring.

    However, being a skeptical person in general, I began my ManHood journey without too many expectations. Knowing it was supposed to take at least a month to feel a difference, I spent the first few weeks focussed only on getting used to wearing them. Then one morning I removed my nighttime ManHood but forgot to put on my daytime one, and without thinking I pulled up my boxer-briefs. I turned to walk away, but I could only take two steps before becoming aware of my mistake. “Woah! What was that?” The sensation of my bare glans rubbing against my boxer-briefs was intense. I immediately put on another ManHood to stop the irritation. But then it hit me: It was actually working! After only two weeks, the ManHoods had restored enough sensation that walking around without one was irritating. My skepticism was gone. The ManHoods really work.

    It was after this two-week mark that I noticed my sex life improving. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’d stopped during sex, rolled over, and said: “Sorry, honey. It just won’t work tonight.” I thought there was something wrong with me, that maybe I was too stressed from work, or not exercising enough, or eating the wrong things, or in general just not trying hard enough. But that wasn’t the case at all! The problem was a lack of sensation (and steadily decreasing sensation over time) because of what was stolen from me all those years ago. Now sex is becoming more enjoyable. It’s gentler than it used to be, because it doesn’t require as much effort. Plus, orgasms are beginning to feel more intense, and I imagine this will increase as even more sensation returns.

    Guys, if any part of what I’ve said here resonates with you, I want you to know that it’s not your fault, and more importantly, you can do something to take back your power. Two-and-a-half months into wearing the ManHoods, they’re integrated into my routine so well that I don’t even think about them. But I continue to see results. Those results have also inspired me to begin actively restoring my foreskin, even though I know it will take years. If, like me, you’ve been struggling with anger, feeling violated, or just frustration about your sex life, you need to try the ManHoods. For the price of the Beginner Bundle, you’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain!

  48. Andrew says:

    All the ManHood’s I ordered are amazing, they all fit perfectly, very comfortable, and my glans continues to get softer, shinier, and more sensitive. Simply amazing! What a life changing thing this all is. Thanks again for providing this amazing product!!

  49. Nick says:

    I’m extremely happy with the Manhood!
    Seriously impressed with how well it stays on and does exactly what its supposed to do.
    I’m very glad I bought, and will likely be looking in to getting hold of a few more in a few weeks. Keep it up – you’re doing great work for people everywhere.

  50. Arturo says:

    Thank you for the product by the way, I had to have the procedure done for medical purposes.
    your product help me ease into reality and used them to work out and sleep, helped me maintain moisture and sensibility, so not exactly a foreskin but a great substitute.

  51. Stefan says:

    My background: Now 39, cut at 33 due to bad decision making and terrible advice based on a diagnosed phimosis

    My experience with ManHood: Before I got the first ManHood, my glans sometimes felt irritated (not sure how to word it right). I wasn’t able to enjoy sports the same anymore and sometimes even afraid to take my kids on the lap as I missed protection. On the first day of using ManHood, I got that protection back. ManHood is certainly helping me, and it has been helping from day 1 on. Thank you Randy for ManHood and for caring for us.

  52. James says:

    I have seen a dramatic change in the tone/health of my glans skin. it’s now shiny and not dry/rough. All in about a month of consistently wearing it. Hard to believe if it wasn’t my own penis! ha. I can also tell that my sensitivity has definitely increased. Before starting to use the manhood, I would feel the kilt fabric on my glans, but it wasn’t an issue because of course it was desensitized. But now that I’ve been using the manhood and the skin has really changed, if I go without the manhood under the kilt — it’s irritating, and I have to pull the fabric away from my penis!

    Another completely unexpected bonus was the restorer’s ability to keep the (partially) restored skin in place over your glans while sleeping — even through erections! Crazy! This part is just as important as using the stretcher.

    So very, very happy with the results! Thanks very much brother!

  53. Cameron says:

    I LOVE the XX material’s exquisite foreskin holding power. I’ve realized these XXs are especially useful for retaining reliably when out & about. Thanks for your great products. 🙂

  54. will says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. Since I started wearing your hoods I feel so much more comfortable and confident with my body, and obviously my sensitivity is through the roof as well. You’re one of the few people out there helping circumcised men heal and restore, and for that I am immensely grateful.

  55. MJP says:

    I have been buying Manhood’s for years with good reason.

    Fantastic product and great service.

    I highly recommend this company and Randy is always so genuine to deal with.

  56. Michael says:

    This was a second order. Great product!
    I have established a routine and it has made a big difference. The sensitivity has returned. Amazing.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much, you have no idea how much the manhoods have helped me cope. The covers have done their job extremely well, and has dramatically improved my mental health. While it did take 3 months for rapid dekeretinization to begin, it still happened, and it has been so mentally and physically therapeutic I’ve decided I want to get a few more. Merely wearing one is therapeutic. Your excellent customer service in addition to everything else really shows you and the rest of manhood have heart. Thank you again!

  58. Hunter says:

    I’m loving the originals. I’ve used them for just over a month and have noticed a big difference in sensitivity, texture and color.

  59. Adam says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your products! I have tried many things and yours is the simplest and most effective. I have been committed to wearing them the last few months and now I cant not wear them constantly. Anyway… Thank you again. I always have such good emotions whenever I put them on or think about them. Its a huge life improvement.

  60. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to express my great thanks to you for creating this product, the Manhood. I am 25 years old and I’ve been wearing the Manhood daily (during both sleep and waking hours) for over a month. For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to climax from intercourse (and even multiple times in a day) which is something I’ve never been able to do. I always had to use my hand to climax. Intercourse actually feels physically pleasurable, which feels so unfamiliar to me but also awesome. I had thought this would never be possible.

  61. Emmelien says:

    my son has been a naked, traumatized prisoner for two months now after His operation. Yesterday he tried the manhood: he has sleept through the night, he has attended school, wants to work out and visited friends. It is a miracle!

    As you Said it is a journey, we have to experiment with size and material. Lifesaving!!!!

    He literally got his life back instantly with MH. And that was 2 months post procedure, so he was “healed”. His doctor also tells us that this continuing sensitivity is something he has never seen before.
    Anyway, manhood was, and is, his savior!

  62. David says:

    After trying the beginner pack, one month later and I’ve proper had sex with a condom on for the first time in my life where I can actually feel something. Thank you.

  63. David says:

    I love this product,,I wear my to sleep and on the weekend with weights,,only using 1 and a half years ,,very Impressed with how long they last and how soft they make your head ,,I have large opening ,always rubbed clothes ,,not a problem now almost full coverage when soft

  64. John says:

    I always had a very tight foreskin, and sometimes it was uncomfortable during sex. Then I decided to be circumcised, and now it’s the biggest regret I have in my life.
    I lost all the pleasure in sex, and I’ve been struggling against depression because of that.
    I’ve been using manhood for almost a year now. It has brought back some of the sensitivity I’ve lost. And also some hope that it will get even better.
    If you’re in doubt wether to get it or not, I definetely recommend you try it.

  65. Graham says:

    I am currently undergoing foreskin restoration from my childhood circumcision.

    I use o-rings during the day to retain but don’t like the idea of using them at night as they can cause damage with unrestricted erections. So I looked into other options of retaining and came across manhood. I’ve been using the restoring manhood at night for a while now and not once have they ever come off and they even manage to keep the skin over my glans during erections which is crazy for me.

    Many thanks to manhood and I love that they sent me a free second one to make it easy to rotate between the two! Would strongly recommend them to anyone.

  66. fathalla says:

    I Just wanted to thank you for the amazing xx stretch design/material. Ive tried many manhoods in the past years, i thought they were perfect but this is even “perfecter” if there is such word!

  67. Paul says:

    When I was circumcised in May 2019 (due to Phimosis) I was already going through a tough time – I’d been rejected for a masters which I had put a lot of effort into applying to, my partner had just moved to Germany and found it impossible to find a job, we were both in serious financial difficulties….shall I go on?
    After a fairly traumatic healing period of many months (and I do not use that word lightly) and many trips to my doctor, I was finally given the green light for intercourse. After some kissing my partner moved down my body, to treat me with one of those wonderful blowjobs I had missed so dearly during the previous stressful months – only for me to look down after a few seconds, wondering why she was teasing me and still hadn’t started. However: I saw that I was fully inside her, but could not feel a thing. Intercourse was the same; I was entirely numb, and could not ejaculate. In fact, everything was the same, except for strenuous and lengthy masturbation; which yielded an ejaculation but no real sense of pleasure.
    On top of all the other stresses, this – it was too much. I began to wonder if my life would ever look up again, and to be honest it was only the love of my partner which kept me optimistic that things would turn around. My doctor told me, and I quote, translated: “well, it should heal! And if it doesn’t, well….then it doesn’t”.
    Thank any powers that be that she discovered the manhood. I ordered three, and recieved 4, which was a lovely gesture.
    Within a week I could feel my partners touch again, and my head softened.
    A year later, my entire life has turned around. Of course this is not just down to the manhood, but it certainly gave me a much-needed boost which would have been otherwise difficult to come by – and I dread to think how things would have unravelled had we not had this option.
    Now, I have a fully-functioning penis and sex life again (although post-circumcision, sensations are different, they are not exactly worse) – and my foreskin is even beginning to restore. There is now enough skin to partially cover the gland, and I am not doing anything to actively restore it other than wear my manhoods as often as possible.
    When I do not wear my manhood for a week or more, the skin hardens again, sensations vanish, and my general sex drive decreases drastically as a result. This is proof (for me, at least) that it is the manhood which brought about this change – and not, as some may suggest, that it just took me a long time to heal.
    I live in a great relationship, work in a job which I love and am living happily again. Without Randy, and my manhood, this would have taken a lot longer, or maybe not happened at all. A thousand thanks, you are a blessing to all us circumcised men.
    P.S.: Tiger, Leopard and Fuchsia Snake rock! Go on, dare to be wild.

  68. Tim says:

    Your mail has finally arrived at me. And I slept the first night with the Manhood Original. It feels fantastic! He remains firmly seated for this purpose. I feel safe and comfortable with the Manhood Original/Restorer

    I am thrilled and now i hope for an improvement with my problems.

    A great product, thank you!

    Ihre Post ist endlich bei mir angekommen. Und ich habe die erste Nacht mit dem Manhood Oiriginal geschlafen. Er fühlt sich fantastisch an! Dazu bleibt er fest sitzen. Ich fühle mich sicher und wohl mit dem Manhood Original/Restorer

    Ich bin begeistert und hoffe nun auf eine Besserung meiner Beschwerden.

    Ein tolles Produkt, danke!

  69. Brandon says:

    I’ve been wearing mine for about 5 days or so now, and when I went to take a shower, as I took off my “manhood”, I could see some shine on my head! As in, it was semi-moist (just a little bit but I know it will get better with time). I couldn’t believe it, my head was actually protected for once and was slowly but surly getting better! I love wearing mine, as I feel a mental secure and safe feeling while wearing it and now feel vulnerable anytime I don’t wear it haha. I’ve been following you guys for a while but never ordered because of money and stuff but now I’m considering buying one for literally every male in my family (if they agree to it ofc) You guys are doing LITERALLY gods work in my opinion, thank you so much.

  70. Tor says:

    As a teenager it was hard to keep an erection. I’m born with very short foreskin. Relationships ended. Not just because of lack of penetrative sex but it was still a big reason why. Found out about manhood when I was 22. Lots of great sex later it’s hard to say anything other then that it changed my life. I’m 31 years old now. I had to work on other stuff to but a functioning sex life was like a gift from heaven.

  71. Adam says:

    It’s been a while since I got my new ManHoods – and they’re as fantastic as always. That “new ManHood” smell I’d forgotten about – a kind of sweet, kind of alluring scent – is wonderful. Of course, the most important thing is how well they fit, and how well they protect my glans. Thank you again for such a well-designed, effective product. They are really the next best thing until I have actual, consistent, foreskin coverage.

  72. Yaman says:

    I really appreciate that you make this product. I literally can’t go a day without wearing it anymore. It’s so uncomfortable without it. I hope you don’t plan on retiring any time soon! Thanks again!

  73. Mike says:

    I’ve been using the manhood for years and I love them. Now I have the mask and it’s so comfortable. You won’t want to take it off!! Seriously so much better than the paper and other cotton masks I have. Thank You Randy for getting them to me quickly.

  74. Metro says:

    Hey Randy! Appreciate the extras, and can’t wait for them to come in. I still love and use one of the originals sent with my last order. I’ll be sure to get around to leaving reviews on the individual Manhoods I’ve experienced when I find time and words for it! Take care

  75. rylo says:

    I’m still honestly at a loss for words on how much these gems have shifted my day to day peace of mind and living experience… I want to personally thank you. They are priceless, it’s overwhelming still at times because I will always realize how irritated I was. God bless you.

  76. Ryan says:

    I received a few hoods a few weeks ago. My favorite is the XX stretch. The material doesn’t seem to absorb any moisture and it retains heat, so it’s like a little sauna for my penis. I live in Phoenix, so I have to constantly moisturize (I like coconut oil), but in general the tissue already looks a lot brighter and healthier.

    The other feature that all of the hoods that I received share, is that I feel more comfortable. I’m to the point in my restoration where I can feel irritation on my glans when wearing underwear, and the hood eliminates that.

    I’ve tried the DTR retainer and TLC your skin cone, and they both have significant issues with pinching and slipping. The hoods have neither of those problems.

    I am truly thankful to have stumbled across this product.

  77. Matthew says:

    I’m really liking these Manhoods, I wish I found out about them sooner haha.

    So far I notice my glans is shinier and my urine stream isn’t as messy, I’m not sure if it’s more sensitive but it never really lacked sensitivity in the first place due to having a short foreskin.

    I’m really liking the True Blue Manhood Restorer, It really grips onto the penis even when the penis is moisturised, it hasn’t fallen off once even without underwear, no joke.

    I also like the XX Stretch as the material doesn’t absorb whatever I use to moisturise my penis, so I don’t have to apply as much but a moisturised penis would most likely fall out of the Manhood without a ribbon. I’ve only used this product once though so yeah.

  78. Christopher says:

    Extreme Grower’s Manhood Experience

    I have been restoring my foreskin for just over two years. While wearing my restoration device, my glans is protected, and I regained quite a bit of sensitivity in the first few months. This is great, unless I’m not wearing my device and my newly re-sensitized parts are exposed. I found the Manhood Restorer early on, and it works great.

    However, as an extreme grower (or extreme shrinker, depending on your point of view), I had to try quite a few options before settling into what works for me. I’ve also got some weight on me and about 1 1/2 inches of fat pad, so my size ranges from an actual innie to almost 6 inches. Usually, somewhere in between. When at smaller sizes, MOST hoods will simply fall off.

    If this sounds like you, there is at least one solid option. The Manhood Sterling Silver has 4 way stretch and a subtle latex-like coating that molds to your skin. Order it smaller than your actual girth. Get yourself into a non-flaccid state and don the Manhood, stretching it tight around. As you soften back up, the Sterling Silver will mold to you like a second skin rather than losing its grip. I haven’t yet found another hood that has the same properties. Most of the other ‘rubber’ hoods are too stiff, and the cloth hoods feel great, but won’t grip and eventually slip off.

    If you want to take it a step further, a soft, grippy c-ring that you can wear all day (just tight enough to stay on without cutting off blood circulation) around the base provides a barrier that pushes against the hood and resists full-shrinkage under most circumstances. For day wear, opt for the strap that can be pinned to your underwear band. This will keep you from losing your hood when it does occasionally come loose.

    When wearing one or two days per week, I have found that you can get about 6 months from a pair of hoods before the Sterling Silver’s coating deteriorates.

  79. Jasper says:

    I had an epiphany in 2015 when I discovered what circumcision actually was and realized what I actually lost at birth. Earlier that year, I saw an intact adult foreskin and penis for basically the first time in my life. It really caught my attention. Then, I started looking online and became very angry and depressed.

    I decided later on after a lot of research and thinking that I had to do something about it.

    Somehow, I discovered Manhood and purchased my first order in 2016, three of the regular Manhoods. I could not believe how much of a difference it made.

    I used to have to constantly grab my penis and readjust myself while walking.

    I thought that this was “normal,” but eventually realized it was due not only to keratinization from circumcision, but also because of the difference between my flaccid and erect size.

    After starting to use Manhood, I did not have to grab or readjust myself as much, and felt much more comfortable overall.

    Eventually, I began to notice a sensitivity difference as well.

    I could not believe that I had spent so many years walking around with my exposed glans rubbing against my skin, pubes, and clothes with no protection. I was so glad that I started wearing them when I did.

    Sometime in late 2016 is when I began my restoration process through manual tugging. This continued into 2017, and I bought a new set of Manhoods the next year, but the Manhood Restorers instead of the regular ones. I really like the Restorer ones because of the texture of them and because they stay on easier.

    I continued manual tugging into 2018, 2019, and now looking ahead to 2020 (and possibly 2021, 2022, and 2023, depending on how things go!)

    I still have not achieved full flaccid coverage, but I sure have come a long way from where I used to be.

    I have a little more slack skin when masturbating and to accommodate erections.

    I have better control over when I decided to ejaculate and orgasm because of the extra slack skin and mobility I have gained through manual tugging.

    Eventually, I will also achieve full erect coverage and I can imagine that will also make a big difference as well.

    I just bought my third order of Manhoods at the end of 2019.

    Hopefully – maybe! – this will be the last time I have to order for the next few years until I hit the full flaccid coverage mark.

    One thing I have noticed is that now when I go to pee, if I am flaccid, I have enough skin to rollover my glans and cover part of it, WHILE I am peeing! This has been happening consistently over the past few weeks and that makes me so happy! 🙂

    It makes me feel a little more whole and like I am getting a little closer back to original design…or at least as close as I can get. If you’ve ever gone through the foreskin restoration process, you know exactly what I am talking about.

    As for Manhoods…they have changed my life.

    I feel like more of a man, I have more confidence walking around in public or even in my home or apartment, and I am no longer irritated as much.

    I should clarify on that: I DO get more irritated then I used to be if my Manhood slips off, but that is because my glans is more dekeratinized now than it used to be! But I guess that is a good problem to have, because I am slowly but surely gaining back more sensitivity.

    I feel covered and protected. If I get a hard on or get pre cum, it doesn’t get all over the inside of my underwear because the Manhood helps to contain it.

    Sometimes I cum inside the Manhood which can feel good, but usually I just let pre cum build up inside it and then take it off to masturbate.

    The only issues I’ve had with Manhood are that sometimes it comes off, sometimes it falls down into my underwear or down my pant leg or onto the floor and I have to look for it, and once in a great while I accidentally drop it in the toilet and have to wash it out and let it dry. But, this is a small price to pay for improving one’s personal manhood.

    One time a few years ago, I had a Manhood that fell off somewhere while I was at work. I never saw it again and never heard anything about it, but just be careful regarding that. If you keep track of it and/or wear boxer briefs or pants, this should almost never be an issue.

    I am excited to try some of the new ones that I just bought in the new colors and the XX stretch kind. Manhoods are seriously a life saver.

    I have a CAT II Q stretching device for foreskin restoration but haven’t used it yet. I should be able to when I get enough slack skin one day. I might consider buying a TLC Tugger now or sometime in the future to use as well.

    To all guys and men out there – teenagers, college students, young adults, middle aged and older men – if you have been circumcised and want to gain back greater sensitivity, control, protection, lubrication, and overall feel like more of a man, gain back more confidence, and be able to restore what you can, I HIGHLY recommend getting Manhoods, especially the Restorer kind (even if you don’t do foreskin restoration) because the fabric texture is great and holds on better than the regular ones.

    I highly recommend starting off with manual tugging to go through the foreskin restoration process and maybe moving on to a device from there. I’ve only used manual tugging up until now and it takes a long time, BUT IT WORKS! And even a few minutes a day over a few years makes a big difference.

    Thank you to Randy for always being so helpful with orders and for your generosity, and for helping untold thousands of men out there who just want to improve their sex lives, feel more confident and comfortable, and feel like more of a man. You have no idea how important your product is and how much of a difference you’ve made.

    So what are you waiting for?! Go buy some Manhoods today! You will NOT regret it! 🙂

  80. Marcus says:

    I really appreciate the work you are doing. I have been using the Manhood for about a week now and it’s already starting to be a life changer. It makes me so much more comfortable. I just placed another order and I am already looking forward to receiving that order! This product has been so helpful running, rock climbing, and even just in everyday life. Thank you! Happy holidays!

  81. Tyler says:

    I am by far the most active person I know, rock climbing, cycling, ultramarathons, wakeboarding; you name it, I’ve tried it. I could never finish during sex because of the incredibly thick skin I’d developed as a result of all this activity. After a few months of using the manhood restorer I was able to finish during sex. A year later and it’s still difficult, but it continues getting easier. Even for someone like me this product almost never falls off(a bit more often in water sports and activities where you’re stretching your hips a lot, but still uncommon). If you anticipate an activity that it might fall off, tie the little string to something and you won’t have to worry about it falling out of your pants/shorts. Taking it off/putting it back on at the urinal is also a lot quicker and more discrete than I expected once I got used to it.

  82. Pat says:

    Absolutely does everything I had hoped for, I used to feel constant discomfort with sports and working out and now I can move around with complete comfort. Additionally the skin on my glands has become noticeably lighter, smoother, more healthy looking in general and so much more sensitive I wouldn’t have even believed it was possible. Truly amazing product, no more being frustrated about what underwear were most comfortable or worrying that sex wouldn’t be as enjoyable as it could be. I wear the black xx pretty much 24 hours a day with the exception of showers, urinating and sexual activity. The xx in particular seems very effective at maintaining a natural moisture/heat level due to the materials. I have only used these products for about three months but in just that short time I have been blown away with the results. Really can’t sing these things praises as much as they deserve. Keep up the good work boys.

  83. Lucas says:

    I just got my manhood about 14 hours ago and I’m already so excited to send this message. You guys changed my life in less than 24 hours. I had NO IDEA how rough my pants were treating my “manhood” until I no longer felt the terrible rubbing sensations. I can tell that this is a lifestyle change for me. I plan on ordering 5-10 more asap. I don’t like the texture of the “restorers” tbh. It’s more rough and feels less comfortable. But the black one that is very silky and smooth. is GREAT. The little straps that you put in your waistband are genius. It doesnt fall off anyways but even if it started to slip it couldnt. thank you guys so much. This is going to change my life.

  84. Alastair says:

    I bought a Manhood about 3 months ago and it have finally worn out. Wonderful product!!!! Great results, sensitivity is back and love the feeling having it in and having sex.
    Keep rocking!!

  85. Lachlan Jacques says:

    Randy is a great guy and this is a great product. Before my manhood I was struggling with life.. I couldn’t leave my bedroom some days because I was so uncomfortable with clothes on… I was also very psychologically damaged by having to put my whole life on pause… My glans were so irritated that I couldn’t do anything… Then when I started wearing my Manhood I was able to not only go back to life but within the first 2 weeks I was so much more sensitive than I’ve ever been… I’m still in the healing process but I’ve experienced so much more enjoyment making love…

  86. Nguyen says:

    I have been a fan of your innovative and life-changing Manhood products for over two years now. It’s so simple yet so effective. Thank you so much for your innovation! I plan to continue supporting your business and unique product. Great stuff!

  87. Killian says:

    I’ve been restoring off and on for a few years now, and the Manhoods I’ve worn have gone a long way to helping me keep up my confidence as I try to return to a state of “as nature intended”.

  88. Rebik says:

    Hi Randy; got my order, thanks! Wearing one of the new XX Stretch ones today. I thought I’d seen it all over the years, but these are a completely new experience. You’ve done it again! These grip like nothing I’ve seen before. So much that it’s a little challenging even getting my guy inside lol. The hood starts gripping the minute it comes into contact with skin. I love it! Thanks for keeping things fresh and trying new things. The best just keeps getting better.

  89. Eyal says:

    This product saved me. I was angry and crying often because I had to suffer from the friction every single day. Never able to find the “perfect” underwear that would not hurt me when I walk\run.

    This is truly a life saver. Bought myself 6 of them.

  90. JP says:

    Absolutely fantastic product (should be on the aftercare advice sheet for medical adult circumcision)

  91. Alex says:

    I wear everyday, for the last few years. I must say my sensitivity has once again improved, I thought it was good after a few months… now that I am a couple of years in, it’s amazing and getting even more defined. I receive full body and genital massages every 3-6 months and can notice the difference between each session.

  92. Will says:

    I have nothing but praise for the ManHood. It’s well-made, it looks good, it’s silky soft, and it’s easy to take on and off. The price is an absolute steal for the high quality product I received. The Restorer version does a great job of holding my regrown foreskin in place. I’ve only had mine for two weeks and I’m already a huge fan.

    I’ve been living with the many negative effects of circumcision my whole life, including the physical and emotional discomfort that comes from having an exposed glans. The foreskin is meant to keep the glans moist and protect it from irritation, and without a foreskin the glans becomes dry and damaged. Not only did I deal with daily chafing from my underwear, but I also felt deeply vulnerable having such a sensitive part of my body permanently exposed.

    ManHood has restored some of the bodily functions that were taken away from me as a baby. No more chafing or irritation, no more dryness. Sexual sensitivity is returning quickly to my glans. But the psychological effects are equally noteworthy. I feel more confident and secure. When I put on the ManHood I feel myself letting go of the tension and negative feelings around my circumcision, until my whole body feels relaxed. I’m more excited than ever to continue restoring until I have full coverage.

    Thank you Randy. Brilliant idea, brilliant execution.

  93. Evan says:

    I have been using your products for the past 10 months and I have been really impressed. I would like to echo the sentiments of everyone else here who has commented on your excellent service and the quality of your products.

    I had personally tried restoring about 10 years ago using a tugger but was only able to keep it up for 6 months before giving up. I found the process painful and tedious, and I wasn’t far enough along to experience gains in sensitivity.

    Fast forward to last year and I was really starting to get frustrated with my lack of sensitivity. I was ashamed of myself for being unable to stick with the restoring process, and just generally had a lot of bad feelings about my body and my sex life. I started to research alternatives to restoration by googling for “prosthetic foreskin” and found my way to your site. After only a few months of daily wear, I was finally able to experience the sensitivity gains promised by full restoration! It turned my whole mindset around.

    10 months later, I am restoring daily using manual methods. The experience of using manhood has proved extremely motivating to keep up with restoration as I have been able to *feel* first-hand the benefits of a covered glans. My goal with using manhood was not to resume restoration, but it was a really great unintended consequence!

    One last thing I want to mention is that when I previously attempted restoration, I had it in my head that I would have to wait to experience benefits until my restored foreskin completely covered my glans. While I still am looking forward to that day, using manhood has helped me realize the pleasure that can come from a constantly covered inner foreskin remnant. 10 months in to this process, I can safely say that the most sensitive part of my penis is the band of inner foreskin that remains covered under skin due to the clingy nature of the Manhood Restorer XX Stretch. So please do consider using the Restorer models even if you are early on in your restoration process! Your nascent inner foreskin (and your sex life!) will thank you.

    Thanks again Randy for your support to this community. Your products, information, and approach to restoration totally changed my mindset from a place of negativity to one of hope and optimism. Please please please keep doing what you are doing and know that you have a positive impact on the world!

  94. S M says:

    I have bought a manhood several times. The last time they included a bunch of different styles and colors and it was cool. I find that it helps after a couple weeks of solid use. Definitely helps with the sensitivity of the tip specially if you’re circumcised tightly. Thanks for making a great product!

  95. Stephan says:

    I am trying to restore sensation and my foreskin. I love these shiny xx ones, they’re so helpful!

  96. MJP says:

    Fantastic service as usual from Randy. I have ordered these great products many times before and I highly recommend them.

  97. David says:

    I wear a Manhood every day, all day, and I know they have made a difference to both sensitivity and appearance. Nothing can compensate for getting older though!

  98. Logan says:

    I ordered three manhoods from your company over two years ago and they are finally just now starting to show some age from full time use. I cannot say enough about your product! Thank You!

  99. Hendrik says:

    Due to being circumcised I have always had some daily discomfort due to the friction of my penis glans against my underwear when moving around. I also used to often wake up at night when getting an erection due to the discomfort of my erect penis against the sheets, especially when lying on my stomach. I am now in my forties and have decided to do something about it. After trying many types of underwear thinking that some will provide more comfort than others I happened upon the Manhood website and decided to order 2 Manhoods. Randy sent me an extra one, together with an incredibly detailed e-mail as to ho to wear and care for my Manhoods. When these arrived I immediately put one one and the discomfort was gone. I have not gone one day or night without wearing a Manhood and forgotten are any discomfort and frustration due to being circumcised. Thank you Randy for adding so much quality to my life! I have just ordered another 5, so I always have a clean Manhood ready.

  100. Jon says:

    I ordered these before and LOVE them!! I work a very strenuous job so they wear out fast. My sensitivity is so much greater after just a month. My wife isn’t complaining with the extra attention she’s getting because of it. 🙂 Thank you all for making these.

  101. Joshua says:

    The service is amazing, I made an order four months ago with complications on delivery due to my error in the address. I notified them about the delay and made yet another order. Not only did they compensated for my previous order, but they also included several more hoods, thanks a lot!

  102. Matthew says:

    Thank you for providing this service. These really do help me to feel like a man and knowing that it’s affordable is like a really cool guy thing and I am super grateful for it and I am excited for my fuchsia 😀 It’ll be a surprise for my partner! It feels good man and thank you for your hard work, because I know it sure ain’t easy.

  103. Milo says:

    Thank you so much, actually my wife thanks you! Awesome experience and looking forward to my next shipment. So I can wear one everyday!

  104. Lloyd Seaton says:

    Thank you for your very informative email regarding my order of your Manhood. I have been using another product for many months that requires powder to put the sheath on my penis. Over a period of time the powder has really dried out the head of my penis. I ordered one of your Manhood protectors several months ago and have worn it occasionally. I have often wondered why you don’t make the Manhood protector in the shape of the penis. Specifically, round on the end so it would look better on the penis. I look forward to the arrival of my new order and thank you again for your response.

  105. Ikhlaas says:

    Fantastic product! Been using for three years and can definitely say, the little hoodies have made sex much better and my penis looks much healthier as well. From personal experience, I feel like the manhood holds on better when one is nicely shaved down there. And definitely wash often; nothing feels better than slipping a freshly cleaned manhood on.

    Great product!

  106. Anonymous says:

    I received my first manhoods in the first week of August this year – so I am
    using them since 2 1/2 months now… I have been circumcised as a child, when I was 6. In Germany,
    circumcision is a rather rare thing – usually only performed for medical reasons. I had a phimosis
    as a boy and while nowadays the treatment is more gentle – first trying to preserve the foreskin –
    back in the 80’s that was different and my unknowing parents agreed to having me circumcised.

    Sex has never been a really relaxed thing for me. I always needed more time than I thought I should
    And when using a condom my little friend felt as sensitive as a broomstick. The problem was that
    I really had no clear idea why that was! Because there is no awareness of the fact that the foreskin
    Contains most of the sensitive nerve endings in the German public and even doctors don’t seem
    To be aware of that. With time my problem worsened and at about the age of 40 had become
    A real burden on my sex life and my life in general – not being able to have satisfying sex made
    Me feel like only half a man. When I had sex I became anxious that I could not „finish“ and that,
    Of course, made things even worse. About 4 years ago I started searching the internet and learned
    That my problems were caused by my circumcision and that there were others who suffered from
    That too – but for some I did not stumble upon your we site or any other website telling me that
    There is actually something that can be done against that. So I was frustrated and angry… until
    Just 2 months ago when I accidentally read about manhood and foreskin restoration.

    The reason why I am writing this lengthy text is that I am so surprised and amazed that it
    Actually really works – after wearing it for about a month I could feel a difference and my sex life
    Is as it has never been before. First I could not believe it and had to try again and again 😉 but
    My sensitivity has increased so much that I can now actually relax and just let things happen.
    I cannot begin to say how great this is and how happy me and my wife are about this change.
    The only thing that makes me sad about manhood and the whole topic of foreskin restoration
    is that I did not know about it already when I was 18. Had I known about it back then I would already
    Have a restored foreskin and my sex life would have been much happier. This whole topic should
    Really be brought to public awareness much more to make sure that no man has to suffer from
    The negative effects of circumcision any more! Any doctor that ever sees a circumcised man during a routine
    Medical examination (not only urologists – and even they don’t know about it) should
    Make him aware of the existence of products like manhood and the possibility to restore the
    Foreskin and increase sensitivity again.

  107. Cyrus says:

    As always Randy delivers with the most excellent customer service. His actions speak loudly towards how he cares for his customers.

    I have suffered with an overly tight circumcision and a keritanized penis head

    Because of ManHood I was able to enjoy sex and finally be able to orgasm during sex.

    All my life I was never able to due to my glans losing their sensitivity

    Thank you Randy!

    P.s. If you have a keritanized head there are certain acids in skin creams that help it renew its skin. Forgot what it is called I will make sure to put it on here after my next order 😀

  108. Anonymous says:

    I had to be circumcised for medical reasons in my 40s – or maybe there could have been an alternative, but seeing as I didn’t know of all the negatives that could follow, I went ahead with it.
    After the first agonising fee days, Things started to improve, but before long I realised I had lost a huge amount of feeling and sensitivity.
    That’s when I started reading up online, soon finding I was one of many, and that I gad to do somethng down there to improve things.
    I learned of Manhoods, and was kind of scared of ordering, this was way out of my comfort zone. So I took the plunge measuring and ordering a single one, adding a few comments how I was unsure which type would suit me best. I soonrceived a detailed email from Randy, and he told me he had sent one of each type! When they arrived, I found them comfortable and easy to wear, but my preference was for the restorer, it just stayed in place better and I liked the snug fit.
    I soon ordered another and told how I was very grateful of being having sent two as it allowed me to find what worked best for me. I ordered another to allow me to cycle them for washing and again, Randy sent me two. This was unexpected each time and very much ave no doubt this is a great product and I’m damn sure it is a great service provided.

  109. Jake says:

    The randy red ones are my favorite! This is my third order of your product. I love the material of this model, it is so soft! Your product has changed my life, and made me lose so much aggression and pain. I can’t thank you enough.

  110. Jerry says:

    I am several months into wearing Manhoods and am pleased with the results. The head of my penis is softer, pinker and more sensitive. I orgasm easier, too. On those rare days when I have forgotten to wear one I can feel a lot more just walking around.
    I have placed two orders to try out different types of materials and could not be happier with the customer care I have received. Randy takes a personal interest in making sure you get what you need.
    A couple tips based on my experience: The stretchy, less air permeable materials seem to hold in the moisture and keep the head softer. Also, on my second order I asked for and received a more snug fit (I seem to be between sizes) and that seems to help both with the functioning and slippage of the Manhoods.
    I recommend trying Manhoods if you’ve experienced loss of sensitivity in your penis.

  111. Aaron says:

    If you’re cut … you can’t go through life without trying a Manhood. After daily use for, probably 3 months, you will never want to take it off again. It will change you physically, and hopefully mentally. Join the movement.

  112. Brad says:

    One thing I discovered as I like to road bike – is having a man hood on is critical! It makes a huge difference- watching the Tour De France today wondering how many bikers might wear one if not. The couple of times I’ve forgotten to wear it/ it feels like sandpaper !

  113. Robert says:

    First off I wanted to thank you for offering such a quality product, I absolutely love it!
    I will be 100% honest with you, at first I was very skeptical.
    I have recently started my journey towards foreskin restoration, and in doing my research I chose two products to go with, the DTR restoration system and your Man Hood product while not stretching.
    I ordered your product and said to myself I will give it an “HONEST” try for 90 days to see how it works. Well, I’m a little over 30 days into my program and I felt compelled to write to you concerning your product! It blows me away! It is so awesome!
    With the exception of sex & showering I have my man hood on! Well and when my DTR restoration unit is on ( 4 hours a day). You product is amazing! I followed what was on the web site, and even went a bit further, I use a high grade moisturizer about 4-5 times a day. I always have my glans covered now and I am impressed at how much sensation I got back.
    I got circumsized about 20 years ago and I’m 50 now, so I was an adult when it happened. Maybe that is why my results are so rapid. Either way you product it AWESOME! My wife says my cock has more clothing than I do, I have 6 man hoods, and planning on buying more!
    I will quit pestering you, I just wanted you to know I love your product and would love to see you grow and prosper. From now on I’ll always wear a man hood, even after restoration!

  114. Robert says:

    Your product is a true life support, and what the mass of men need to learn the truth about, it’s the medical prescription that that so many unknowingly and unsatisfied men need!

  115. Lyndon Sehne says:

    This thing really helps. however, I think it can still be improved. The String should be stiched at the end (to prevent it tearing), the velcro strip should be improved, as is deteriorates quickly, and most importantly: the front part should be rounded off. It can be really annoying when you have to constantly make sure no pointy contours are visible. Just cut of the edges and stitch it for stability.
    If these points get integrated into a new modal, I will definitely buy it.

  116. Ian says:

    This product is great! I have been using it while sleeping and it prevents any discomfort from the bedding material. The design of the fabric is very clever and provides maximum comfort with minimal friction when moving around. I have been using it for a few months and am considering purchasing more for daily use.

    Thanks for sticking with this awesome idea Randy. From the tips of our cocks, we all thank you .

  117. James says:

    I’ve been using Manhoods for over 4 years. I’ve restored my foreskin to a level I’m happy with. My glans are shiny and sensitive and my sex life has gone from 0 to 100. Randy is helpful, knowledgeable and has a keen interest in insuring you get the right type and fit for your needs. Great guy and great products. I can use them on holiday, while sleeping, while playing sport, everywhere. I remember when I used to be self-conscious of it with my partner but it has not been an issue at all. Thank you and keep making great Manhoods! – a happy and returning customer.

  118. Brian says:

    The Manhood is a great way to remain conditioned and sensitive when your cock is otherwise exposed 24/7. Works better than T-taping in that regard. The stickier fabric works well to keep humidity in, without causing offensive odor. Most of the time I can hardly feel like I’m wearing it except for the insulating warmth it provides, fits like a glove very pleasantly. Straightforward and quick to remove and put on, as to not create a line at the urinal.

    Even once I restore coverage I might continue to wear these, they’re kinda fashionable
    10/10 will buy again, two time purchaser

  119. Martin says:

    Have been a customer now for years and am amazed at the customer service. The product is something I shall always use. Superb.

    Thanks Randy

  120. Jeff says:

    I bought 2 a few months ago. I can’t begin to thank you. My sex life has never been better. I’ll sing your praises to the heavens. Literally, you’ve changed my life.

  121. Curt says:

    Long story short… my sex life was trash because I “can’t finish unless I go fast” or “I have to be on top to finish.” I got fed up, did research and found manhood.

    ManHood has changed my sex life. I’ve been wearing for almost a year now, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I will continue to wear ManHood 24/7 until I decide to restore. I owe it all to ManHood. (I also use coconut oil and vitamin E oil a few times a week) If you’re like me, buy it now. Give it a week and you’ll be sold on it. Give it 3 months and you’ll have 20 of them because you can’t live without it.
    Thank you, Randy.

  122. Cody says:

    I am circumcised, though not to the point where I thought it was clearly causing me issues.

    I decided to try out the Manhood just to see if it made as big of a difference as they claimed. As it turns out the Manhood was something I never knew I needed. Within the first week of using it my quality of life increased dramatically. Sex started to feel better, I was able to sleep through the night consistently (I had no idea that my penis rubbing on my underwear was what was waking me in the middle of the night), and I was more comfortable when going through my day to day life.

    I HIGHLY recommend trying one out if you are circumcised. You won’t be disappointed akd it makes a world of difference.

  123. Magnus says:

    I’m from Sweden and was tightly circumcised since I was about one years old = all my life.
    In October 2017 I ran into the manhood-site and thought I would give it a chance.
    About a week later my first manhood arrived. In less than a month later I noticed difference.
    About three month after using manhood, I was so sensitive on my glans, I couldn’t touch it immediately after having sex.
    And it’s getting better, I feel more states during sex. I will never stop using manhoods!

    Thank you, manhood! ?

  124. Victor says:

    Manhood allows me to successfully protect my penis skin from fabric friction since many years.

  125. Mate says:

    The Manhoods arrived yesterday, I tried the retainer right away since it doesn’t touch the glans anyway and I washed the other two and slept with the original. Also, today I’ve worn the retainer and it hasn’t slipped, not even once.

  126. Borislav says:

    I bought and used Tymkin’s product. I was satisfied and it helped me to restore my foreskin and relieve the pain caused by my circumcision. My glans would normally rub heavily against my clothing and cause pain, but Tymkin’s product allowed for me to cover my glans while I restored my foreskin. The effect was helpful and I able to restore my foreskin to have better sexual experience than I would have had otherwise. Manhoods are made of a very comfortable material that protects the penis from discomfort and friction. I ordered two Manhoods and Tymkin was nice enough to give me a discount on the order and include a third Manhood for free! Tymkin included helpful instructions for using Manhood in the parcel as well, which were helpful for me to understand how to use the product. I plan to order more Manhoods in the future. I would recommend that all foreskin restorers buy Tymkin’s product. I plan to buy more Manhoods in the future.

  127. Danjel says:

    I didn’t think I’d be ready to give feedback so quickly – but after my second night wearing it I am very satisfied.
    Usually my night boners involve my foreskin rolling back partially and this often means I wake up and have to reposition my penis to shield it from the irritation of bedding or pyjamas. I still wake up but I feel so protected and without any discomfort at all. It fits well and has not dislodged once. Great product

  128. Cyrus says:

    Manhood and in particular the owner Randy Tymkin changed my life. I am tightly circumsized and have over masturbated as a youngster. All that wasted semen shot my liver and the keritanization on the head of my penis caused me to have delayed ejaculation for ten years..
    Throughout the day my head would run up against my pants .. giving me random boners and the over-stimulation caused me crippling anxiety.

    In comes Manhood! The first time I put it on it felt right. It was like a whole new way of living came to me in an instant!

    First and foremost my anxiety through overstimulation greatly diminished.
    I felt protected and comfortable interacting with others. With woman I felt way more comfortable interacting even flirting.. It is like a shield. That it is MY choice when the area gets touched or stimulated.

    Then my sensitivity began to come back..
    My penis head slowly started dekeritanizing and shedding away skin.. I never experienced these new sensations before.

    Then I stopped masturbation and sex for a month. BELIEVE ME i could not have done it without ManHood!

    After I came like a fire hydrant with my girlfriend for the first time! Lolol! It was crazy! Not because I was so pent up but because my body healed itself.

    As my semen was reabsorbing in my body and the precious nutrients healed my body including my fatty liver I am finally able to finish during sex!

    I am now able to stop masturbating and only have sex every four days. As I continue my kegals I will eventually enjoy sex as much as I want and keep in the life sustaining energy flowing through my system.

    I could have not have done it so easily without Manhood!

    It means the world to me that Randy truly cares for his customers.

    Randy you are full of integrity and have the upmost kindness towards your customers.

    You saved my relationship and now I don’t have to worry about trying to have kids using a turkey baster!

    You have made a lifetime customer out of me! Thank you brother

  129. Kirk says:

    I used Man Hood while restoring back in 2012/2013 all the way up until 2015. I got discouraged and went on a hiatus, but recently decided continue and finish what I started back then. Man Hood is perfect for covering everything while using the RTM method. Nothing else works like it. Everything’s great so far. Thanks again!

  130. Bart says:

    Randy, thank you for developing the manhood. I’ve been wearing it 24/7 for over a month now. After a few days it felt so natural I forgot I had it on. I developed a hyper sensitivity about 10 years ago when I was 53. I’d been searching all that time for some relief until recently I thought to look into the effects of circumcision. That’s how I stumbled on manhood. I finally feel normal again. I wish I had the patience to try stretching my foreskin, but since manhood is so easy to get on and off, I’ll just stick with it. You rock!!

  131. admin says:

    For medical reasons, I recently underwent an adult circumcision, and adapting has been incredibly difficult. I was constantly purchasing gauze and bandaging to assist in my healing and to protect myself from the extreme sensitivity I was experiencing, even wearing a cup when going to work when I knew I would be away from home for a long period of time. The gauze and wrapping would either constantly get loose, or be wrapped tight enough to experience discomfort. Looking for solutions online I saw manhood and decided to try it out.

    A new issue I was experiencing after my circumcision was a bit of dribble after urination (as its still too sensitive for me to wring myself out so to speak), so I decided to go with the drip dry version. The measurement was very accurate and I was surprised at how easy it was to keep on. Not only did I no longer need any gauze wrap, I was able to stop using the cup, and now the drip dry manhood is enough to keep me secure even at a long day at work. I barely notice I’m wearing it, it absorbs any left over dribble quite well, and the extra padding in the drip dry version is perfect as a buffer when wearing course feeling jeans. The velcro adjustment allows either a relaxed or firm fit, and the ribbon gives you piece of mind to know it hasnt fallen out of place. The regular manhood is perfect for sleeping as its much thinner and easier to stretch, but the extra padding and absorption of the drip dry model makes it my go to version for daily activities.

    The manhood has restored some regularity back to my life where I am not constantly worried or concerned about my penis, and I’ve been able to completely stop using any sort of gauze or medical bandaging. I’ve been able to retain my sensitivity while not being held back or concerned throughout my everyday activities, and thats all I could ask for from this product.

  132. Nicholas says:

    Very happy with my purchase. Been wearing manhood for about two weeks and already feel a difference during sex. My glans are way more sensitive then they used to be. Well worth the money.

  133. Jamie says:

    I have been wearing these for over a year now and they have made my life much much better. I am a highly active person and since having a circumcision later on in life, I hated being active because of the rubbing of the exposed glans. When I found it hard to enjoy sex and exercise I looked into some way to reduce or eliminate the rubbing to get my life back, that’s when i found the manhood garments. I thought it was worth a try, being from England I was a little worried about delivery from Canada but there was no problem and it was actually super quick.

    It has taken a while to see any sensitivity return, it does happen eventually especially if you use a good moisturiser too. But for me the main benefit is the protection it offers so you lose no more sensitivity. I use the original version, because I am not trying to restore, I just don’t have the time. They are so smooth and silky it can be very arousing. The stitching is very very good, I’ve had no problems with them.

    So in summary the price is fantastic, the design is durable and these become part of your wardrobe just like boxer shorts (which is recommend encase the protector falls off, which is very rare actually).

  134. Jack says:

    Thanks for inventing, creating and selling this product at a very reasonable price!!

    It’s easy to use, quality is excellent and instructions are great. I am in my mid twenties now and have always had a too short foreskin but had to get used to it somehow. Until I recently found manhood – I am so happy!!


  135. John says:

    I’m so grateful to you for producing this innovative product, I’m an uncut guy whose been having problems with a foreskin that will not stay forwards over the plans. I thought that I was going to have to have a circumcision operation, hopefully with your product I may be able to avoid this. I always sleep naked and sleep better wearing a manhood at night, it stops my penis from rubbing against the bedclothes.

  136. Albert says:

    I want to say that in about 3 months of wearing Manhood my glans sensitivity is improved about 2 times. Before that, I almost did not feel any touch to my glans, and now I can feel more subtle touches and caresses. I liked the Original a bit more, because I have no foreskin, and the material is very soft inside. I hope that the sensitivity of my glans will increase even more.

  137. Bradley says:

    After wearing for only five days, I can already tell that the Manhoods are going to make a difference! At 62 years old, only time will tell how much sensitivity will return and how much foreskin I can passively restore using only the Restorer Manhood but I plan to wear day & night without fail.

  138. Mustafa says:

    I just wanted to send this message to express my deep gratitude over you creating this product. I can honestly say it’s been such a life changer for me. Because of a too tight circumcision I was left with a dry penis that often experiences friction bruns which would make everyday life painful and uncomfortable. However ever since I started using the manhood the friction burns I used to get from rubbing against my boxers and masturbation have all but disappeared and I live my life much more comfortably being able to partake in every day activities without feeling any pain down there. Truly this product has had a very massive impact on my life quality and for that I am extremely grateful. I have also noticed my penis has become a lot more sensitive which is a major plus as masturbation with lube feels a lot better whereas before it’d be a painful experience with minor pleasure.

    Thank you so much!

  139. Andrew C. says:

    I have pretty much purchased every foreskin replacement thing on the market today. I have to say that this Manhood is the best, hands down! I have been wearing them for over two years now and they are amazing. After a couple months, your sensitivity will improve, sex will become more enjoyable, and you won’t want to go another day without wearing one. I have had the “originals” now for over two years and they are still in fantastic condition. I have owned 6 manhoods for the two years, but I decided I wanted more of them because if you live an active lifestyle, you will want more. I just decided to buy 15 more. Also, I am VERY stringent with my money, so that action should speak volumes. Anyway, they are totally worth the money, so stop delaying! Go and buy a couple to try them for yourself. You will not be disappointed! 🙂

  140. Sean says:

    Hello, I’ve been wearing your manhood’s for two months now, and I’m thrilled with them. Getting into the routine of using the Manhood’s and doing something positive for my penis has renewed my interest and determination to restore my foreskin as well. I think I would have stayed at it longer if I had known about these the first time I tugged. Manhood restorers do an amazing job at holding my growing fauxskin in place when I’m not tugging, and the Manhood Original’s are incredibly soft and stretchy enough to accommodate nocturnal erections.

    My tugger has fallen off a few times, and when it does, my now sensitive glans becomes exposed and instantly irritated. When I realized this problem, I was excited to see your tugging sleeve and bought one immediately. I have definitely found that my tugger stays on better with the tugging sleeve to protect it from rubbing against my leg and pants. It really makes tugging a more comfortable experience. I would recommend that men buy a longer sleeve than they think they need, though. I measured the area that I wanted covered and ordered to that size, but I’ll definitely be ordering a longer one next time.

  141. Andrew says:

    I have been using the original man hood for over two years and just wanted to say they are amazing. I just put in another order for a lot more man hoods.

  142. Mike says:

    Thank you so much! I have noticed big improvements in terms of sensitivity, enjoyment, and the actual texture of my penis. I never ever forget to wear my manhood and it has became long clockwork. I actually find it is easier to concentrate when I wear it. Thank you so much for creating this solution!

  143. Sean says:

    One year on, I’m so glad I came across Manhood! I’ve been wearing them EVERY day since and the difference in sensitivity is amazing. Before, I was starting to wonder if something was wrong; it took forever to come during sex, often to the point where I would get frustrated and give up. Even by myself I needed a firm grip and a lot of friction to get enough sensitivity, which probably further damaged things.

    Because of this, I started reading about restoration, foreskin, etc and realized that a it is possible to gain back a lot of sensation. I made some home remedies with plastic wrap, rubber bands, etc but they didn’t work well. I bought the “your skin cone” but it doesn’t stay on for two minutes. Then I found Randy and his AWESOME product!

    Guys, the Manhood works. Period.

    Wear it for a couple weeks and you’ll definitely notice some improvements in sensitivity. Wear it for a year and the difference is huge. Sex is SO much better, I can really feel everything inside and its a lot less work. No need for heavy pounding, I actually enjoy going slow. I can even cum with my girlfriend on top. Before Manhoods, this did absolutely NOTHING for me and it would be tough to stay hard. My glans is much softer and a lot of the cracks and scarring are much less pronounced.

    I work with contractors as a field engineer, so I’m moving around all day, bending, lifting, squatting, whatever. I can count on one hand the amount of times the manhood has fallen off at work this last year. Usually, I don’t even notice it. But if it does come off, you’ll know, you’ll feel it. Its amazing how even soft clothing rubs enough to cause keratin to build up on the glans. The only time I specifically don’t wear a Manhood is when I do yoga as some of the positions can cause it to slip off pretty easily.

    I have noticed a difference in material types between the Manhoods. The White Knight and Gold Member (love the names!) tend to be a bit “stickier” and stay on a bit better than the Steel Blue and others. This might be just a personal preference, but I’d suggest buying those first if you’re looking into the product. After a year, taking the manhood off and on is like riding a bike. It just takes a little practice.

    Best of luck. Go take back what you deserve – A working penis!

  144. Matt says:

    This is the third time I’ve placed an order for ManHoods. They are the perfect compliment to the foreskin restoration technique I am using, helping to keep me feeling comfortable all the time. By using both products, I have been able to restore much of my feeling and I orgasm harder than I ever have as long as I can remember. It will probably be at least another year before my foreskin is long enough to not need these anymore but I am sure glad ManHood is here to help me through the process. I can’t stand 30 seconds of skin on underwear/bed sheet contact without it. Thanks for everything ManHood! My sex life is wouldn’t be the same without you.

  145. Adam says:

    This product is amazing, created by an amazing guy! I received 2 extra manhoods for only purchasing 3 manhoods!! I probably won’t ever accept what was done to me for stupid religious reasons (Islam), but nevertheless the manhood is a super vital product for both my psycological and physical well-being, as it has increased the sensation/texture remarkably on my penis glans in just a couple of months (and will probably just get better and better). Thank you Randy, you’re chaning qualities of millions of lifes around the world!

  146. Noah says:

    Anyone who is on the verge of buying this product, buy every last one because they are so useful and protective and actually do restore senseitivity. I am only 15 however I am using this product and am currently restoring because I was circumcised at birth against my will because I know better. Amazing customer service almost instant email response and over all someone that cares about the people more than the product. I’m not fully restored yet but manhood gives me the sensational feeling of being fully restored now!

  147. Mitch says:

    It has now been a month and nine days since I began wearing the manhood and I am more than pleased with the results. When I first started to put them on I noticed it was exceptionally soft on my penis and did excite me a bit as advertised. I moisturize with Jason’s brand coconut oil after my bath both on my penis and scrotum and I have noticed that my skin just before the glans has become more vibrant and more uniform to the rest of my penis and any itchiness I had at the end of a work shift where I would start scratching between my scrotum and penis is now gone. My frenulum has gained much more sensitivity when hard and if I wear just my boxers I can feel my penis glans against them, beforehand it had keratinized too much (I also find it looks shinier when hard in the morning). Also if you cut yourself while trimming down there the product can act as a barrier between your scrotum and penis while healing with polysporin. I did have a mishap at work and one of my manhoods got flushed down an automatic toilet and Randy was kind enough to replace it in a follow up order free of charge. When I got the manhoods a girl gave me a hand job in one of them and it felt quite pleasant. No chafing on my penis. If I ever stroke my cock I make sure now to keep it well lubricated but I don’t usually masturbate (use a light grip if you do). I did masturbate vigorously in the past without lube which caused desensitization. I also had sex just before the manhoods arrived without a condom and couldn’t feel much but now it feels like I’m gaining a lot more sensitivity back. I’m very glad I found this product and I’ll continue using it for years to come. Looking to see even more improvements in sensitivity and further removal of keratinization.

  148. Scott says:

    I ordered my Hood a couple of months ago only to find it got lost in the mail. I communicated this to the guys are Manhood and could not have been happier with how the issue was handled. I received quick responses to all my email queries and was ultimately provided with a replacement order.

    The guys at Manhood really understand the true meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE !

    My hoods arrived today, they are really well made. I’m looking forward to clocking up a few weeks of wearing my hood and realizing the results. Thanks Manhood! I’m one happy customer.

  149. Anonymous says:

    My first Manhood fell off and I lost it. My second one I had to attach a string to it with safety pins to try to keep from losing that one. But I think I lost it anyway, since the safety pins weren’t the best. So I gave up.

    My penis (like most, or all?) gets bigger and smaller all day long, and I think it’s hard to create a cover that accommodates that shrinkage and expansion. I found that the manhood didn’t really work so well due to that, since it doesn’t expand or contract.

    What I have found to be helpful (so far) is that I just bought a strip of velvet-like material for about a dollar, have cut it into around 6″ by 6″ squares, and just wrap myself in one, using a rubber band or two (finding the right size rubber bands has been an experiment). The rubber band expands and contracts and holds it on. So I’ve been doing this and dousing myself in vitamin E for about two weeks now, and am looking to become more sensitive, given the protection. So I’m hoping this will work out where the Manhood didn’t.

  150. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been using Manhood for years now. From the very first day, as someone who is tightly circumcised, I was shocked by how much better it feels not to have your glans constantly rubbing against your underwear. The soft silky material of the Manhood snugs nicely and prevents unnecessary friction. It might seem exaggerated, after all, your underwear is simply made of cloth, which does not seem like a very rough material, but for something as sensitive and gentle as your glans (at least how it’s supposed to be for an intact male), the difference is remarkable. Thank you for the great product!

  151. Gidon says:

    I would like to express my satisfaction with Manhood. it holds well on and mostly doesn’t bother me at all, while protecting my penis from the uncomfortable friction with my trousers. A great job.

  152. joe says:

    I’ve been using manhood for almost two months and the glans is much smoother (less wrinkles )! Now I am just waiting for that extraordinary change in sensitivity that people seem to talk about! I really believe in this product!

  153. Adam says:

    I’ve been using manhood for about 6 weeks now and no remarkable change in texture or sensitivity. I still really believe in this product though, but I wish I could se some results soon to get some peace of mind and continue living my life.. Maybe I should be using some moisturizer? I’ve been using pure shea butter lately, but not sure if it actually makes a difference. Please, if you know a secret, could you just share it on this page please! I read the testimonials every day to not lose faith in this..

  154. Kyle says:

    I received the delivery today and I couldn’t be happier with the products. They are easy to put on and incredibly comfortable to wear, I’m looking forward to the results from long term use. I will definitely be ordering more in future. Thank you again.

  155. azade says:

    I have been wearing ManHood since 2 months now and I can honestly tell that there has been a marked difference in the appearance of the glans as well as to a gain sensitivity albeit to a lesser extent. I am very satisfied and sincerely believe that things will go on improving.
    You need to know that I am 52 and was circumcised before my first birthday (a shame but we let go as it was the days of ignorance).
    The glans has a better look with less cracks and I feel very comfortable wearing ManHood.
    I have ordered 5 more and wish to reedit my gratitude for this finding of yours.
    I further hope that more people come across your product to help themselves and ban this practice.

  156. Sun M. says:

    Hi. I am uncircumcised. My glans is very sensitive to any external contact, especially intercourse. The glands tend to expose while the foreskin tends to roll backward, and the pain is unbearable. My plan is to place an order of “manhood” to keep the foreskin intact in its position while rolling a large condom on top. Has anybody ever used this method to perform such activity? I would like to hear your feedback. Thank you.

  157. Vincent says:

    Mine arrived today. It feels way better already! And it doesn’t itch anymore! Wow! I put off restoration because I am a Foregen supporter and believe in the Foregen mission 100%, but this is a wonderful alternative until it happens. It provides protection, comfort, already more sensitivity, and privacy! Thanks a lot!

  158. Wayne says:

    So far so good! I didn’t even have to wait a day before ordering a new one because the one I have now fit so nicely and felt so great- and for such a great price! You guys are doing awesome work for a great price and I REALLY appreciate it.

  159. Ben says:

    I have been using the ManHood for about 5 years now and I am very grateful that I stumbled across this great product! It’s a very nifty garment that quickly and easily became a part of my day-to-day routine. I’m currently using the Restorer for when I’m at work or exercising, as I find that it tends to stay in place a lot easier. The Original ManHood, on the other hand, is a really comfortable option that is perfect for bedtime. In both cases, the cloth ribbons that were attached to my ManHoods (great for loss prevention!) gave me some extra peace of mind.

    If you’re on the fence as to whether the ManHood is right for you, I hope that this review will go some way in helping you take the plunge. The ManHood has really improved my quality of life and I’ve never had any regrets about giving it a try.

  160. Michael says:

    The Manhood Restorer has not only improved my sensitivity but has also improved my sex life. I’ve recommended this product to many of my family and friends. I can’t stress how happy I am and I couldn’t of asked anyone better than Randy to complement the purchases I’ve made. Randy makes ordering smooth and efficient and always is available to meet your needs no matter what. To anyone that’s considering buying the Manhood Restorer… it’s a life changing addition to an already existing problem, circumcision. I can assure that you will be very satisfied and won’t stop coming back for more. Keep doing what you do best Randy! Thanks once again!

  161. Eric Bubb says:

    I used by Blue Manhood for 3 weeks. In that time the manhood turned silver and the scar on my peniuse became inflamed. Had to stop using it. waste of money. Went back to using gauze

  162. Rebik says:

    My order arrived last week, so I’ve had some time to try the new batch out. They are fantastic! The Cadillac of ManHoods. It’s always exciting coming back and seeing how you’ve tweaked things to make a stellar product even better. This is my first batch with the “safety ribbon” (that’s what I’m calling it – lol). I’ve been using it, although this new material is so grippy (yay!) I have zero issues with slippage. In fact, I think I’ve only ever lost a ManHood one time, wayyyyy back about ten years ago. I was at work, and it shimmied right down my leg. I found it hours later, right outside my boss’s cube. Lol. That was a close call. Anyway, just wanted to check in and say thanks again, the new batch is awesome. Oh, here’s a little pro tip for anybody who asks: For a really quick, easy way to give your ManHoods a wash, just fill a big Mason jar halfway with warm water, and one drop of laundry soap, screw the lid on tight, and shake away. They’ll be clean in no time and it’s gentle on them too. After that, rinse, squeeze, and dry. Done!

  163. Eric Bubb says:

    A Consultant in Dorset County Hospital UK. Just by looking claimed I had an infection on the inside of my foreskin. The surgeon who removed my foreskin had it tested after removing it!! No infection was found. Am I unhappy. Just to day I received my Manhood cover very comfortable. Bit pricy. Since the foreskin removal I had gauze held in place with surgical tape wrapped around it. Manhood cover replaced it and is very comfortable. Would have prefered a more discreet colour choice. Much appreciate the white one which came with the vivid blue one I ordered.

  164. Christian says:

    Like many men, I was circumcised as a baby by well-meaning but misguided parents. As I got older, I got more into sports and exercise. Cycling was especially difficult for me, as biking shorts never seemed to fit right. I started wrapping a handkerchief around my dick and holding it there with a rubber band so I would be able to go on long rides without getting sore. Eventually, I found out that there was a product tailor-made for the problem of not having a foreskin, which has really made my sex life and my exercise life a lot better.

  165. Keith says:

    Manhood has helped me in a number of ways.

        1. It’s the most comfortable and most secure method of coverage when not using my restoration device. It’s a necessity at this point, as wearing pants or underwear without glans coverage has become an irritating experience. At night, I have trouble falling asleep, or I wake up, due to irritation inside my underwear or against the sheets when I’m not wearing Manhood.
        2. It’s the best option for exercise. Other options, like silicone caps, can slip off due to sweat and movement. Manhood stays put, and is discrete inside your running shorts. I forget that I’m wearing it. It was a lifesaver when I first started wearing it while running.
        3. The Restoring model does keep your skin forward. I don’t actually consider it a tool for restoration, but Manhood is an excellent, comfortable means of retaining. My skin looks happy when I take the Hood off it.

    Thanks Randy. I have been very happy with your product and I recommend it to everyone in the various groups and forums I participate in.

  166. William says:

    Having been a Chiropractic and Holistic Health Practicioner for 30 years, I often advise my clients on lifestyle choices which includes circumcision. Despite religious, hygienic, and occasional medical considerations; the foreskin is nature’s way of protecting the sensitive glans penis and should remain intact. Reversing circumcision by surgery is costly and not always successful. Traction devices are cumbersome and require long-term dedication. The ManHood appliance provides an affective and affordable means of protection the glans against chaffing and promotes enhanced sensitivity. I have worn ManHood for over 3 years and recommend it to any male interested in improving their sexual health.

  167. Josef says:

    Having my foreskin ‘chopped off’ is like being born blind and not knowing that I’m blind. As far as I’m concerned, I AM “normal”. I don’t know what ‘vision’ or ‘eyesight’ is because I had prior experience to compare it to. Wasn’t until recently late 2016 I realized, “Holy s**t! You mean some whacked-out doctor thought it to be a good idea to put a knife to my sexual organ…the very thing that brought me into this world?! What if he had slipped on my testicles? What if he chopped off ‘too much’?”

    I shutter at the thought.

    Nonetheless, what’s done is done. I have to take this one on the chin until I leave this Earth with a permanent mutilization.

    Sure, I could “restore” and force foreskin to grow where it was before, but that’s like getting a prosthetic arm and expecting to feel the sensation of “tough” again. Not going to happen. At best its a visual to satisfy any desires I may have for an all-intact penis, but nothing more. Nerve endings that were there are forever gone. There’s no restoring that. Plus, it requires a load of time I don’t have to put into such a fruitless endeavor. In fact, I’d encourage most men obsessed with this foreskin restoration to leave it all behind and take the only practical step to restore the sensitivity in your penis without any cumbersome legwork restoration devices require to achieve similar results. Unless, of course, you enjoy wasting your time.

    As for me, I found the Manhood to be the perfect and ONLY solution. It’s simple and straight forward. I got the Black Beauty because, well, I’m black (smiles). Matches my skin tone and is inconspicuous.

    First time I put it on “Mr. Incredible” went into hiding like a massive python digging into the dirt below to chase its prey. The restorer is ‘tight’ (that’s what she said) at first, but after 7 days it ‘loosens up’ (that’s what…eh…never mind). After 2 weeks it took the shape of Mr. Incredible like a soft casting mold.

    By the two week mark I noticed Mr. Incredible getting shinier than a thick coat of lip gloss, it looked so purty I could kiss it if I had skill of a Cirque De Sollie artist to pull off such a stunt.

    Now, it’s been 4 weeks and Mr. Incredible’s sensitivity is unlike anything I’d experienced. The SLIGHTEST touch makes me go “OOO! AHHH! It’s SENSITIVE! like a bad Hodgetwins YouTube video.

    I don’t hold a grudge against my parents for this crazy decision. For me, it was for religious reasons. They believed they were making the right choice. A terrible one, turns out, but a choice nonetheless. Doesn’t matter. I found the solution. Manhood.

    P.S. Though it comes with instructions with how to put it on, you’ll develope your own ‘process’ that becomes routine on how you put it on. It’s nothing like what I see in the intruction videos here but I believe every man will have a different approach comfortable to him that works all the same. Keep your penis CLEAN and make sure you clean the inside of your manhood. Also, I’d recommend using Black Seed Oil prior to putting on the manhood. It’ll significantly increase blood flow to your penis.

    This is a wonderful way to take care of my penis and I’m grateful Manhood exist. I will be ordering several dozen more to last me for the next few decades.

  168. Davis says:

    I would just like to say thank you for providing such a NECESSARY and VITALLY IMPORTANTLY product. It works just as you say. ( I have been wearing manhood for like 2 or 3 months now). It has done so much for my psychological well-being, which has been very shaky due to my circumcision. Again, THANK YOU, and keep up the good work.

  169. David says:

    First off, thank you for your product and please continue to produce it. The Manhood has changed my life. I am 30 years old and from the US, which means that very little though was likely given when I was born to circumcising me. I live with the anger and frustration of this everyday. The combination of restoring and your product provide me with a level of control over my own body that my family and society never though to afford me. Before using your product restorations gains were dishearteningly slow and seemed to regress quite rapidly. I was also experiencing extreme sensation loss during intercourse, to the point that even maintaining an erection became extremely difficult during vigorous activity. At less than 30 years old this just should not happen. This is just one of the lasting effects of circumcision that no one wishes to acknowledge. Your product alone has allowed me to regain a semi-normal sexlife with the woman that I love. While no where near being fully restored or full sensation, after a couple of months of continuous use I was already feeling far more during sex than I ever had. This is both frustrating and encouraging. I have continued my restoration efforts in search of further restored sensation. Thank you for your efforts in helping men recover some of what they have lost due to genital mutilation that our society is still all too willing to turn a blind eye to. Hopefully future generations of men will be treated with dignity and never have to experience the realization that their human rights were so drastically violated so shortly after leaving the womb.

  170. Jared says:

    I have been wearing Manhood since mid 2013 now, when I first heard about the ongoing damage that circumcision does to the glans. I have always found it quite irritating to wear undies, and used to position myself such that the frenulum remnant would touch fabric and the highly sensitive topside would touch my own body.

    Using a Manhood for a month is what convinced me to begin restoring, as I noticed a marked increase in sensitivity and decided it would be nice to be able to have an authentic faux skin rather than a synthetic one to cover the glans one day. I still continue to use them for retaining purposes to maintain the sensitivity that I have gained.

    In fact, I find wearing Manhoods so convenient that I have often foregone doing restoration methods which can be discomforting and instead just retained using the Manhoods! After all, having the sensitivity is a significant benefit of restoring. The other benefits, such as appearance and a longer glide, I am less concerned about.

    Using Manhoods in the presence of partners has been a non-experience. That is, we simply take it off before sex, it doesn’t get in the way at all.

  171. David says:

    It has been about a year-ish since I made my ManHood purchases, and I would like to thank you for the good work you. Although i have not yet experienced the dekeratinization effects, my developing new foreskin from restoring is being held in place with the ManHood, which is making my covered parts of my glans more sensitive. I feel that you are making a difference, and I think it is appropriate that i thank you for making your product and selling it to the public.

  172. Daren says:

    So of all the man hoods i like the black original the best. I have softer galnds and softer skin up the shaft of my penis. I am going to order more pretty soon

  173. Ed says:

    Probably the best money i’ve spent in awhile. My sex life wasnt bad but i just felt something was lacking, After wearing for a month it the sensations improved. Then again the next! I’ve been trying to restore my foreskin but i have a very active life and it makes wearing any sort of device difficult, so i only have an hour a day or so to use it but i can wear the manhood through everything, physical work, gym and even sports… Its never come off yet. Sex is better for both me and my girlfriend, she says the way i move has changed, she is wetter and wants sex more…

    I love this product!

  174. John says:

    This product is quite amazing. I was a little questionable on wearing something such as this for 24/7, but within a few minutes of putting it on, I noticed a big difference in comfort level. I had no idea how desensitized I was, and after a week I could see big differences in appearance and texture. All day comfort, stays on no prob. I work out in them and I don’t even feel it’s there. Only wish I knew about these sooner – the benefits are life-changing.

    I can’t thank this company enough for putting out such a well-crafted, quality product such as the ManHood. The fact its made in Canada is just another plus for me! North American manufacturing all day! Thank you Randy for awesome customer support!

  175. Anonymous says:

    I have used this product for over a decade, going on 15 years now. I’ve used it at the very start of my journey, at night while restoring during the day, or in situations where it was more discrete and less cumbersome. There were times where I got very lazy or discouraged, and wasn’t doing much at all, but I still relied on the ManHood to help protect from discomfort and hyper-sensitivity after sexual activity. And now, even though I’ve found a different primary method, I still use this product in certain situations. There just isn’t anything else quite like it. Plus both the old school material and the revised “original” version are incredibly durable. I still have one from 15 years ago that’s in remarkably good condition. At least one of the newer materials appears to be very good as well. All in all, highly, highly recommend ManHood.

  176. Robin says:

    I can only agree with the other guys here: Great product! The only negative aspect is that the velcro-patch keeps ripping up the material…Today I got my delivery of some manhood originals and there is one, which is different than the others: The rough side of the velcro-patch is sewed over the upper side of the manhood, which is way better and doesn’t rip up the material. You might want to change that (or maybe it’s just an individual thing, which I will leave as a note for my next order).
    Besides that: Great job!

  177. Kyle says:

    I’ve had my manhoods for about a week now, been wearing them daily 24/7. They seem to be working. Results are as expected for the first week. Much less dry and my skin is softer.

  178. Aaron says:

    Returning customer here. These things are a life-saver for me. I was circumcised as an adult, and I cannot handle the friction of my underwear against my unprotected penis simply from walking around. Can you make mine a little deeper/longer than you do normally, maybe an extra 3/4 inch? I tend to be a “show-er” I guess, and the standard issue isn’t quite long enough to stay on reliably. You custom-made some like that for me in the past, and they worked a lot better. No ribbons to cinch the manhood please. All black or a variety of colors is fine. Thanks so much!

  179. William says:

    I have been wanting to express my true gratitude to you for coming up with this product.

    Before I found out about Manhood I tried so many different things to cover and protect my “sensitive parts” during the day (from the abrasivness of underwear, etc.) – I tried everything, from wrapping bits of soft cloth and tape around it, to actually wearing a condom to work each day. Horrible!

    I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I finally found your web site, saw the Manhood products, and read about how many other men had dealt with the same issues. And the fact that you obviously care so much about the struggles of other men, enough to create a purpose-made solution — It means a great deal to me!

    It’s hard to find the right words to describe how excited and truly relieved I was to find your product online. What a terrific solution to such an aggravating problem! So I will definitely be doing whatever I can to lead other guys to your web site and to Manhood products.

    Thanks again, very sincerely, for creating Manhood restorer! I look forward to using them, and I wish you continued success. I’ll be working to get the word out where I’m at for sure!

  180. Craig says:

    Manhood is a fantastic product. I have gained so much more sensation than I could have thought possible. This is my second order for two. A+++

  181. Tim says:

    After wearing manhood for the past two years and 4 months: I was a bit skeptical at first, but after wearing the manhood 24/7 for the past 28 months I am definitely a believer. The results were quick to start noticing and kept getting better and better. I have gained an extraordinary amount of feeling and sensitivity in my penis glans and remaining foreskin, it’s truly been amazing and to think that there are many guys out there who do not know about this amazing product that really works makes me sad. The overall dramatic change in texture and feeling has been great and I’d recommend this product to anyone.

  182. Peter says:

    Since I’ve started using MH I’ve noticed a big improvement in sensitivity and I get noticeably harder erections. It’s a life saver! I ordered 5 more tonight, thanks again!

  183. John says:

    Before I used Manhood I had trouble walking because of pain with clothes rubbing. Now I am walking pain free. You guys have saved me. Thanks a million.

  184. John says:

    Ive have the manhood for a good 6 or more months i honestly forget how long, but i want to say this has made a big difference and is a very nice place to go when im done streching and my skin is to senstive to wear anything else. I just with to say thank you in this little message because your product has made a big difference in how I feel

  185. Adrian says:

    I wish I’d discovered these years before I actually did as they make such a difference both in terms of daily comfort and also my glans is now much more sensitive and shiny looking than it was before using the Manhood so it’s made a big difference for intimacy as well. I’m not circumcised but have a very short foreskin to the extent I look circumcised so having these garments is brilliant. I do wish I knew how to grow my foreskin a bit more that doesn’t involve loads of hassle to implement although that brings me on to another benefit of these – they are so quick and easy to use.

  186. Wilson says:

    After wearing my Manhood for only a week, I am already starting to feel a difference! For the first time ever, my “soft” boxers feel really rough compared to the feel of my Manhood! I never would have thought that.

  187. MK says:

    Thank you for creating,making, and selling ManHoods. I was very tightly circumcised on my eigth day of life, because my parents are Jewish. I only ever had sensation on the remains of frenulum on the underside of the remains of my penis, just behind the glans, the remains of my penis are bowed downward when erect, I have blotches of discolortion all over my shaft, I have a prominent ring-shapped scar around the circumfrence of my shaft, my shaft is very tight and uncomfortable when erect, and part of my shaft on the underside is covered with hairy scrotal skin instead of shaft skin, due to what was cut off. It used to be irritating and disturbing for be when the remains of my penis brushed against my underwear, and I always wore tight briefs in order to try to prevent it from moving around. But I thought all men and boys were anatomically like me. I didn’t figure out what circumcision is, until just after I turned 27, while browsing the internet for information about having kids, while feeling bad that I can’t find a woman and I have never had a girlfriend.

    Now I am thoroughly against all forms of circumcision, for any reason. Circumcision is an evil, perverted, castration-like, rape-like sexual violation and circumcision is an excrucially painful, permanently psychologically damaging, severe, traumatic, unhealable injury and a permanently un-recognizably sexually cripling amputation, which my people invented, in order to inhibit their sons from functioning good sexually, because the religion (and now also part of American society) has mental problems with certain body functions and sexual behaviors. All of the medical reasons in favor of circumcision are false. All of the reasons in favor of circumcision are myths and superstitions. All foreskin related problems are imaginary.

    I know this all will offend my fellow Jews, or worse, but I swear it is all true and I will be working to make circumcision illegal. I discovered ManHoods in January of 2011. Now I don’t know how to live without them.

  188. Anonymous, Age 63 says:

    In addition to the unbelievable sensitivity I have gotten from keeping myself covered. Sex is almost a new experience for us both, and better than ever (after 43 years of marriage).

    Man Hood is great for times when I am not using my restoration apparatus or when I am working outside and the device I have chosen is uncomfortable due to the hard physical work, bending, etc.

    When uncovered, even for a little while, I have found that almost any touch from anything other than soft skin-on-skin contact, is uncomfortable, almost unbearable, and makes me want to cover up fast.

    I also have noticed that the Man Hood Restorer is good at maintaining a mild tugging action, even when I am not using my restoration apparatus, especially at night during sleep.

  189. Michael says:

    I am extremely happy with my two Manhoods and have recommended them to both friends and my urologist, who was very interested and told me he’s recommended the product to several of his patients.

  190. Sean says:

    I want to thank you for developing such a great product. If only I had come across this years ago! In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in sensitivity and my sex life has been getting better. The Manhood does its job and my girlfriend likes unwrapping the “present” before sex and picking out the different colors.

  191. David says:

    I purchased manhood in Jan.2015 after 7 months of not climaxing through normal intercourse with my wife. I was amazed that after only 2 weeks of wearing manhood, intercourse was a normal part of my life again. Having always been slow to climax, I thought my wife got the best out of the deal. However, with manhood, she told me that it is nice to be able to have a “quickie” once in awhile without committing so much time. I have been married 32 years and this was a huge revelation to me.

    Manhood has changed my sex life, my marriage, and left me with a confidence that I can “get there” that allows me to relax and enjoy sex without it being a performance every time.

  192. trevor says:

    The restorers really do a great job ( way better than the my skin cone) of holding everything in place. Thanks very much! I’m really enjoying the product so far.

  193. John says:

    They are great, a nice snug fit and now I can walk around without worry. I’m going to order more.

  194. Marcus says:

    I love ManHood! I’ve used them for awhile now and I own several of them. They’ve really helped me to regain sensitivity in my glans. I’m restoring my foreskin, so it is really important to me that my glans be covered at all times. ManHood not only has me covered but has helped with the dekeratinization process as well! I’m so happy that this product exists! All I can say is…Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!

  195. Kevin says:

    I been using the ManHood for about 4 months now and can already notice a huge difference. The ManHood is easy to use and put on and I haven’t had any troubles with it slipping off even with my active lifestyle of running and playing sports. I was circumcised at birth and the ManHood has helped make my glans shinier and has given me some extra skin which helps make sex better and more enjoyable. This device is great to use even if you are using another restoration device because it’s so easy to use you don’t even realize it’s on. Honestly the customer service is great and the product is amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to restore or regain sensitivity.

  196. Anonymous says:

    I am 18 and started frequently urinating 5 monthes ago. The frequent urination left my circumsized penis red and irritated. I could barely walk. I searched the web and found no answers and my doctor was useless. I eventually ordered the manhood original. It has saved my life. My penis is still a little red but in a couple monthes I should have a full recovery. My only problems were no options for overnight shipping, the blue mamhood bled blue ink on my glans(it took a week to come off), and the fact that we have to buy it with paypal. However, I am forever grateful this product exists. I can do everything I could before including swimming. One thing I noticed was that when the dead skin comes off, the new layer of skin must be moist not dry. I have developed some red spots but they always go away. When I make a full recovery, this problem should stop. Once again, without this product, I would not be able to walk.

  197. John says:

    Have been a customer for over a year and likely a customer for life. Great product and even better service. I like the restoring Manhoods during the day and originals at night. My sensitivity increased quite a bit the first couple of months and levelled off since. Big improvement in my sex life resulting in no need for little blue pills and has me thinking of restoring even at the age of 60.

  198. peter says:

    I been wearing the manhood for 10 years. The sensitivity has returned, abrasion is noticeably gone. I prevent losing it( falling off) i use a small safety pin attached to underwear. Haven’t lost one yet.

  199. René says:

    I’m fully circumsiced. I use Manhood everyday – the whole day and night and my penile glans is more sensitive than before this really improves my healthy life. It is as important as eating healthy food for me. Thank you for your work!

  200. Will says:

    I have been using manhood for about 2 months now. My experience using it was nice. My gland does look more red but definitely not as wet looking as a real uncircumcised penis is, maybe after longer use it would get less keratinized.
    it could be worn nicely under my underwear since my underwear kept it tight against my body and wont let it slip out, however if I to wore a loose short it usually slipped out after a while.

    Overall, the product is great, it does work, and customer service is excellent.

    Great job Randy and team.



  201. Jacob says:

    My manhood saved my sex life. My girl friend, with whom I lost my virginity, for the first few months of sex couldn’t get me to finish. Before her, I got into the bad habit of dry masturbation for a long time and didn’t really understand the consequences until I started having sex. I barely felt a thing when we’d have sex. Six days after wearing my manhood I finished and quickly! It has been night and day since I’ve bought my manhood. Sex has never felt better. I highly, highly recommend this product. Thank you for saving my dick and sex life!!

  202. Tate says:

    I got my order on Saturday and began wearing one…by yesterday to be without it was really annoying. I had to remove it and the brushing of my glans against cloth was intolerable…just after a couple of days. I don’t feel right without it on either and can’t wait to put it back on if I’ve taken it off. I have not been able to sleep with it yet as I’ve not gotten the Velcro fastened correctly to allow for overnight erections. The first time I slept with it, it behaved like a penis ring so I had gotten it too tight but I’ll figure it out because it’s not comfy to sleep without something covering my glans while I sleep now. Thanks

  203. YM says:

    I want to thank you for your invention so much. I bought this with a bit of scepticism initially. However, I have discovered that it works and you have improved my marriage a lot. My wife was complaining of pain and irritation during sex for years and no doctor could figure out why. Only after using the manhood for a few weeks my wife stopped having any pain. We figured it was because of my dry and rough penis. This was a huge issue for us and has been affecting our relationship for years and we are now questioning a lot of what we thought was religion (Islam) but is actually just misguided cultural practice.

  204. Tyler says:

    My wife and I have been married for almost 7 years. We both collaborated to write this.

    Wearing my ManHood makes sex and masturbation better. For the last two months, I’ve worn it continuously, to work, at home, and while sleeping. I know immediately when I’m not wearing it. My penis sensitivity has increased so much that going without it is a painful ordeal, just like a regular foreskin. This is the simplest proof the product works.

    The ManHood has turned my penis into a sex organ!

    The ManHood is an ersatz foreskin; it has breathed new life into sex between my wife and I. Before, I never enjoyed any amount of manual stimulation, even with lubricant. My penis had a “fuse” attached to it where I had a certain number of strokes before I either had to orgasm, or stop. Being rubbed raw is unspeakably terrible, and manual stimulation always risked it. I never enjoyed another person masturbating me, either. Now, manual stimulation is a delight always included.

    Because of this, sex almost always started with oral. Even though it is jarring to start there, the lack of sensitivity mandated it. This has never felt natural. Now, my wife and I touch and arouse each other, gently building to oral pleasures and beyond, because with the ManHood there is no friction, only pressure. In the past, we never touched each other in a manually stimulating way and I never understood why she needed foreplay. Now we always start with caressing, and I am as sensitive as she is, so building up to oral and beyond is a wholly unexpected, tremendous, natural progression.

    The Manhood is a foreskin. I do not remove it during sex, my wife does that. She calls that “unwrapping her present.” Our foreplay has an entirely new phase, where I am only unwrapped until after being completely aroused. Upon unwrapping, I can immediately sense when I am exposed, since a lot of my glans has dekeratinized and the foreskin remnant is more sensitive. It has changed what I define as nudity. My wife says it has made oral much better for her to perform since the glans feels much softer in her mouth and depth is no longer required for stimulation. She never liked deepthroating, and now it’s not a concern. She also has a better indication of my arousal level inside of her mouth, because she can feel me get rock hard as I approach orgasm. Before that, I always felt too hard in her mouth, so she couldn’t gauge her effectiveness. She says it seems I’m enjoying sex more. She enjoys sex more, and we have it more often. Wearing the ManHood has allowed my penis to dekeratinize so much that I found a frenulum remnant I wasn’t even aware I had!

    For me, the increased sensitivity means I can now sense temperature and feel ridges in the vagina. During outer-play, I can feel the clitoris on my glans, when previously I could not.

    Sex has changed. We have thousands of dollars worth of sex toys and all are now going unused. The new flavor is Premium Vanilla. We discovered a new activity during sex, grinding. We try and maintain constant contact with each other’s pubic mounds, the goal being to never break contact. Grinding did nothing for me before, I needed to thrust to feel anything. Grinding is the most connected we have ever felt. Before, this connected concept didn’t exist. Essentially, we would serially sex each other, the typical routine being oral for both of us until my wife had an orgasm, then I would be morally allowed to mount her body to ejaculate. I would pound away until ejaculation, the old, “I got you off, now it’s my turn” routine. All in the spirit of fairness, otherwise I could not reliably satisfy my wife. It wasn’t something we realized could be fixed, just the way our bodies would allow us to have sex. You first, then me or me first, then you. Ejaculation for me came suddenly and unexpectedly after a lot of …. work. Don’t get me wrong, without the ManHood I loved sex. I had lots of sex but I don’t view what I did previously as … the same. I can’t return to that. My sensation in the last two months has increased so much that I didn’t even realize before how much I viewed sex as work for an orgasm. Now with the connectedness and slow grinding, I no longer feel any rush to orgasm. I could stay in the connectedness feeling forever. Orgasms happen together, easily. I also realize I’ve never actually felt the connectedness feeling prior to wearing the ManHood; I just didn’t have the sensitivity. I don’t even view what I did sexually in the last 10 years as sex. I was naked with other people, I put my penis inside of them and pounded until I ejaculated. I never made love until the ManHood. I no longer pound or use deep thrusts. I make subtle movements deep within my wife’s vagina, massaging her and me. She feels inside of her how much softer and supple the glans has become, the wooden door knob transformed into a ripe plum. My wife glows afterwards. Sex for her was a little painful before, now it’s pain-free. She stays wet longer, since my penis is acting more like a gasket, and her vocalizations have changed. I know she’s having a better time.

    When I decide to orgasm (I’ve gained some degree of control), I no longer feel performance anxiety. If I’m on top, I try and synchronize it to my wife’s. I can tell it’s coming because I feel it deep in my body. I can also feel how close to orgasm she is, since now I can sense her muscles better. I also produce pre-ejaculate, which I did not before. Orgasms are multi-part: If I let go and enjoy without tension, it will come in waves, but if I tense up, it will be short and intense. I have so much more sensitivity I can now feel the interplay between our bodies as our genitals rhythmically relax and contract. I could not feel any of this before, and I wonder… how many people will never have these sensations.

    I used to sneak away to watch porn sometimes late at night just so my wife could have a break; I used to worry about the amount of effort it would take to “get me off.” In the last two months, I have masturbated maybe twice. There’s no need to anymore. We’ve been having sex some weeks once a day. After 6 years of marriage, that is an accomplishment. Sex has become so important we’ve scheduled it, either from 10PM-11PM or 6:30-7:00AM. Before, we would pencil it in. And now, we sometimes have morning sex, which before would have been out of the question. I can safely say, I don’t miss masturbation.

    These last few months I’ve experienced things I thought I would never experience: orgasms without motion, sex without performance anxiety, simultaneous orgasm with my wife on top, and the end of the continuous sensation on my uncovered glans penis which lead to keratinization and robbed me of the feeling of connectedness.

    I cannot say enough positive things about this product.

  205. J says:

    Like most customers here, I resent not having a choice in my circumcision. I prefer going commando, and the restorer has been perfect for my needs. It’s comfortable and I love the increased sensitivity.

  206. Stan says:

    I like using this at night and some times during the day as well.

  207. Jack says:

    I received my manhood restorer(s) about two weeks ago and I’ve been extremely, tremendously, pleased with the results so far. I purchased for retaining purposes (I’ve been restoring for a few years but never used a proper retainer) and I needed one that I could wear day & night.

    Admittedly, I was a little worried about how effective the manhood would be at holding my slack skin in place but the worry was dispelled soon after applying it. I should mention I have quite a bit of slack skin from restoring but I am still impressed at how well it holds it in place. I feel completely secure. The first time putting the manhood on is slightly awkward but that is quickly overcome after a few applications and after the first day I was able to put it on in 20 seconds or so.

    Like I said above, I’ve just been so pleased with the manhood. From using my own homemade devices, I had already experienced some of the great sensitivity retaining can bring but the manhood has made me realize that I was only receiving a fraction of the benefits retaining offers. The homemade stuff worked well for a few hours during the day but never really provided any substantial protection in the way these manhoods do.

    As for the specifics of the results, I’ve already experienced some pretty substantial sensitivity gains in addition to a nice change in the color of the glans. I’ve noticed I’m also producing quite a bit more precum than usual and my sex drive has definitely increased due to the sensitivity gains. Overall just a much much MUCH more enjoyable sexual experience. Even just seeing how your glans look after removing the manhood is an amazing treat. I really can’t wait to see what I look like 6 months or a year from now.

    Thank you so much for creating this fine product! I will definitely be ordering some more in the future.

  208. Grant says:

    I am very pleased with the comfort ManHood provides and how snugly they stay on.

    They came in the mail on Tuesday and I would have emailed sooner but the power has been on and off because of the Ice storm causing a mess.

    I had a chance to see how well it stays on during different situations like a long walk through the snow, It also kept my penis/glans very warm and did not dislodge.

    I had the white one come off while walking down some stairs the first day I had it but that might be because I did not fasten it correctly, but the strap that came with it did its job as I had tied it to my boxers.

    I have had to check a few times to see if it was still on because you cannot feel it while wearing it. Also I really like the black sleeper manhood it holds on quite well and I have been wearing it while the white hood is drying.I find the black hood retains the foreskin slightly better as the material is slightly more grippy but still just as soft.

    In the four days Ive worn them i have noticed a marked difference in sensitivity and appearance of the glans.

    Anyways I will keep with it because its a fantastic product. Thank you for taking the time to make a product like this.

  209. Glen says:

    I must say, what a great product! I’ve been using the original for about a week and a half, and I have already noticed tremendous results! The first time I had sex after about a week’s use was SO much more enjoyable. I even asked myself if this is how it’s SUPPOSED to feel right there, out loud and with the girlfriend chuckling (she could tell I could feel so much more). I’ve tried other ways to increase sensitivity (man1 oil, various lotions and cremes, not masturbating), but this has been by far the most improvement I’ve ever felt! Thank you so much! I’ve been having some troubles with it slipping off, so I’ll try a few of the restorer type since I’ve read that will help.

  210. Justin says:

    They are extremely comfortable to wear and I never feel like it’s in any danger of slipping off. I am restoring now, and I’ve used retainers in the past. They always came off or felt like they were going to. I was always aware that I was wearing something extra.
    With your product, I completely forget I have anything on down there. I have even noticed a difference in the skin texture in this short amount of time. In addition my skin seems more ‘ready’ to stretch with my chosen restoration device.

    Thanks again for a great product and great customer service!

  211. SY says:

    First off, I really appreciate the prompt replies from Manhood, it really makes the experience much more enjoyable.

    I first purchased the Manhood for my partner as he was circumcised at a young age and always struggled with feeling pleasure/finishing during sex, which disheartened both my partner and me. That’s why we were both thrilled at the results after a week that he wore the Manhood! He admitted that there was a huge difference and that his glands felt moist and sensitive. He now finishes during sex and its significantly improved our sex life!

    I have yet to ask my partner for his own update, but you can see that we are keen users of your product (that’s why we’re back for more).

    Thank you for your product and improving our relationship 😉

  212. Andrew says:

    *update after 7 months*
    buying more after the velcro started dying, but that is expected after 7 months
    probably the greatest thing ever, after using it for so long it feels uncomfortable walking around without it

  213. Jonathan says:

    The victim of tight circumcision, all too common in the USA, left my penis dry and calloused from years of wear. I will never know the pleasure of the sensitive tissue ripped from me as a child; however, the Manhood has made a real day-to-day difference! Together with Vitamin E oil to moisturize the skin, the Manhood protects and preserves what sensitivity I have left. When I go without it, I can feel how rough my clothes are against the unprotected, de-skinned penis. At age 50, I hope to keep my sex life alive for many more years. This is a challenge for circumcised men who often lose so much sensitivity they suffer from ED and a need for rough sex. Manhood has helped preserve my virility. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  214. Rebbe says:

    I greatly appreciate the extra manimal!!! I truly miss my “turtleneck” man, we’re looking forward to the extra warmth… If this works for me, don’t worry I’ll buy more and send you more customers, since we get men all the time reverting to Judaism… THX again!

  215. Justin says:

    I am 18 and circumcised. I have been using manhood for the last 6 months and experienced most of regaining my sensitivity in the first month. I have two manhoods that I switch off every other day.

  216. Lucas says:

    Manhood has been a blessing for me. After suffering from Phimosis and Frenulum Breve for years, I had a partial circumcision a little over a year ago. (Not my first choice of solution, but I can’t argue with its effectiveness.) Naturally, my glans was not used to such exposure. But Manhood has allowed me to retain my natural sensitivity while performing all my usual activities, including cycling. It’s both comfortable and discreet, and stays on throughout the day and night. I wear one everyday and will continue to do so.

    Thank you so much for this fantastic product.

  217. Michael says:

    ManHood is my go-to retainer for nighttime. To date, it is the most non-invasive option I’ve tried, as it comfortably accommodates nocturnal erections.

    For users of the original ManHood, the restorer’s clingy texture does a good job of holding skin forward, which will allow restorers with enough skin to keep skin-to-glans contact to aid the slow process of dekeratinization.

  218. Jared says:

    I want you to know that I was spurred to start restoring by your product. Once I tried it and experienced the enhanced sensitivity, I knew that I had to try to go further. Thanks again for doing what you do.

  219. Shawn says:

    First off, I want to praise you for what you are doing. It takes a lot of courage and wisdom to fight against the powers that be and also create a sustainable life for you and your family. I know how it feels. Hopefully, as time goes on, more people will wake up to the reality of self sustainment. It will take the bold being a living example of it for the sheep to believe. We can all choose to never live a life of imitation once we realize it’s up to us. Thank you for your ingenuitive product and generosity for the free one you included. On to my review….

    On many levels, manhood has saved my life. I’m 29 years old and until I gave this product a try about a year ago, I had never enjoyed an orgasm with a woman. Sure, I had sex with them and was able to achieve a rock hard erection, but towards the end of each experience, it was as if I wasn’t allowed to climax. As I failed to orgasm with woman after woman, I began to understand that this problem was physical.

    First, I cut out porn, thinking that it may be a psychological problem. This did help me in many ways and I have committed to it since then. However, it did not alleviate the original problem that I was trying to find a solution to. The woman I was dating was taking my problem personally and eventually broke off the relationship citing this problem as the main catalyst for the break up. I was devastated. I loved her and thought this is it, I’m not going to date anymore.

    I ordered two manhoods in February 2015. I began wearing them for 24 hours a day. The first thing you’ll notice is the comfort. They just feel right. The head of your penis was not designed to be exposed. The zionist world government has convinced the world that this practice of infant mutilation is normal and for the best. This form of torture and conformity was allowed because of blatant lies referring to cleanliness and disease prevention by our much trusted reptilian run government. Circumcision reduces sensitivity to a level of nothing eventually. Your glans was meant to warm and protected. Not naked and banging against your clothes. Try this product. Give it 6 months of dedicated use before making a judgement. Keep it clean just like you would have with your forskin if they hadn’t mutilated you as an infant. Unfortunately, they made the decision for us, and now we must live with their destruction. The only problem with this product is that it leads to forskin restoration. You will realize, after witnessing the results, that you had something stolen from you. You can rebuild, but it will never function the same as the original. End circumcision. End the fluoridation of our water. End the destruction of man created by the elite.

    Again, thank you Randy and everyone involved in your cause. Keep fighting the good fight.

  220. Max says:

    I’ve been using the manhood constantly since I got it and I’m loving it. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable I constantly was until now.

  221. Imran says:

    Nothing makes me angrier than the fact that our supposed voices of logic, medical doctors, still think it’s okay to force an archaic superstition onto innocent babies, who will grow to be thinking, feeling adults. This product solves an issue which shouldn’t exist, but the fact that someone is standing up and doing what is best for reason and humanity gives me great hope, and I am behind this 100%

  222. Yannick says:

    The restorer is much better in my opinion. I am not restoring but thanks to its sticky surface it does not fall off. Thank you really much for this gorgeous product.

  223. Anonymous says:

    I have been doing it for a month and I still have a while before my skin fully dekertinizes (if that’s how it’s spelt). But in general the manhood has been great. The appearance of the glands has improved drastically over the last 3 months.

  224. michael says:

    This product has made my life so much better. I am circumcised and I’ve always had problems with my underwear irritating my penile glans. I would purposefully by underwear without a fly because the seam would irritate my penis. Now that I’ve been wearing a manhood I never have to worry about that again and not only have I found relief but my penis is more sensitive which makes sex easier to enjoy and truly feel.

    I buy 5 at a time because it saves money. I handwash it and let it air dry over night.

    Also, I bought a wider size for sleeping to accommodate my nocturnal erections. The staff was very helpful, I suggest if you have size concerns do not hesitate to ask them.

    I know manhood does not make the claim to increase your actual foreskin remnant but I have stopped tugging and I haven’t lost any of the foreskin growth I acquired previously, in fact, sometimes I remove my manhood and my skin stays over my glans for 30-45 minutes.

    I will restart my tugging endeavor later on but I am in no rush because of manhoods.

  225. Mike says:

    Hi There, a friend of mine purchased Manhoods for both him and I. I was surprised that within just 3 days I have already seen a change in color/dryness. I never even knew the product existed before he mentioned it.

  226. Gerald says:

    You have a dedicated loyal customer. The results I have seen in just 3-4 weeks are shocking. By combining the manhood with skin rejuvenation and kegels I have seen dramatically increased sensitivity, improved appearance, and stronger orgasms. The skin on my penis and glands is softer, rosy pink and much more sensitive.

    Circumcision is a barbaric and cruel practice that needs to be outlawed. It is inhumane and damages men in many ways.

    Keep up the great work!!

  227. Ronald says:

    I am very pleased. My sensitivity is still increasing.

  228. Yannick says:

    i just ordered a SenSlip and i just have one thing to say:


    Thank you for selling the Manhood for just 20$. I don´t have much money.
    Today i order my first manhood and I am confident that it is good.

    Greetings from Germany!

  229. Glen says:

    I don’t know how any informed person can promote circumcision in 2015.
    Circumcision is a relic of the past.
    There is No medical reason to routinely circumcised infants.
    Now possibly promoted by religious dunderheads and deadheads.

    I have been using the Manhood penis protective product for the past 3 years.
    It has helped to restore some of my previously lost sensitivity.
    Previously I had a lot of trouble reaching sexual climax. I can now complete the act within a comfortable length of time.
    My wife is more comfortable and satisfied and so am I.

  230. Éamonn says:

    Things were going well and I was getting increased sensitivity. I’ve pretty much no sensitivity, which is unfortunate.

    My other manhood that I ordered last was lost, I’m keen to try again.

  231. Vincent says:

    I’ve been using my manhoods for six months now and couldn’t be without them now. They’re comfortable, easy to keep clean and have made a real difference to my sensitivity. A great product at a great price – good work!

  232. Anonymous says:

    I was born with hypospadias, it must have been severe because my parents told me it looked like a split hot dog.
    So i had very little foreskin on underside of penis, and half my foreskin on top was cut during operation.

    I got my first partner this year. When we had sex I could not feel much and never ejaculated.
    After a lot of research I thought primary reason was probably little sensitivity due to operation and being “cut”.
    But I also think I had death grip syndrome, I was masturbating without lube, watching a lot of porn,
    and maybe a few psychic factors contributed as well. It was probably combination of these that caused the problem.

    To try and cure delayed ejaculation, I stopped masturbating and porn, and began using manhood, 5 months ago.
    I noticed I was slowly getting more sensitivity. After about 1 month I finally ejaculated for the first time from sex.
    I only came a few times the next weeks, but after the second month i came every other try.
    Now, after 5 months, I usually come in about 10 minutes, but some times I have less sensitivity and takes 15-20 min.

    The manhood restorer holds the foreskin i have left in place, which covers about 2/3 of my glans when flaccid.
    I got to feel the huge difference without the manhood a couple months ago when i forgot to take it off before swimming.
    After swimming for a while i realized i forgot to take it off before going in the water, it was gone and I couldn’t find it.
    The half an hour walk home from the beach was a torture. The swim shorts rubbing on my glans felt like sandpaper.
    I never had this kind of irritation before so that proves the huge difference manhood has done to my sensitivity.

    The color and texture is also changing. My glans previously had skin color and it has extreme wrinkles.
    It is becoming more pink and purple, more shiny and smoother, and some slow de-keratinization going on.
    I also got pearly penile papules so it will never be all smooth though, but i hope the wrinkles will go away.

    The only problem I have is that it stretches and becomes too large. Im a grower, with big difference in flaccid/erect size.
    When i got them I had bought slightly too small size, because i could barely fasten the velcro.
    Now after 5 months i can barely fasten it tight enough for it to not fall off. The velcro should be longer.
    I bought two white knight and got one one gold included, I noticed that the white knight is softer and has stretched more.

    I have also been afraid of losing it in front of someone, and it happened once.
    It dropped out of my jeans in front of a friend. I quickly picked it up and put it in my pocket.
    We were busy discussing something and he didn’t ask what it was.
    My penis can become so tiny when flaccid that the manhood can easily fall off.
    I have learned that sitting with legs closed and leaning forward is a sure way to lose it.
    I wish there was some way to secure it to underwear.

    Now I am going to make my second order, I think I will do a mix of colors for some variety.

    Thanks for making this product and improving my life!

  233. Ollie says:

    I have never been able to ejaculate before i started wearing manhood!

    I’ve been wearing it for around 18 months now and i cant imagine ever going back to not wearing one…

    My only caveat is that when i order a bunch of manhoods, i can’t remember if i’d ordered a restorer or an original, because it’s not labeled on the package. So, after all this time, i still have no idea if i like the restorer or the original fabric more!

    ManHood – can you please label which manhoods are which when you deliver them please?

    Ollie, from England

  234. Leon says:

    I was circumsized almost two years ago. Before that I had an
    extremely huge sexual appetite sex on a daily basis or at 5 times a week was
    not common for me. I chose to get the surgery because my foreskin was very
    tight which caused tears and made sex uncomfortable and from time to time
    days waiting for the skin to repair before I was able to have sex again.

    After I had healed and started having sex again, I realised quite quickly
    that I was losing sensation, which made it difficult for me to ejaculate in
    different position only one actually worked and then finally, I stopped
    getting erections all together, this is when I knew I had made a mistake and
    needed to do something. I have been using Manhood restorer which I found
    better than the original, which keeps sliding off, sensation has returned to
    at least 70%-80%, which is fantastic. I am now having sex several times each
    week and enjoying too ejaculating in all the positions I was use to pre-op,
    with the feeling back.

  235. Alex says:

    Wow. I have been wearing a hood for about a year now. I now can’t live without it. I have given me back my sensitivity and awareness of the head of my penis and I believe my body receives more pleasure because of this.

    The maker is always keen to email and respond to questions. Love it.

  236. AG says:

    First of all, sorry for my bad english. International customer here 😉

    Just made my second order. After one year of using Manhood I cannot live without it!

    I’m circumcised, and before using it I barely had sensitivity on my penis, the glans looked like a rock (calloused)! After some weeks, the glans turned softer, the color looked more pink and the best… I began having more sensitivity. Now having it on is a must to feel confortable and keep the glans protected.

    Also wanna thank customer service: fast shipping, great communication and very helpful and kind people.

    Best regards

  237. Nathan says:

    I am a recent survivor of testicular cancer and ManHood was very beneficial in my healing and recovery.

    Up until surgery, I had been restoring my foreskin, so after surgery to remove a testicle, I needed a retainer because the hospital required me to wear a medical-grade jockstrap for elevation. The itchiness against my glans would have been unbearable without a retainer.

    Other popular products, such as the TLC Your-Skin Cone or DTR, would have been too hard to wear pressed against my scrotum. But ManHood came to the rescue. It was light and silky, protecting my penis without any painful pressure on my scrotum.

    My scrotum turned black from post-surgery bruising, and ManHood never caused any problems. I felt snug and comfortable.

    I also had trouble with urine drip when I went to the restroom after surgery. Hygiene was important because I had an incision in my stomach and I had to keep it clean and dry. I used toilet paper to help, but unfortunately self-care can get messy after an operation. (Sorry to be graphic.) ManHood kept my genital area clean, dry, and free of infection, and absorbed any excess urine leakage. It was yet another way the product helped in my recovery.

    Thanks to Randy Tymkin for inventing such a versatile and comfortable product. Testicular cancer is hell; there’s no way around that. But ManHood made aftercare and hygiene a lot easier for me! For that, I will always be grateful.

  238. Hristo Naydenov says:

    Oh god, where do I begin…First of all I want to tell you all I have bought a shit ton of things from the internet, and therefore I have had to use hundreds of customer service providers, and in all those years I have never seen anyone put that much effort in satisfying his customers like RT did! Because of some problems that prevented the manhood to arrive to its final destination he literally re-sent the Manhood I ordered four times, to different adresses, talked to tracking service providers and just fought the problem. Among all the hundreds of buyers I have bought from, RT is the BEST one for sure! Highly recommend his services, and I pray more people like him operate on the online markets, for this would make them perfect! Now for the product, I just got it and I was just super excited and decided to write a review first. Will post results after a week or two of usage. Cheers and see you! 🙂

  239. Mark says:

    This product is amazing and very well worth it; I barely have any problem with it while wearing it 24/7. My penis sensitive increased greatly and my glands used to feel uncomfortable, but now its incredibly comfortable while wearing manhood.
    Not only the product is great, also customer service as well; they will be able to solve any problem you have very fast.

  240. W.Y says:

    I did not know that my penis was different from everyone else’s. In England, the majority of men are uncircumcised. I quickly realized this when my boyfriend and I got intimate for the first time. He said ‘oh, you’re circumcised?’ I didn’t say anything and when I got home I googled what it was. I was horrified that my parents did this to my penis without my consent. Plus, my boyfriends penis looked so healthy and natural, I cannot describe it. I became very insecure with my penis and the uncomfortable feeling of a towel touching my penis and even just walking made sense.

    After using the manhood for a couple of years now, I feel much happier and comfortable walking around. I have noticed that my penis is more sensitive too.

    Great product, I will keep supporting manhood!

  241. Lee says:

    Amazing .. Only had it on for 3 days and the end is getting so soft and tingley to the touch.. I’m sex today so I’ll keep you posted but so far it feels like the best thing money can buy… How can I work for you and get this thing out there!!

  242. AJS says:

    Just got mine in today, i work as an unloader and i spend about 8-11 hours running back and fourth lifting and pulling heavy loads. I cant believe how much my penis was being irritated against my pants. My manhood never fell off and i even forgot it was on because its so comfy and snug you dont even feel it…. but oh my god the feeling of my penis not rubbing against my pants and underwear is almost scary… Now that i have this on, it almost feels like i dont even have a penis anymore haha! No friction what-so-ever! Customer for life right here. Thank you so much!

  243. MJP says:

    My second order now.

    Great customer service and communication from people who do care.

    Best product on the market and does exactly what it is supposed to do.

    I normally put some cream on the glans before bed and keep the Manhood on all night and this works very well.

  244. Scott says:

    Got the two I ordered last night, put one right one! It’s a strange feeling, like meeting an old friend you haven’t seen in a very long time. I slept in it, stayed on all night! I have it on as I type this at work. Unfortunately I’m very tightly cut, and restoration seems like a pipe dream, so I’m betting on this to help me regain the sensitivity I’ve lost. I’ll most definitely be ordering more! Great quality!

  245. Andy says:

    It has been around a month since I started using manhood and I am already seeing results in texture, color, and sensitivity.

    If you are having second thoughts you should definitely reconsider.

  246. John says:

    Received my first Manhood earlier this week and have been using it when not restoring with my DTR. I ordered a 4 inch and initially thought it was too small, but now realize it fits perfectly. It doesn’t fall off with nocturnal erections. I have also been wearing it to the gym with no problems. You can’t even tell when it is on because it is so comfortable. As an avid cyclist, it protects my penis while riding. I love it so much that I ordered two more. Thanks Randy for a great product. I will give an update when I notice an improvement in sensitively.

  247. JDC says:

    This invention by RT is great. I think I’ve been buying them for a couple of years now. I (circumcised)noticed that my glans was getting calloused and changing texture–not surprising given the amount of athletic activity I like to partake in. I really can’t not wear a manhood cover now. It may seem like an odd thing to talk about and it may seem like an odd thing to wear but this is an important product for a neglected men’s health issue. Thanks so much.

  248. TM says:

    I’m a new Manhood user, just received my first order last night, but I wanted to share my first thoughts as I’m initially very happy with them. Probably happier than I have been with anything new in a long time.

    I was circumcised at birth, so I’ve never known anything other than being circumcised which means nothing every really felt abnormal or particularly uncomfortable. Last night however, after I put on the manhood for the first time, I was shocked by how comfortable my penis felt. Obviously since I’ve only just started using the manhood there hasn’t been any actual improvement to the glans yet, but I can definitely say that the benefits of wearing a manhood are immediate. It’s not easy to put into words how much more comfortable the penis is with the manhood to convince anyone that’s on the fence about getting some to go ahead and buy one. The best comparison I can give is it’s the penis equivalent to when you’re in bed relaxing and you’re comfortable enough, nothing wrong with how you’re laying down, but then you shift position and suddenly you just don’t want to move as you feel like you’re on a cloud and just want to never leave your bed. That might sound corny or like a terrible comparison, but it’s just seriously incredibly comfortable.

    For those that have just found this product or that are on the fence about ordering, please just give it a go. You will absolutely not regret it.

    That’s all I have for now, but I’ll update in a few weeks when I start to see some improvements to the glans as I have no doubt that I’ll be very happy with whatever changes I see.

  249. Chris says:

    Manhood has helped me because when I am not restoring I can keep myself protected. This makes it more comfortable during the daytime and also at night. I don’t use the velcro at night because it would be too tight if I have an erection. I notice more sensitivity when I keep my penis covered at all times with the manhood.

  250. Ben says:

    I have found that I prefer the restorers compared to the original. I find the originals tend to fall off easily, so I tend to wear these at night in bed. Still love your products, they have changed my life!!

  251. Matt says:

    I received the order yesterday and first off, thank you very much for all you sent me. I wasn’t expecting so many, but now I easily have enough to change them daily! It’s very appreciated!

    The larger size fits MUCH better. The slightly increased length definitely helps it fit to the base, and the increased girth allows me to fit in much more comfortably. Also, I’m able to use the retainer function of the Manhood Retainer version now since it fits properly and I must say it’s excellent.

    The originals are definitely comfortable and I’m able to see the difference between them. I’ve been having to consistently check to make sure it’s still on because I sincerely cannot tell its there no matter how hard I focus on it. The strings definitely come in handy for the originals as it gives me that extra confidence.

    I’m very pleased with everything. The thicker one is very comfortable and I found it perfect for sleeping in.

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the customer service you provided. I’ll be sure to leave a review when I have about a month or so experience to give a better review, but I have nothing but good to report.

  252. Imdad says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for developing ManHoods – I’d never have been completely sure about fully restoring straight away, but the ManHoods have given me a chance to experience what it would be like to have a foreskin, and have helped me to make the decision to start tugging. I’ll still be using the ManHoods during the restoring process, but I just wanted you to know how grateful I am.

  253. August says:


    I used the ManHood first time a year ago and was hooked! It helps me retain my foreskin throughout the day and leaves my skin soft and supple like nature intended.

    Trouble is, I had ordered it too small without realizing it (I’m a grower, very small when soft and 9″ when hard) and couldn’t wear it to bed b/c of nocturnal erections. I ordered a larger size and now I can get boners in them fine and wear them to bed (which feels extremely comfortable)!

    My sex life has improved tremendously.

    ManHood is a fantastic product I would recommend to any of my friends who have sensitivity issues because of circumcision or just have a short foreskin.

    The maker of this product seems like a really great guy!
    THANK YOU for making this and being so helpful.

  254. Justin says:

    The manhood has been amazing at restoring my sensitivity due to circumcision. I had however lost mind during a period of extreme shrinkage but am glad to hear about the new added ribbon to help it from getting lost! The manhood would help me keep my foreskin in place as I am currently in the process of restoring my foreskin. Manhood has been a blessing to have. Thanks for the additional pure purple one with my order as well. It will be put to great use!

  255. Jesse says:

    I’m going to be a life long customer. These really work!!

  256. Charlie says:

    Frankly I never would have thought I would be doing this at age 85, but thank God, I am and am enjoying it very much. I hope I will send my last order to you on my 100th birthday.

  257. Doug says:

    I pre-ordered because the product is great. I am gaining sensitivity. I ordered 5x this time. Thank you. again..

  258. Mat says:

    I just wanted to give an update after 6 weeks of use. I’ve been basically wearing it 24/7 except the odd night and when I’m stretching for restoration. After 2-3 weeks I really noticed an improvement in sensitivity. I had the luck to put it to the test around the 1-month mark, and actually came twice before going soft, where in the past it was often hit or miss whether I’d finish before just going soft.

    Thank you so much for your product. It helped open my eyes and decide to pursue foreskin restoration. I finally see circumcision as a senseless human rights violation, and myself a victim. Hopefully one day I won’t need your product, but for the next couple of years at least, I’ll be wearing one!

  259. Bryan says:

    I just received my first Manhood in the mail yesterday and wore it over-night. To say that I was completely impressed with the material and it’s ability to stay on over-night would be an understatement. I love the feel of the material! I am in the process of restoring my foreskin and will be wearing it as a retainer. I also look forward to seeing my glands transform from it’s dried out, harsh form to a supple and smooth natural form.

    I will be ordering more Manhoods because I am already so impressed with the product!

    Thank you!

  260. John says:

    Received order yesterday. Wife likes the new manimal design..haha

    Impressed with results after 2 weeks. Will update testimonial in a couple of months

    Still undecided whether I like the restorer version or original better but having this selection in the right size will help.

  261. Sean says:

    Just received the three manhoods. Thank you very much. You have been very accommodating and I will be a return customer for a long time. Especially the restorers, they are great!

  262. Jordan says:

    I’ve been using the manhood for around a year now and have been very satisfied. It is comfortable and very easy to get used to. The increased sensitivity has made a huge difference in my sex life. As someone who is not restoring, I think this is a great substitute and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sexual satisfaction.

  263. Babak says:

    As someone who has been a restorer for years (5+), I have sought ways to retain my growing skin throughout the day. As I have taken long breaks for many months at a time, I have needed something I could use long term, so that my glans is not exposed. What I love about the Manhood is that unlike using Rings, Tape, or sprays, the manhood hugs at the base of the penis, which puts less pressure on my glans. I feel comfortable throughout the day wearing it, and it fits snugly at night, allowing for my nighttime erections well. I am happy with the product — the material feels great on my skin, the product ships on time and often with extra manhoods! Very pleased with this product, and as a long time restorer who is something of an expert on the various methods of retaining and restoring, I find the manhood to be among the best products I have used thus far.

  264. Charles says:

    I am not believing this experience! I got the 2 Manhoods in todays mail, which I picked up on my way to the urologist’s office for my biweekly testosterone shot. After the shot, I couldn’t wait to try on one of the Manhoods so I stopped by the men’s room and began to get the hang (no pun intended.) of it. Of course, even though I don’t get full erections without chemical inducement, I did get some minor tumescence when trying this but the Manhood fit just fine. I had to make sure the glans was lying smoothly within the pouch so that both layers would be positioned comfortably over the glans when the velcro was closed. When I pulled my shorts and trousers up, I was amazed that my glans was not disturbed in the least as I, for years, have been used to the glans rubbing against my shorts or trousers. I may have lost more sensitivity in the glans than I had possibly imagined before the Manhood! I find the Manhood extremely easy to wear and I really can’t tell that it is on my penis, especially when I am walking. Even now, at this early stage, I know that this is what I have been missing.

    It is my intention of wear the Manhood continuously for at least 6 months. I then will begin restoration procedures, even as I continue the Manhood when not restoring. I will be enjoying the Manhood too much to leave it behind!

    Randy, thanks again for a very wonderful product. You will be seeing my name pop up on your order records frequently in the future.

    UPDATE May 25, 2015: I have been faithfully wearing my Manhood and am now noticing changes in my penis. The flesh color is more distinct and sensitivity is gradually increasing. I have had no problems with it slipping off as I have more blood flow in the penis and it tends to stay in a semi erect (no full erection) most off the time. This may pass but I am enjoying it immensely. I am looking forward to receiving the additional Hoods which will allow more time between washing for more thorough drying. Thanks for your help and advice.

  265. John says:

    Amazing product and service. While i have only been using the ManHoods for 2 weeks i’m very happy with the results. The change was almost immediate.

    Being 59 i have been noticing a lack of sensitivity the last couple of years and a once very active sex life with my wife has decreased to every week or so and becoming a chore for both.

    When I came across this site and read some of the experiences others had , it hit home- getting erections was pretty easy, maintaining for any period of time because of lack of sensitivity was not. The stop and go aspect wasn’t very satisfying for either one of us.

    Within a couple of days I noticed a change in sensitivity and within a week a change in appearance of the glans. Our times together have been great -more natural, with no stop and go and I even find my orgasms more intense. ManHood are now a part of my everyday routine- ordered 5 more today. Randy not only produces a great product, the service is amazing. Very helpful with finding the right ManHood and quick to respond to emails.

  266. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had my three manhoods for one and a half year now and coming back for my second order. The fabric is still in quite good shape and could last for probably a year longer, but the velcro strips have weakened over time, hence why I need some new ones. This was after a year of daily use, mind you.

    I’m very satisfied with the quality of this product and I feel naked when I’m not using it, and as others have mentioned I experience pain if I don’t have it on, so it’s certainly helping. Due to the multi-layered fabric I feel no pain whatsoever while wearing it, and to be honest it’s wonderful.

    It stays on day and night, and if it wasn’t for the velcro strip (in my case) I wouldn’t worry that it’d slip off (and I’m paranoid, just saying). I used to be able to walk around naked with it, no problem. As a tip I’d recommend sewing a piece of elastic string to the manhood and have a safety pin strapped to your underwear, it makes it even safer (and also easier to locate the manhood if you happened to need to get rid of them in a hurry in the bedroom ;)). As others have mentioned I would also recommend wearing tight underwear instead of loose boxers.

    For the price this product is a steal and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. As an added bonus, since you should wash your manhood daily, you won’t need a sock anymore ;).

  267. Dave M. says:

    For some god awful reason my parents had me circumcised.

    The glands of my unit had visible scarring that made it look 84.

    I have never enjoyed a blow job much to the dismay of many girlfriends. I’ve also never been able to have sex with a condom as it made the whole experience useless.

    If there is anything you can take from my review, please do not have your kids circumcised!

    If there is one more thing I hope you take from this it is that what RT is doing with his business increases the size of my respect for Canadians.

    I’ve been using Manhood 24 hours a day for 5 weeks and just ordered 4 more. The head of cock has become so sensitive I can feel it contacting the air. I’ve also been on /r/nofap for 30+ days to increase sensitivity and I can honestly say my penis looks and feels completely different. The head is becoming slightly shinier and has hues of purple and pink as the keratinization wears off. I’m a bit hardcore and have been using ‘Bag Balm’ on the tip of my penis while wearing Manhood. Eventually I will be moving to aloe vera as it will hopefully be less messy. But I seriously can’t imagine a more important product I’ve purchased since well, probably my Playstation?

    I’ll be a lifelong customer no doubt. Can’t wait to see how much more sensitive I’ll become. I’m single at the moment but I have a feeling that is going to end soon. Whichever lady gets me after undergoing the manhood treatment is going to have an unforgettable experience.

    Thanks SO much for developing and offering this Brilliant Work of Art.

    Don’t Circumcise the munchkins – it’s a heinous form of torture.

  268. Bruce says:

    I just want you to know that the white knight you just sent me fits like a dream! This week I played 18 holes of golf, rode my bike 10 miles, worked out in the weight room, and washed my car and not once did it slip off. Great product! Thanks again!!

  269. Greg says:

    It feels great. thanks.

  270. Ben says:

    Wow!! How have I lived without a hood for so long!?

    Being circumcised as a baby (now aged 31) I’ve never really known any different. I have always thought sex was ‘only good’ but after recently suffering a serious loss of sensitivity and sometimes not being able to climax at all I decided to do something about it. I found Manhood, placed my first order and haven’t looked back since. A month on and I have just placed my second order for some spares.

    After only 2 weeks of wearing I can already feel the difference and that the missing part of my jigsaw puzzle is now complete. The head of my penis is warm and no longer rubs in my underwear, which was very uncomfortable. My sex drive and sensitivity has improved tenfold. I am now considering restoring and have been reading some forums and looking at the CAT stretcher device. My girlfriend has been very supportive and asks if I’m wearing my willy warmer 😀

    Most of my friends are luckily intact but I would definitely recommend this amazing product to anyone who is cut.

    Thank-you Randy for your life changing idea and your first class customer service. The speedy communication and personal advice you gave to me was very much appreciated.

    A very happy UK customer,

  271. tom says:

    Just purchased a manhood hoping it works i was an adult wen i got cut (tight forskin ) when i was first cut sex was amazing then a few months after i began loseing feeling and now i loose erections during sex and hardly feel anything

  272. Michael w says:

    Ok, I had to share this with the guys that know what a wonder the manhood can and do. I was horny as all hell and decided to mastrubate. I felt myself coming to my orgasm and after I ejaculated I was still hard and kept stroking. Within minutes, I had a second orgasm. It was just as big as and powerful as the first. I’ve never had two orgasms within minutes of each other. Maybe hours, never minutes. This, to me is 100% real proof of how awesome the manhood really is !!!

  273. Jeff says:

    Hey thanks randy I got them yesterday first time in my life I feel relaxed I have a hyper sensitive head it would always go inside if me. now my dong hangs down just after using it 24 hrs

  274. Michael W says:

    Luckily I wasn’t fully cut at birth, just semi cut ( thanks you doc ). I had been restoring off and on or a few years. I found manhood online and figure, what they hell, I’ll try it to gain more sensitivity. Was wearing the religiously and then went to Maui for a week and left my hoods at home. One day wearing my swim trunks, the mesh liner felt like 2 grit sand paper on my glans. Before it never bothered me. This for sure let me know that te manhood helps restore the sensitivity to my glans. And lately I have noticed that, due to more sensitivity, my orgasms feel stronger and there is a lot more of it and shoots farther too. Who knew what a normal glans can do for a man. I have 3 and just ordered 5 more. One for every day of the week. It’ll help with not having to wash them daily. I say buy buy buy !! And get a variety of colors, dress your penis up like a present, because that’s what you’ll get in a few weeks, a wonder new feeling. Help yoursex life with these hoods !!

  275. DINO says:

    Hello all,
    I recently posted here on the improvements I’ve had with my foreskin substitute. One REALLY big thing I forgot to mention is that I pour some aloe vera (Non Scented) into my manhood a couple times during the day.

    It’s unbelievable how sensitive my dick is and it stays hard longer as well. No more getting an erection then 2 minutes later getting soft and having to work up to another hard on.

  276. Dan says:

    First order never came to my place, with one Email to Randy he sent another one directly and free (also included one extra manhood). Awesome customer support and the manhood is awesome! Thanks a lot Randy! 😀

  277. Alan W. says:

    Can you feel it? You might think you do but if you are circumcised, you don’t feel it as well as you will!
    Whether you are restoring or not, TRY IT!
    Quick fact about me, I hope will help you understand where I am coming from.
    I was tightly circumcised, I’ a grower and a nudist.
    During the time I was restoring, my glans had become extremely sensitive; I had to keep wearing the skin cone without any weights to prevent the glans from scabbing over.
    As all good forums do, I found the answer MANHOOD! I ordered one to try it and I’ve ordered a bunch since then.

    I cannot stress enough to follow the instructions and make sure you are completely flaccid; I was not when I ordered my first!
    Here are some issues I had to overcome,as you can guess, I’m a daily wearer.

    It was interesting at first, I used the stall at first but over time and lots of practice, I use the standup urinals now.

    The Gym
    Boy that was interesting. My gym has big lockers so you can remove the MANHOOD as you change. I’d suggest leaving it on. 5 minutes into my stretching I could not get back to my locker fast enough to put my MANHOOD back on. I’m naked when I walking to the wet area. At first, I left it in the locker but that didn’t last long, hot steam or a dry sauna burned like crazy, so I started wearing gym shorts and eventually just a towel, the king size towels stay on best. Today, I keep my towel tossed over my shoulder, just low enough to cover my little parts and chuckle at the crotch watchers.

    My family are nudist also. At first, I didn’t wear a MANHOOD as it looked odd but after a day or so, my glans was dried out and nothing would help. So I gave in to wearing it openly, after a while, the kids and our friends we hang out naked with got used to me wearing it. Nude hiking has it’s own challenges, I wear one when I can but have to remove it during various times. I have lost a few!

    I hope this help you to understand that the new level of sensitivity is well worth the commitment, let alone the improved joys of sex.

  278. DINO says:

    I am 52 years old and have had decreased sexual stimulation in my penis for some time now. I have tried pills, natural herbs and creams to some extend. My main issue was getting an erection and during intercourse I would become soft within 2 minutes. I

    I started researching this online and found that this was common and many web sites offering different methods of cure. I came across manhood and purchased it. I have to again say WOW.

    After two weeks of constantly wearing it, I experienced from my younger days an erection that lasted longer than two minutes. I was amazed. I even find I get erections more often now with just a touch and I’m ready.

    I’m going to order 4 more and continue using this product. Thank you so much for this genius alternative to foreskin protection.

  279. tyler says:

    Been using for 2 weeks now and already smoother looking skin no more dry skin at all and sensitivity is increasing little by little great product stays on very good all day and night and easy to clean

  280. George says:

    I received a Manhood as gift about a month ago. Although I have long recongized the trauma of circumcision, I was skeptical that an artificial substitute could make up for what was resected. Furthermore, I was hesitant to deal with wearing a hat on my dick all the time. In spite of my misgivings, I began to use the Manhood. After a couple weeks a clear change was noticable in the appearance of my penis. After two weeks it became impossible to wear clothes without the Manhood, since even soft fabric touching my penis is now painful.

    This increase in sensitivity was fully appreciated last night, when I had unprotected sex for the first time since wearing the Manhood. While sex with condoms feels somewhat better after using the Manhood, unprotected sex is a completely new experience. The increase in pleasure is more than I could have possibly hoped for. It was eye-opening. I had to stop mid-coitus to get up and text my friends about how beneficial the Manhood has proven to be. They had made fun of me for wearing the Manhood, but I got the last laugh. They are now seriously considering trying the product for themselves.

    I imagine that I must become a lifelong user of the Manhood, as I can no longer wear clothes without it. I plan to order two more for myself today. I will surely try to enlighten others as to the benefits of your product.

    Circumcision is a crime agianst men. You are truly a brave hero for developing and marketing this wonderful product, which helps us restore our ability for normal sexual function that was robbed from as infants.

    Thank you!

  281. Leigh says:

    I am tightly circumcised and have been using manhood for about two years now, i am 43 and have been circumcised since i was 2 so have had years of rubbing against clothes which meant i had little or virtually no sensitivity left. after using manhood for a few weeks i really noticed the difference in appearance and feeling in my penis and now after two years i have a shiny smooth purple coloured (as it should be) glans and the sensitivity is unreal i only have to stroke myself once and an erection accurs it feels fantastic, my wife loves it to, as it used to take a few minutes to get even a semi but now one touch or the feeling of warm lips over me and im rock hard in a few secounds i can not thank you enough manhood !! i have ordered many and will continue to do so thank you 🙂

  282. Jim says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on my use of the Manhood sleeve.

    I am a senior but one who likes to enjoy time with my other half. I found over the past 10 years or so that I had to put more energy and pressure into having sex and finally I found I could not ejaculate at all, as much as I could get an erection fairly easily. This provided a significant impediment to my relationship. I knew then that I had to do something.

    I have spent a lifetime enjoying the sun in the summer being able to get out and get tanned without tan lines many times. I always enjoyed the sun all over my body. Over time the glans of my penis became more and more desensitized with the glans taking on the sensitivity of my outer skin. My glans developed small striations ( very small longitudinal grooves on the top surface, just like an oldtimer’s weather-beaten face with wrinkles). This phenomena was so gradual that I did not consciously notice any de-sensitizing until last summer. Just thought it was all due to just aging.

    I have been using Manhood for about five months and have noticed my glans getting smoother each month. The striations are almost micro compared to when I started so I am really looking forward to how things may look in another 4-5 months. Will it become as smooth as an uncircumcised penis? I don’t know but I do know that my sensitivity is definitely increasing. That is the best part.

    I will certainly try to remember to provide an update after some more months as I am excited about the gains so far. For now it certainly is working for a senior who let too much sun and general exposure get to his penis over time.

    To those out there who have young boys, leave them uncircumcised. Teach them how to keep themselves clean and let them enjoy their bodies as they were meant to be.

  283. Stephen says:

    I’ve been using the Manhood now for nearly 4 years. I have to share that I strongly recommend using a non fragranted moisturiser at least twice daily on the tip of your penis then place over the manhood. This keeps the skin soft and speeds up the sensitivity process. My sensitivity has returned to the point that it feel uncomfortable to not wear the manhood now while wearing underwear. This is fantastic and my sex life, hard erections have returned within a few months and have been maintained since. Using the Manhood constantly, keeping it clean regularly with a soft wash to remove any smells and I highly recommend a non frangrant creme (i use E45). 3 will last you a good 1-2 years with care, cost is completely worth it.

    Finally also recommend tight underwear as opposed to loose boxers to keep the manhood in place. Its quick to remove also when needed if you know what I mean! Thank you for a great product.

  284. Micheal says:

    After using the Manhood for 2 weeks, my glans has began to soften. Being circumcised, I had a lot of redness, irritation, and general dryness of my glans.

    After using this fine product, and following Randy’s advice to moisturize with olive oil, the glans is now soft, a lot more sensitive (the good kind, mind you), and no redness.

    ManHood changed my life!

    Thank you!

  285. John says:

    Thank you,

    this makes me feel a lot more comfortable now that my penis is covered and it no longer rubs on my clothes. Now it feels warm and protected even during cold weather. I’ve seen my sensitivity increase quite a bit. The tip of my penis is softer and more sensitive now and I feel more wholeful and healthy while I use it. Still, I’m unhappy with the shape its in (due to being circumcised) and wish I could reverse the effects of my circumcision.

    Thanks again.

  286. Jim says:

    I have been using the Restorer Manhoods for about 6 weeks and am now finding some increased sensitivity and shininess to my glans. I am looking forward to even more sensitivity and enjoyment with my partner, which had stopped due to insensitivity. I am a senior and have had a life-time of being circumcised and hardening of the glans.

    Thanks for allowing me to recover part of my younger years.

  287. ALİ says:

    I have just ordered it .I read testimonials.I m looking forward to get my ManHood.I will introduce my ideas later.Thanks

  288. Bradley says:

    Thank you so much for creating ManHood. I never thought I’d get back this much sensitivity.

  289. Grady says:

    This is my fourth time ordering manhoods. They are awesome.

  290. Jp says:

    I’ve been circumcised since the 4th grade because my foreskin was too tight and would not retract. So far, I’ve had the manhood for about 1-2 months. I have recently started feeling a greater sensation from orgasms. I bought the wrong size, but don’t fret. Just get a rubber band and place it over the manhood and it should stay intact for the most part. In all, I would recommend this product to any suffering from a lack of sexual pleasure.

  291. Merrill says:

    Randy – Love it! I will be ordering more so I have extras.

  292. Dean says:

    I received my Manhoods a few days ago and have been wearing them, and I have to say that Manhood surpasses my expectations completely. I did at first find it clumsy to put on, but after a day and some experimenting I found it quite easy! I haven’t gone without it since. I holds my loose skin over the glans well, even when I wake up at night with an erection. It is very comfortable to wear–I forget I have it on, and I have yet to have a problem with it falling off. Thanks for a great product! I will probably be ordering more in the future!

  293. Chris says:

    I live in Scotland and decided to order the Manhood. Firstly the communication between myself and Randy was brilliant. Very quick replies and informative. The delivery was quick especially for coming from Canada. The product is amazing. It sticks to your skin and I swear you do not feel it’s on. After 4 days of wearing it the skin on my gland is starting to change colour and starting to get more sensitive. If you are thinking if getting this product then BUY BUY BUY. They work and will make your sex life much much better. This is a real testimonial from Aberdeen Scotland. Brilliant product and I will be buying more!

  294. Mario T says:

    All through grade school I suffered a terrible discomfort due to my circumcision leaving me without the protective function of the foreskin. This was a constant distraction to me as my clothing pressed against the sensitive glans.

    I also believe that it had a negative effect on my grades and social life as I was always uncomfortable and pulling at my crotch. The discomfort lessened as I got older but did not go away.

    Even at 40 years of age I found regular cotton briefs uncomfortable. It was as if something was missing. It was. Shortly after wearing the Manhood I noticed a marked difference in comfort.

    I wish that I was not circumcised. Thankfully, there is Manhood to reduce the discomfort caused by clothing rubbing on the unprotected glans.

  295. Chris says:

    I have tried several retaining devices, and I recently tried the Manhood. It is by far my most satisfying purchase. The claims on the Manhood website tout what a great product it is, and I have to tell you, it does everything it says. I have been using it for a few weeks, and I am thrilled with this product. I have already seen noticeably more shine/dekeratinization in my glans in just a few weeks surpassing the results of anything else I have previously tried. I am amazed at how well Manhood stays on (make sure you follow the website instructions for measuring before ordering). I have slept with it on most nights, and it doesn’t come off even when I get a nocturnal erection. I am a grower, and get 7″ when fully erect. I woke up with some semi-hard erections several times, and the Manhood not only didn’t come off, it maintained my rollover foreskin coverage — even when erect. I am amazed and very happy with this product. That the synthetic material they use feels so good on my manhood, makes Manhood even better. I tend to be a cynical, but I recommend this product 100 percent, and just ordered two more!

  296. Cliff says:

    Just a note to say they arrived safely this morning. I’ve been wearing it for a few hours now and it feels a bit odd but only in that my glans feels warm all the time which, I suppose, is normal but probably not noticeable if you’re intact as you’d never know any differently. As one of the few Brits who is circumcised, and god knows why, my displeasure at being so different from all the other lads i went to school with will probably never lessen but at the same time the thought that some of the sensitivity I had in my twenties might just return is some comfort. If nothing else everything down there is feeling much more comfortable as I write this. Having been advised by the medical adviser at NORM here that I’m one of the few for whom restoring is not an option this seems to be the best way forward. I’ll let you know how things go.

  297. Austin says:

    I got them today and just wanted to say thank you. You seem like a great guy and I appreciate all of you help. I really like the Manhood Restorer, because it is lighter. I am very happy with both kinds though and will be sure to order again when I need to.

  298. Kesavalu says:

    Thanks for sending the manhood. It is comfortable and I could able to attend my office and drive the car. I have been using for last 10 days or more. I am happy about the product.

  299. Malik says:

    When I first used the product it felt a little tight. I then realized that the one I purchased was a full size too small. This issue was resolved after a bit of stretching and a week of regular use, and everything feel comfortable now.

    I no longer have to worry about my penis head brushing up against the fabric of my boxers, causing dryness and irritation, and I noticed a bit more sensitivity restored on my glands, which makes sex feel better.

    Thanks again for this wonderful product!

  300. Waheed says:

    I received the ManHood Restorers and have been putting them to use for 3 days now. Thanks a lot, they’re great. Very happy with them 🙂 All the best.

  301. Tony says:

    I received the Manhood and wore it for a whole day and night and it works GREAT!!

    Wow, what a wonderful experience to just let things hang the way nature intended it… and without ANY irritation at all. I especially love wearing it when I sleep and waking without having irritation while erect! NICE!!

    Thank you for being so patient in order to find my size. It was all worth it to me!!

  302. Walter says:

    Its been almost 2 weeks since I’ve started wearing the first ones i got in the mail and I’m already starting to see some small results! 😀 I really love this product and I’m glad I got them.

    So again for what its worth in advance thank you for everything you’ve done.

    Thank you for your time as well and please have a great day.

  303. Oliver says:

    I just want to say that I absolutely love your product! I used to have a delayed ejaculation problem but after using ManHood for around 3-4 weeks + a couple days of nofap (check it out on reddit!), it’s made a world of difference in my sex life! Quicker to reach orgasm + longer and more intense orgasms.

    I’m just writing to tell you that you 100% have a customer for life!

  304. Andrés says:

    Randy thanks again. It’s just awesome! Your invention changed (and improved!) my life so much, I guess you don’t even know how many people you actually help! You truly deserve lots of luck!

  305. Matt says:

    I love the new manhoods. After attempting to restore again I’ve realized that manhoods are integral to the process as a retainer and protection when the device isn’t being worn.

  306. Jamie says:

    Amazing thanks so much .. I must say these manhoods are really comfortable. I tried those senslips and it was like trying to jam a watermelon through a pinhole . So uncomfortable and inconvenient.

  307. Aaron says:

    These manhoods have been nothing short of a life saver for me. I was circumcised as an adult, and having never been desensitized, I found the friction simply from walking unbearable. Not for any psychological reason but merely for protection, I tried and hated simulated foreskins, which were difficult and painful to put on. Manhoods have provided a simple and effective way for me to protect myself and maintain my sensitivity and I don’t go a day without wearing one.

  308. Oli T says:

    After using the ManHood classic for a few months, I noticed an immediate increase in my sensitivity (I am circumcised). This product is great, and I will soon be purchasing the restorer, as the classic already helped regaining some skin and I have faith in this product to take it to the next step. A brilliant product which was dispatched and recieved quickly. This needs to be brought over to the UK easier!!

  309. David says:

    I just thought you might like to know that the ManHood stayed in place for a 6km obstacle course race involving a lot of crawling, climbing, mud and deep water. It would have been so uncomfortable with out it. So thanks …

  310. Stu says:

    My ManHoods arrived in the mail today! Thank you so much for the quick turn-around – and for the bonus ManHood! I really appreciate your dedication, and the excellent product!

  311. Tom says:

    I love my manhood, the first night with it on I got erections while falling to sleep. My penis felt so warm and comfortable. I feel more sensitive when I masturbate and after this short time I have increased sensitivity.

  312. JP says:

    Things are progressing well and I am very satisfied with the results so far. Thanks for the amazing product!

  313. Ed says:

    I received your package with many thanks this morning! I’m already noticing a major difference in my life in just the last few hours.

  314. D Miller says:

    I ordered the manhood a few months ago and could not be happier. Its a little akward using the restroom in public but the benefits outweigh this by a long shot. Greatly improved my sensitivity during sex. I didnt realize what I was missing. Thank You.

  315. Cory says:

    I recently purchased manhood and have been wearing it for a week now. I can already feel a difference. Amazing!

    I’m not really looking to commit to years of stretching and all, but if some would help I will try. After looking at the circumcision number scale I am about a 1-2 on top and like a 0 or negative 1 on the bottom, I feel like I’ve been butchered as an infant and I too have some anger issues about it. I don’t blame my parents, just society.

    Any way, great product, I am a life long customer now. I have been looking for something like this for a long time, trying to find underwear that doesn’t irritate me and all that is behind me now. I feel protected and somehow stronger. It’s like penile armor. Awesome!! Thank you for an amazing product.

  316. Jim says:

    The craftsmanship of manhood is great – they’re obviously made with care.

    Cheers for making a great product for us guys who were mutilated at birth without our consent!

  317. Ole says:

    I just placed another order. Thanks very much for making this product available! The results are amazing.

  318. Claudio says:

    I am a special case: I am not circumsized and due a problem of health the doctor has indicated that I should do the circumcision, because the foreskin was sticking on to the glans. Then I have to solve this problem and I bought one device that pull back the foreskin exposing completely the gland making the head be exposed and the foreskin be pulled back. After 3 days of use, I felt problems with the gland that was touching the underwear and causing pain and disconfort. Then I bought the Manhood and was the best thing I did! It refresh the head and the sensation is that is really a foreskin! I loved it!


  319. Mario says:

    I have been using the manhood products for well over a year now. I love the comfort I get from not having my glands rubbing on my underwear all day long. I can’t believe I spent my entire life living in such discomfort with my glands rubbing on my clothing. Thanks.

  320. Lee says:

    I have just received my manhood! It fits great! I’m young, but I do have sensitivity issues down there, and I hope this can fix some problems! Fits snug and nice! Thanks for including the extra manhood, much appreciated.

  321. John says:

    I’ve recently been stocking up on your amazing product, something I will certainly recommend to others in need. I’m ordering another. Very much appreciated.

  322. Jack says:

    I decided to wait a few months before posting a testimonial on this site as I had wanted to see if the Manhoods I ordered worked as described. So here is what I have concluded:

    These little guys do work quite well. My penis is not as dry as it once was and there has been some sensitivity returned. It has gotten to the point that not wearing a Manhood causes some light discomfort when clothes rub against it. The only problem I had was the Manhoods would sometimes fall off. This could potentially lead to an embarrassing situation (sometimes it won’t get caught in your boxer briefs and fall down your pant leg), but so far I have avoided this happening in front of others (it doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen). I recently reordered some with a slightly smaller size to see if that will help minimize this problem. Aside from that, I’m satisfied with the product.

    I will also say that the delivery times for this product have been swift and the packaging discreet. So, for customer service, I give 5 stars.

    Thank you again for the Manhoods! I hope this testimonial will be of use to those looking into this great product.

  323. Robert says:

    What an amazing product! I love the feeling of having my glans covered as I restore my foreskin. I’ve been wanting to order for years. Glad I finally did.

  324. Jason says:

    I just received my order today. This is the first time I’ve ever ordered the Manhoods. I’ve only been wearing it a short time and I barely know it is there. I haven’t started restoring yet but I am glad I ordered the Manhood for restoring. I like the feel of the small amount of extra skin I have being held in place. I’m looking forward to the results with regular wear.

    Thank you

  325. Andy says:

    Randy, FYI, I just placed a second order. The first ones you sent me work great. I have combined them with a your-skin cone, and even after two weeks, the results are incredible. I haven’t had this kind of sensitivity in decades. Yesterday my wife even asked me what happened after we were through, as my thrusting was so much more low key than usual. On top of that, between the cone and the skin cover, there’s really no way for an erection to come to full size. So for night-time erections, my body keeps trying to push through unsuccessfully. So far as I can tell, this is the equivalent of pelvic floor exercise, making my morning erections (once the gear is off) that much stronger. Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

  326. Christian N. says:

    I am 27 years from Germany. It’s comparably seldom people here are getting circumcised but if they do, they do it radically – leaving no foreskin.
    A manhood cannot replace the natural foreskin but it can give back big parts of the sensitivity. I am grateful for Randy and his product! All the more since the new ones came out. These should be reckognized from medical side and remboursed by assurances because they DO are a medical product in my eyes.
    Don’t get weary Randy, keep Your passion and carry on with joy of developping again and again a product that will satisfy the ‘cut’.

    Thanks Randy!
    Next order is coming for sure!

  327. Torsten says:

    Thanx a lot. It is really amazing. Since I started wearing them, it feels so much different. I couldn’t live without them anymore, I feel totally naked if I do not wear them. I have tried to restore my foreskin and unfortunately they cut me so tight when I was a little boy, that I have absolutely no play. Thanks to Manhood, I have already gained lots of sensitivity back and I am glad having found that product.

  328. Aaron says:

    I had a procedure to fix the meatus of my penis. It was very swollen and these have been a life saver to help me walk without pain. Thank you! I’ve ordered two more.

  329. Brad says:

    I just wanted to thank you for inventing such a great product. I am a 38 year old man who hasn’t been able to achieve and maintain an erection for the past two years without help of medication. Coupled with that even with medication I wasn’t able to achieve an orgasm. With the help of your invention, the manhood, I have been able to achieve and maintain an erection along with an orgasm. I can’t begin to even start thanking you enough for helping me with this. I think after years of not wearing underwear the sensitivity of my penis caused the aforementioned issues. So again thank you for such a great invention, words cannot even begin to profess how happy I am! The red manhood with the string is by far the best one yet! Thanks again!!

  330. Marcus says:

    I was a little skeptical about the manhood but I thought I’d give it a try since I’m restoring – or trying. What’s weird, is although it’s a simple idea, it actually works. It does take a little getting used to but once you get it, it’s pretty easy. And it’s amazing how quickly you get used to having your glans covered as it should be. So when I lost mine recently it felt really weird to be exposed again – so I’m ordering another!

  331. Shymron says:

    I have been using these for a while now, amazing the difference they make!

  332. Etienne says:

    I love the manhood, very confortable, and very useful everyday! I feel better with it and it helps me a lot.

  333. Dave says:

    A proud Canadian product! I have been very pleased with my hoods in the last month or so. What I was mainly looking for in your product is a buffer from my boxers and pants. Walking around with a semi and always in a state of arousal is not only uncomfortable but annoying. With the hoods, I gain much more pleasure from being touched intimately because of the lack of friction throughout the day and night. Like others, I have noticed a lightening of the skin and more sensation, as I am circumcised. Sex is definitely more enjoyable.

    My pointers for the care of the hoods would be to use castile soap as it is natural, most of the time organic, and contains only essential oils so it doesn’t leave a film or changes the characteristics of the hoods fabric. I just put some soap into a bowl with 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and let sit an hour or so and dry. It even smells good too! I also recommend for cleaning the penis and area as well for these properties, you won’t be disappointed.

    And lastly, I’ve read mention about keeping the glans moint while in the hood. For this I find coconut oil far superior to the olive oil stated here. It’s not really oily, absorbs better than olive oil, tastes better for him/her, and is also an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral to boot!

    I would also state that for measuring your penis for the order to make sure your measuring your base at the size it is mostly in. i.e Not semi-erect or exposed to colder temperatures.

    Great product

  334. Darryl says:

    I’ve been very pleased with my ManHoods and wear them all of the time. Thank u for ur great work.

    I really feel like I’m being taken care of in this process

    I’m going to begin the process of restoration and while I can read about it, I find it helpful to speak with people who have personal experience in this area.

    I’ll keep you posted as I begin wearing my ManHood and will order more.

  335. Uzair says:

    Thank you for educating the men of the world about restoring foreskin. I am from a culture (Pakistan) where circumcision is de facto due to religious beliefs. As a scientist I know that reality and facts don’t support these beliefs, yet the very nature of this violent religion means it is impossible to speak out. It breaks my heart that my friends and family are performing circumcisions on their newborn sons, a crime in my eyes now that I am more educated. Brings to mind what Christopher Hitchens wrote about religion 🙂

  336. Joshua says:

    I can’t thank you enough for this product, It’s second nature to wear these and feels weird not to. I went to see my urologist and he claimed I was in good shape down there but that maybe a slight nerve issue was the cause for the unwanted sensitivity. I showed him a Manhood and he called it “genius”. Thanks again good sir!

  337. Wyatt says:

    I am a very pleased Manhood user, having worn my first order for about three years.

    I noticed an improved in sensitivity after about the first two months of use. Initially, it felt kind of odd wearing them, but that quickly wore off and putting one on in the morning became routine. Now I’m uncomfortable when I don’t have the Manhood on.

    Best wishes and thanks for a great product.

  338. Yannick says:

    Mon cher Randy,

    First of all, I wish you a very good year, I hope that your business keeps going.

    I put Manhood on and it’s really a good product, thank you.

    I am fed up with this circumcision situation. And I am still young, so what will it be when I am older? There hasn’t been a day in 15 years that I didn’t think about my circumcision, about this mistake, many times each day.

    At the night, when my wife sleeps, I am on the web forums and I read what people think, agree or not, I read girls’ and women’s opinions. In general, I never liked the opinion of those who agree with circumcision. I never believed the hygienic and immunizing virtues of circumcision. I never met a man dying of penis cancer or one who got HIV because he was not circumcised.

    I think Jewish and Muslim lobbyists have old virtues, and carry on this stuff. I think intact men are much more happy. They believe much more in themselves, more confidant, have more pleasure and feel more sexy.

    Women feel this sexual attraction and in return are more attracted. A close friend once said we are handicapped persons. Circumcised men often are odd with women, they seem to have less feelings of love. Even American porn movies are more aggressive than French ones.

    When I read women’s opinions about circumcision, they only say “I think it’s more beautiful, cleaner”. But they never talk about penetration sensations, pleasure in opposite, some talk about no mobility of penis circumcised, friction problems, and men whose have problems to enjoy.

    For me, the glans seems abrasive, dry, without mobility. The vaginal walls seem so delicate. I put it in my brain that women feel less with circumcised guys during intercourse and they are hurt.

  339. Pete M. says:

    Hi, just wanted to say that I have found Manhoods to be a complete revelation. I can’t begin to explain the difference they have made to me and my sex life. I am currently restoring and I simply couldn’t imagine being without a Manhood any more. Thanks again for such a great product!

  340. Vinyasi says:

    I slept continuously through the night for six hours and woke up refreshed and at peace. I think your description of a bare-skinned glans agitating the mind is correct. The penis was not designed for constant stimulation. Thank you for assisting me to know what effortless peace is. The breathability and elasticity and size of the golden restorer fits well.

  341. Jason says:

    So I’ve been using the ManHood every day since Christmas, I really love it! I’ve already noticed my glans are more moist and slightly more sensitive! It’s great to have a non invasive device to use between “tugging”, and I love how I can restore while I sleep!

    I like the grip of the ManHood restorer (black knight), my foreskin stays taut and I like the soft feeling of the ManHood original (black beauty).

    Just thought I’d drop a note to tell you how my experience is and that I’m really satisfied with your product!


  342. Aaron says:

    I’m sitting in my office an have 0 pain….amazing!! I new it would help. I have injury the nerve to the meatus/urethra is very painful if rubbed against clothes. This is actually will change my life till this thing heals. Thanks you soooooo….much!

  343. Joshua says:

    I just received my second order and I highly appreciate the awesome bonus tan coloured manhood you added to the package. It’s pretty remarkable. Thanks again Sir! Your customer service is unparalleled.

  344. Joshua says:

    ManHood is incredible! I can actually wear jeans during my healing process. I can’t thank you enough, reordering immediately! Not having to worry about clothing irritation restricting the healing process is liberating and now I can focus on life while knowing I’m protected.

  345. Mike says:

    ManHood has become a part of my daily routine and I cannot imagine being without it. When I do need a new one, the irritation I feel while waiting for the new one tells me how much my sensitivity has increased. I can’t believe I put up with that irritation every day before discovering ManHood. I can see the results visibly as well. Thank you for making ManHood for guys like us.

  346. Richard says:

    Amazing – years of discomfort with underwear stopped immediately. Looking forward to a new sensitive penis which will actually give me an orgasm. Thanks

  347. Malc says:

    Just tried Manhood for the first time. The new Black Night is great and stays in place whatever I’m doing and the soft silver is ideal for night times.
    Already feeling the benefit !!

  348. Robert says:

    Being circumcised as a baby, I had lost much more than I had realized. In the 2 weeks of 24/7 use, I have noticed an increase in sensitivity. Additionally, the texture and the color of my penile skin has improved tremendously. I have a experienced a small glimmer of what the future holds as I continue towards my goal of restoration and continued use of the ManHood as a retainer. Although I have only been using the ManHood for only about 2 weeks, I am so impressed that I am placing an order for an additional 5 ManHoods. The only word that truly describes the ManHood is “WOW!” As to the customer service, the same word applies.


  349. Jeffrey says:

    I ordered two of your products nearly a month ago now, you added into it a third black restoring hood.

    I am extremely happy with the product, I have noticed increased sensitivity, a lack of irritation, and I feel as if I am in control of that area of my life again.

    I am very happy with the black restoring piece and the black original manhood. Thank you very much.

  350. Michael says:

    I received my order a few days ago. I received 2 original and one restorer. I have used both and enjoy the feeling that it gives me and I like the way it fits, it stays on with no problem and is comfortable all night.

  351. Anonymous says:

    The Manhood and the man behind it are both great. Excellent product, excellent customer service- seriously one of the best items on the market. I would recommend this to everyone out there!

  352. Aaron says:

    I noticed a really big increase in sensitivity during the first month and it has sustained. I’m not sure if there are other factors, but it may be responsible for increasing my sex drive in a big way.

  353. Gene says:

    I received my Manhoods yesterday and already, after just 24 hours, I can tell you that I’m gonna love them! Thanks for such prompt service!

  354. Russell says:

    Thanks for a great product. I seriously thing it is a great concept to take care of what is suppose to be an “internal organ.”

    Just as with all other mammals their penis is concealed. Who ever took the info from the books of the bible to justify circumcision just needed am excuse to implement a medical practice and has been continued as a money maker and I just found out medical research. It is explained best that circumcision of the flesh is not in the sexual sense but of the fleshly being. We should not have a reason to hide and to expose our true faith as Christians.

    Ok enough with the explanation. I got my hoods a couple days ago and have worn them continuous except to shower and can tell the difference already in the softness of the skin especially around the rim. I think this is a great start.

    You mention on the site that they will add extra warmth and it does. Along with the extra warmth I found that it adds extra girth to my flaccid size some thing you might consider mentioning before ordering for those that are boarder line on the sizes it would probably be safe to go up in size.

    Good luck in the future and thanks again for a great product.

  355. Simon says:

    Manhood’s a great product, definitely helps the sensitivity increase. My last order lasted two or three years. Thank you!

  356. Jason says:

    Thanks for my most recent order! I lost one of my two in the ocean the other day, I think more likely from shrinkage than the hood actually slipping. The chafing I had for the rest of the day until I could clean off and put the extra one on really made me appreciate all the wear and tear I was protecting myself from.

    It’s been just a month and half, and the results already are wonderful. The sensitivity during sex is great, and my partner is also so excited that she can please me orally without the usual difficulty. Even just in daily use, it grants a certain security, and is actually more comfortable than being nude.

    Thanks also for being handmade by our friends in Canada!

  357. Steve says:

    Thanks so much! I am just in my fourth month of restoring-I think the manhood absolutely helps keep my developing foreskin forward. It is very comfortable and I also am starting to get a “shine” for the first time. I am looking forward to increased sensitivity. Finally, my partner is Canadian so I am partial to all things Canadian. What a great country!

  358. Sebastian says:

    I’ve ordered Manhood about 4 months ago and i really have to say, it’s one of the best decisions of my life.

    I was cut because of the medical reasons, not because of religion or something like that and i was really glad when i came upon this great and reliable product.

    My first order was ordinary Manhood and it worked wonders! After two weeks the sensitivity has gone up and it feels amazing, almost the same as before i had the procedure and I’m confident that it will improve back to that level. Also, all by itself, it slowly started a restoration process with the help of it and nothing else, just by wearing it, so now i’m ordering a Manhood restorer and i bet it will be even better!

    Thank you Randy and others working on this product, you make lives better for a lot of people!

  359. Garth says:

    My Manhood came yesterday and Im so excited I have not even had it for 24 hours and I already love it. The fit is perfect and it stayed on all night through several erections. I ordered Manhood for two reasons. I was a meth and ecstasy user for 6 years, I used them to enhance masturbation for days on end. Im 100% sober and healthy now, but my penis never really recovered. I lost almost all sensation so Im excited to see what manhood can do. Also I am lucky to have enough foreskin to pull over my head, and half over over when I am hard. Manhood holds it completely over when Im soft. Thank you again. I will be ordering more in the future, been telling friends about your product too.

  360. Eric says:

    I just received my order and I LOVE ManHood! Thanks again for your product! It has significantly increased the sensitivity in the area.

  361. Tom says:

    First off I’d like to say thank you for the amazing Manhood product. I have found it to be absolutely vital to my restoring journey and I would be lost without it, I will definitely be ordering more in the future!

    Thanks again for a fantastic product and amazing customer service.

    Your happy customer from the UK,


  362. Daniel says:

    Most ideal product in the market for those who are tightly circumcised. After tugging I tend to feel quite sore and sensitive; with the Manhood I am constantly protected from the abrasive environment.

  363. Aaron says:

    So it has been about a week and I’m starting to notice some increased sensitivity. Last night I felt a little increased sensitivity during sex (with a condom). Very encouraging! I will be sleeping with one from now on and spreading the word to some close friends this week. Thanks!

  364. James says:

    I have to say that having used Manhood for so many years now, there is no way that I could go back to being bare. It is just too uncomfortable without it. So I hope that you will continue to make them for many years to come!

  365. Nyal says:

    Want to tell you how much I have been enjoying the ManHood. It feels very comfortable and it holds my free skin about one third of the way over my glans. I wash one by hand and let it air dry, while wearing the other. The black color stands out nicely against my white skin.

  366. Daniel M says:

    oh my god. i have a stupid smile i can’t get rid off. the moment i got the manhood out of the package, i saw how amazingly soft the silk is. i put it on, and god it’s so perfect and genius. i just feel so relaxed. i do have this fear of the manhood falling off but I think it’s just in my head. I’ll see how it goes, I’ll use it to get everything relaxed down there and then I’ll try to restore. damn that’s just insanely good, cheers

  367. JK says:

    Have been wearing the Manhood for about 8 days or so, the difference in sensation is great. I was wearing cotton underwear for awhile today, after about 2 hours, had to go back to the Manhood. So I know that this product works!

  368. Jay K says:

    I just received my ManHood today and put it on. (I was circumcised in 1960 when it was routine to do it, and without a care in the world for how tight it would be.) With the ManHood Already I can feel the difference. It is remarkable and I look forward to the changes this will bring to intimacy with my wife.

    After 2+ years of on again/off again foreskin restoring, some of which involved some painful maneuvering, I am glad that I don’t have to go through that, again, right now. At some point, I may regroup and try again, but, for now, the ManHood is the way to go.

    Thanks for a great product.

  369. H man says:

    Cheers very much, I live in the UK and it came quite fast around a week after ordering, i’ve been wearing mine for about 5 months now and it’s working a treat. My glans used to be cracked with a kind of hard dry skin and it looked shriveled up and was not sensitive to touch but after around 2 months they were smooths and shiny, i personal put a little bit of vaseline on my glans as well as wearing the manhood. My orgasms are 10 fold better than they used to be.

    Thanks so much

  370. Alex says:

    I’m loving the new Manhoods. I don’t know how I’d get on without wearing them now.

    I especially like the ‘Black Beauty’ and my partner thinks it is cool, like I’m wearing a ‘stealth’ hood 🙂

  371. Doug says:

    Thank you so much again, you are a life changer

  372. MJ says:

    Ok well it’s been a few days now wearing the ManHood about 20 hours per day and already the glans is more sensitive.


  373. Eugene says:

    I am 38; I was circumcised when I was 15 and I am now restoring my foreskin. I was skeptical about Manhood at first but decided to order two just to try. After just one week of using it, I was not aware of the improvement until one day I forgot to put it on when I went to work. I felt very uncomfortable throughout the whole day even though I was wearing the softest underwear. My glans have become so sensitive that when the head came in contact with my underwear, the discomfort was unbearable. Also, I thought Manhood would certainly slip off while sleeping but this has not happened at all. Having an erection is not a problem at all because Manhood is stretchable.

    Now that my head is covered 24/7 with Manhood, I got back all the sensitivity I have lost from being circumcised and exposed for so many years. Trust me, there is a BIG difference. That’s why I placed a second order. I want to carry a spare Manhood in my briefcase just in case I forget to wear it again. And I will be wearing this for the rest of my life. With this product, I don’t need to pull and tug at my foreskin to restore it.

    Also, I can wear all kinds of underwear again instead of limiting myself to just underwear made from micro modal fabric (the softest fabric in the market).

    Thanks for your invention!

  374. MJ says:

    I found the customer service efficient and the ManHood as described.

    I have only been wearing it now for 4 hours and already I have noticed my glans is more sensitive and softer to the touch.

    I just finished a gym workout with it on and forgot I was wearing it as it is so very comfortable.

    Well done.

  375. Thomas says:

    It’s crazy but wearing the ManHood makes me feel secure and it makes me realize that all the years of various sorts of minor and major discomforts are because of the loss of my foreskin. I just thought it was a part of the territory, but I see that it’s not. After a week of wearing my ManHood, I had the best sex I’ve had in years. Striking return of sensitivity. I’m 67 and just figured that my penis had worn out with age. All in all pretty amazing.

  376. Scott says:

    Cut, early 20s, basically zero feeling in my glans.
    I ordered 2 manhoods about a week ago, and even in that short time of wearing them I have noticed enhanced feeling and sensitivity of my glans. It’s amazing! I’ve only had them a short time, yet I feel so bare and naked if I don’t have one on.
    Manhood has given me comfort, FEELING, and CONFIDENCE!

    Thank you!
    I’ll definitely be reordering.

  377. Elliot says:

    I can’t go anywhere or do anything without something coving my penis now; I feel naked without it. I will say I’m also using a product called SenSlip. Both products have their good and bad points. I have a very active job and I find the ManHood slips off too easily, so I typically wear the SenSlip there, or when I go to the gym. In most other situations I stick with the ManHood. The SenSlip is designed to allow you to urinate with it on, but it never works and you just end up filling it with pee and have to pull it off and wash it anyway. It’s much easier to pull the ManHood off, pee, and put it back on. I’ve gotten so quick with it I don’t even bother using the stalls in public bathrooms anymore unless there isn’t a divider between the urinals.

    I use extra virgin olive oil, organic shea butter, or coconut oil (depending on the day and how I feel) and you cannot use any oil-based products with the SenSlip (latex), so there’s another plus for the ManHood.

    It hasn’t been that long, so I’ve not gotten the results I would like from either product… yet, but I’m being patient; I have regained some sensitivity, but not a ton. Direct streams of water in the shower to the glans are uncomfortable, and water feels warmer in general. But while sexual activity feels better, there is still a severe lack of sensation in the glans. I have also noticed that because of (I’m assuming) the retained heat my penis stays longer and larger a majority of the time. I don’t know if this will ever effect my erections but I’ll keep an eye on it.

    As far as complaints about the ManHood, it slips off too easily. The placement of the velcro could be improved but this might be a custom order request and not necessarily a product flaw? Another idea, which would obviously affect the price, is to add a hypoallergenic rubber-like material at the base to help keep it from sliding off. However I wouldn’t want you to use something that would degrade from oil-based lubricants. Since I started using them it’s gotten considerably softer, and I read numerous reports of how shea butter helps accelerate the dekeratinization of the skin.

    I would also suggest offering fewer colors (just black and gold?) and instead look at offering two different lengths. Then offer a “sample pack” of four: example being a size 4, one regular, one long, and a size 4.5, one regular, one long. Like you said, the damn thing has a mind of it’s own, so a variety like that would be beneficial. I’m probably going to order a few more in the regular size, just because sometimes the long one is like wearing a sock, and other times the short one just fits over the glans like a little stocking cap. I would also recommend telling customers to order a half-size or full-size larger to sleep with (why I ordered the 4.5’s) because like it says on your website, when you get an erection it wakes you up… which is quite often. The larger size provides a little extra room and I sleep much better with it.

  378. Ed says:

    I just received my Man Hood and I’ve been wearing it for just about 30 minutes and it already feels different. I know I haven’t regained any sensitivity yet, but I was never aware of just how much contact my penis came in with my underwear, whether boxers or briefs, until just now. It is so protected, it’s almost as if my penis is missing because I’m not feeling anything! It’s a strange but exciting feeling! Clearly, the product works and will protect my nerves. I can tell this just after a few minutes of wearing!

  379. Chris says:

    I am restoring my foreskin. At the beginning of my restoration, I didn’t have much slack skin to work with. I wanted to start protecting my glans and inner skin 24/7, but did not have enough slack skin to be able to be covered at night: nocturnal erections would either pop off any device I was wearing, or worse, cause pinching and constriction.

    The ManHood has solved these problems, allowing me to be covered 24/7. Due to it being made of soft fabric, any nocturnal erections only create a small amount of tightness at the base of my penis. This has further been alleviated with the new stretch ManHoods.

    I’ve progressed in my restoration, and am now able to easily fold my new foreskin over my glans. However, the skin does not stay over my glans; it retracts frequently. The ManHood has also been a tremendous help by holding my foreskin in place at night, or when I’m not restoring. This is especially useful when I am recovering from a small skin tear due to over-stretching (most other devices that would hold the foreskin in place would not give the skin the adequate rest it needs to recover).

    I use the ManHood whenever I am not stretching my skin. It consistently holds my foreskin in place, and I have not had any issues with it falling off or causing discomfort. I highly recommend it to anyone restoring their foreskin.

  380. Peter B says:

    A note to say thank you for including a link to the CAT II Q restoration device on your Manhood website. I bought a CAT just over three years ago and have now reached the point with my restoration that I no longer need to wear Manhoods (sorry about the fact that I will not be ordering any more). I will continue restoring for a while longer, since I would like more overhang when flaccid to give more partial glans coverage when erect. It shouldn’t take too long.

    I highly recommend that all circumcised men undertake a restoration. The difference is amazing. The CAT is easy to use after a little practice, and it works. If someone with as tight a circumcision as I had can do it, then anyone can. Manhoods are ideal for coverage before and during the process.

  381. Michael says:

    Just got mine yesterday! Will report back in a month or so!

  382. James says:

    thank you i love your product (i ordered a pair just about a month ago or so), and look fwd to receiving these new ones

  383. imran says:

    Hi randy. I received the ManHood penis protector today and I have never been so excited. This is a really great product and great solution to my sex life. Thanks.

  384. Felix says:

    My manhoods arrived at the weekend and I want to thank you so much! Lately, I was really having a hard time since I’m trying to restore but progress is slow of course and lots of negative thoughts running through my head. But now having a nice selection of fresh manhoods somehow gives me an extra kick of motivation to keep going, going, going…
    Thank you again and keep up your great work!
    Best regards from Munich/Germany

  385. Aaron says:

    I received my first 2 manhoods today! 😀 The shipping was suprisingly fast. I’ve been wearing it for about 7 hours now and already I can notice my glands getting smoother and shinier, with a bit more sensitivity already! :’) I’m kinda young so it took me a while to save up money for the manhood, and I’m already glad that I bought it 😀 Thanks Randy! 🙂

  386. John says:

    I have been using Manhood for about a month now, and the results so far have been fantastic. When I don’t have it on my penis feels naked and it is incredibly uncomfortable. I don’t know how I managed 7 years being circumcised without it! I dab some olive oil on the glans a few times throughout the day to keep it nice and moist when I have my Manhood on. I now have a nice healthy Penis gland with increased sensitivity.

    I have some small problems with it slowly slipping off during the day, but I wrap some kitchen roll around the base for some extra friction and grip to stop the smooth silk material slipping off.


  387. Jason says:

    Thank you so much for providing a fantastic product like this (you are helping thousands and potentials millions of men worldwide)

  388. Jeremy says:

    Thanks, Randy. I’m enjoying the comfort of ManHood. It’s especially noticeable when I don’t have it on.

  389. Harold says:

    I just made my umpteenth reorder. I’ve probably been using ManHood for over 10 years. I was cut very tightly. The year I spent on restoring efforts was pretty much uncomfortable and wasted. My experience with them matches up to most of the other testimonials. Here’s another for you:
    Before I regained this sensitivity, sex was a marathon WWF match for my partner. Oral sex on me and slow comfortable loving did not get me to orgasm. A lot times I’d wind up finishing up by myself. You can imagine the effect of that on a relationship. Now I’ve got control and response and a whole lot more options in the sack.
    Randy, you are a genius! Keep up the no-circ fight!
    BTW – nice new site you have here. I’m glad your business is coming up in the world.

  390. Rich says:

    I put my ManHood on, and my anxiety level dropped. The pain lessened. This is a godsend. Please don’t ever stop making ManHood’s.

  391. Scott says:

    I have been wearing the Manhood for about two months now and I definitely notice a difference in sensitivity. Oral sex in particular is getting back to the point where my legs want to twitch.
    It took a few weeks to get comfortable with applying it quickly and I had to discover that, with the stretchy fabric, you can get it quite snug without discomfort and thus it doesn’t slip off.
    I clean my manhood in the shower with a bit of soap. After rinsing I squeeze it out, wrap it in a towel and step on the towel. This gets out most of the moisture. I then put it on and it is dry within a few hours.
    I will definitely be re ordering.

  392. anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for a great product, this has made me much more comfortable in my own clothing! Great customer service and speedy shipping!

  393. Rebik says:

    Hey Randy! Got my new supply a few days ago and they are GREAT! They combine all my favorite parts of previous versions. Stretchy, good material, and extra comfortable. You’re a pro, and always an extra great guy.

    Thanks again my friend.

  394. Alex says:


    I am in the process of restoring my foreskin. I have been restoring during the day and wearing a ManHood at night, for several months.
    The ManHood is very comfortable and using it alone will maintain considerable skin coverage. I use emu oil as an emolient under the ManHood which has worked well. The ManHood stretches to accommodate nocturnal erections and has never come off.

    I plan to use my ManHood at least until I have restored enough skin to have full erect coverage at night. I will probably continue to use the ManHood even then to keep the skin from retracting.

    Thanks for a great product.

  395. Lou M / Celtictugr says:

    Randy, I would like to offer a testimonial to your fine product The ManHood. I am a restoring man who has been on this journey for the past six months. Using first the TLC-X and then adding the DTR, I have found that the best product for retaining skin over my gland is my ManHood. I have ordered two sizes, one order the exact size I measured and the second order one size smaller. I have Never had any problem with my ManHood falling off no matter which size I am wearing. I am a man who enjoys going commando 98% of the time and my ManHood allows me to keep going commando while on my journey of restoration keeping my gland covered with my new skin coverage. You offer a great product for men like me on this journey of restoring foreskin. Keep up the good work and thank you for offering this product to us restorers. I was in Winnipeg over this past Canada Day and my ManHood was with me every day. Winnipeg is a beautiful city and the people are great.

  396. Anonymous says:

    I received my order for 4 ManHoods within two weeks and have been wearing them continuously for about a month. The initial results are quite pleasing as I have noticed an improved sensitivity of all the area covered by the ManHood.

    They are very comfortable to wear and I don’t even notice I have one on when I’m wearing it. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand the thought of going without one now as the resulting sensation of motion/friction against the glans is quite irritating. It’s hard to believe how much I like the feel, of being covered. I am hoping that further wear will result in greater gains in sensitivity. At the very least, I know that it will keep the level of sensitivity where it is.

  397. Mike says:

    I received my first ManHood yesterday, and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

    For years and years I have been annoyed by underwear and sports gear chafing the glans of my penis. I am a native of Winnipeg, and I remember reading about your product back in 95 or 96 in a local publication.

    Over the years I have tried all kinds of things, like the little toe protectors women wear to prevent toenails from tearing through nylons, and silk pouches etc etc.

    The ManHood feels amazing, and I went through the whole day smiling since my dick was not being irritated. You have a regular customer for life.

    Once again, thank you, thank you. Such a small thing has made such an incredible difference for me.

  398. Philip J G says:

    Dear Randy

    I received the 3 new manhoods. Thanks.

    They are fantastic. A great fit. So comfortable, nice to look at, and for the first time in years I have been able to have a really comfy night’s sleep.

    I’ll be buying some more soon.

  399. Chance says:

    I love the gold and silver Manhoods. I have yet for one to fall off and like you said they comfortably accommodate erections. Further, they seem to be improving the skin of the glans. Let me know how I can order more.

  400. Anonymous says:

    Hey Randy! Thought I’d check in and send you a big ol’ THANK YOU for the hoods! I got ’em on Saturday and WOW are they great!! The new stretchy ones are fantastic. I sure hope you’ve patented your new design cuz it’s a true winner. In fact, I’m at work right now wearing one of the new stretchies (playboy bunny actually). The stretchies have become my new “all day every day” favorite. They actually stay on better and feel more secure and are sooooo comfortable. I seriously start to freak out if I ever find myself without a hood on. It’s like I’m hooked on the junk! (haha – THAT was a play on words).

    Well say, thanks again (SO MUCH). I can’t tell you what you’ve given me back as a man, but then again, you probably already know. If I don’t talk to you before, have a great, safe, happy holiday.

  401. Kerell Johnson says:

    I just received my manhood today. It’s been about 6 hours and I love the feeling of the soft fabric on my glans. GREAT invention. I can already tell I’ll have fantastic results.

  402. Rebik says:

    Thanks a ton for letting me try out the new nightime hood. I woke up with a full erection and the hood stretched right along with me. SO GREAT! I’ve been wanting this for years. Now I can stay covered and protected all the time. You’re a GENIUS! Thank you so much. Oh, and I love the new site BTW. Great job! Let me know how much it’ll be to get a few more “stretchies” and I’ll send you some money. Thanks again!!

  403. Chris says:

    I just wore it for the first time last night (I’m restoring, so I only wear them at night or when I’m taking a break) and it stayed on all night! I really like the new one because with the regular mediums, I had to kind of compromise between a tightness setting that would accommodate erections and one that wouldn’t fall off when I’m flaccid, so it was never perfect. I have yet to be awake while having an erection with the ManHood on, but I think the elastic in it could be a little looser so it stretched more. Again, this is just my gut feeling; I haven’t tested it out as you probably have. But overall,great improvement! Are you going to start making all ManHoods like this? I hope so! Thanks again!

  404. Rebik says:

    Thanks so much, Randy… My only regret is that I didn’t discover you sooner. You’ve really made a positive impact on my life through your creations.

    I’ve been wearing a ManHood every day now for the past few years, and it feels so natural now it’s like second nature. In fact, I truly feel like something is wrong if I don’t have it on. Well, I guess there IS something wrong — my foreskin is gone.

    But thanks to you, I have regained a huge amount of confidence, sensitivity, and comfort. Thanks again.

  405. Sten says:

    I’m getting some great sleep, now that I’m finding the groove with my ManHood! How did you figure this out? I’d like to order a couple more.

  406. James says:

    I just received my order of new manhoods and found the peach colored manhood designed to be worn at night. Thank you for that unexpected bonus. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I wore it last night and it felt great! I have used manhood for a number of years now and recognize their value to maintain a healthy, responsive penis. Thanks again for developing this innovative garment for men.

  407. Anonymous says:

    I have found that wearing the ManHood does increase the sensitivity of my penis head and I am ordering more. Now when I don’t wear it, the friction is noticeable even with comfortable underwear. I love your product and am using it more and more.


  408. Jim says:

    the product works great. i lost mine for a little while and i was disappointed. i am a big time walker and i was getting abrated when i walk, but now with manhood that does not happen. when someone is circumcised they are in a constant state of arousal, but with manhood that does not occur.


  409. Joe says:

    After having one of your Manhood products for quite a long while and seeing how I could tell a positive difference in only about two weeks, I was horrified to find that I have finally lost the one that I’ve had forever.

    I’ve been using the Manhood for many months now and it’s almost as though the cells on and near the glands are “programmed” to remain a certain way as long as they are not harshly disturbed over and over. After using your product for a few weeks not only the glands, but quite a bit of area beneath that on the shaft have taken on a very soft and shiny look…as those of individuals who have not been cut. It’s worked so well and has helped ease my distress over being circumcised. Thank you!

    Anyway, I just wanted to write to order a new one and also to thank you. As I said, I don’t have the discipline to fully dedicate myself to any of the restoration processes I’ve seen/read of…only to end up with some extra skin, which I would indeed welcome, that does not truly function fully as a foreskin would. But, I have found no other product that is so easy to use that produces such results.

  410. Anonymous says:

    The effect has been amazing – so much more sensitivity after only about 4 weeks of use. Before, I almost never came through intercourse, only through masturbation, but now I am able to have intercourse with ejaculation daily.

    I think this will be able to be increased to twice a day soon! Not bad for an old guy at 57, eh? Maybe there is a psychological effect in using ManHood as well as a physical effect but either way I am soooo pleased.

  411. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to let ya know I received my order today and I’m still loving the manhood, it continues to make a huge difference in all aspects of things down there (really Doctors/Urologists should be made aware of this product). I ordered 4 this last time cuz I hate on the odd occasion losing one and not having a replacement – please don’t ever stop making this product!!

  412. Bruce says:

    I received the “ManHoods” a couple of weeks ago. Excellent product – very well made. I actually can retain using them and if my penis doesn’t behave in this regard the soft material is much more comfortable that other fabrics. Definitely much more comfortable then using O rings or skin cones. I am restoring – someone on a restoration website I belong to recommended your product and provided the website link. I’m sure it will help when I am retaining.

  413. Marvin says:

    Aloha Randy,

    Thank you so very much for the product. I appreciate also you including a larger one for when I sleep. I have to admit, I didn’t realize just how effective the ManHood was until one day when I was wearing it, it slipped off, and I found myself trying to find a place where I could re-apply it because my clothing was just rubbing against my glans penis.

    I use mine 24/7 (well, except when I shower, and I am seriously considering leaving it on then too, taking it off only to wash). At first, I would go to the stalls whenever I urinated so that I could reattach the ManHood, but as I got used to it, I find that I can reattach it at the urinal itself without drawing undue attention to myself (and hey, if they ask, then I could tell them about this product, eh?)

    I have noticed a big difference in my glans penis since using your product. It is shinier and smoother. As noted above, it is also much more sensitive to the irritation of my clothes. Funny how I didn’t realize just how much I got used to the constant low level irritation until I didn’t have to deal with it anymore.

    Once again, thank you very much for ManHood. It is a great product!!!

  414. James says:

    Thank you, Randy!

    I cannot thank you enough for your ingenious invention and the stand you take against needless circumcision. I was so tightly circumcised that there is virtually no chance of foreskin restoration short of a risky and expensive procedure (out of the question). But your hood is fabulous!

    God bless you, and happy holidays!

  415. Sean says:

    I can’t be the first guy to say this, but:

    You two guy’s products, the Your-Skin cone, and the ManHood, are two great things that go amazingly well together.

    The ManHood completely stops the problem of the Your-Skin cone coming off so very often– and I think it also works the other way too. My ManHood didn’t use to come off very often; but I think it /never/ does when I wear it over the Your-Skin cone. Even when I have erections in my sleep, and even when I forget to put on (or have misplaced) the elastic bit on the ManHood, the combination still only quite rarely comes off.

    Somewhere around December, I started wearing these two together, and got in the habit so that I take it totally for granted; and the change in sensitivity of the glans, and the remnant foreskin area, is amazing. Everything you say about the glans getting shinier and more sensitive, it’s completely and unmistakably true– and I started getting noticeable results just within the second week of wearing the combination.

    Seriously, your products are sheer joy, on their own and together.

  416. J says:

    I figured I should contribute to your comments page while I was at it. It may give some insight to things a lot of us take for granted.

    I am 29 years old and have been feeling my sensitivity decrease in at least the last 5 years. An easy test to know if indeed sensitivity has decreased is this: lubricate a finger and rub it on your glans. Is the sensation pleasing or do you hardly feel it? When I was 15 I remember doing this and having quite a good sensation from it. Now, I hardly feel it anymore. That’s when I realised something was definitely wrong.

    I am a track athlete and now that I wear the hoods I realise how much rubbing, chaffing and irritation resulted from my tights rubbing onto my penis. Which makes me think: what about all the cyclists, runners and rowers out there…. to say the least!!! I won’t look at the distance runners in the same way again! There is a lot of unnecessary “erosion” out there and I am quite happy I have put a stop to mine relatively early. With my running tights on you cannot see that I am wearing a manhood. I cannot yet say what the long term effects of wearing a manhood are as I have only had it on for 2 weeks, however in the last two weeks I have noticed an increase in sensitivity on the glans and especially right under it. Wearing underwear without one is beginning to feel slightly irritating.

  417. Peter B. says:

    I received the ManHoods on Tuesday, just before receiving your email, and decided to try the new gold stretchable ManHood first. I’ve been wearing it since then, apart from a laundry break! It’s super, day or night! It is comfortable, stays in place because of the pleasant grip, allows for expansion, and holds my restoration work in place even better than the original ManHood. I hope that this new model will become a regular featured line. Thank you.

  418. Anonymous says:

    I know its just been a week but I had to let you know what a big difference I’ve noticed already in terms of sensation. I wasn’t expecting to get results so quickly but I suspect that’s the result of my unique situation (ie. botched circumcision, somewhat sensitive but still damaged areas, etc). Anyways you can expect a reorder once I’m done with these here.

    Thanks again man, your product has really helped me out.

  419. Stuart says:

    I’ve been using my ManHood garment for a few weeks now, and it is incredible. A few decades of having my glans rub against clothing and abrasive jockstraps has really taken its toll.

    I was fortunate to have been only loosely circumcised as an infant, so I‘ve been able to tuck the glans back inside my foreskin remnants. My glans feels much softer and moist after having been protected by the garment. I guess that it can only get better.

  420. Neil says:

    Randy, That is great! Looking forward to trying the new one out! I absolutely cannot go uncovered anymore. The longer I wear a manhood, the less I find I can go without it. Anyway, the ManHood gives me peace of mind.

    Love your product!

  421. Chris says:

    Hi Randy,

    I just wore ManHood for the first time last night (I’m restoring, so I only wear them at night or when I’m taking a break) and it stayed on all night! I really like the new ones as I have yet to be awaken while having an erection with the ManHood on. Overall, great improvement!

    Thanks again!

  422. William says:

    I love my ManHood Restorer. Way better than the “your-skin cone” and much much much easier to use than the latex replacement foreskin on the market.

  423. Brad H. says:

    I am circumcised so tightly when I have sex my skin tears. I have an inch long gash on the meeting of the outer and inner skin where i am circumcised, from one such event. It seems the circumcision line is a weak point is tears and stretches.

    Needless to say this entire area is painful when touched, especially when walking. So these are saving me from extreme pain throughout the day.

    Thanks for the hoods, they are a life saver. I ordered 3 more just a minute ago.

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