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    R&C Associates
    Box 203 RPO Corydon Ave.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Canada R3M 3S7

    ManHood® was established on May 1, 1995 by R&C Associates

    randy tymkinManHood® is an undergarment acting as a foreskin substitute. In activity, the penile glans is continually being scratched and as we age the penile glans surface dries and thickens. It is this process that decreases sensitivity, making sex less pleasurable and orgasm harder to achieve. ManHood was first developed by Randy Tymkin of R&C Associates to help stop the de-sensitizing effect of circumcision. We do this by providing an artificial natural environment resulting in sensitivity changes because your nerve endings are closer to the surface. By using ManHood®, your penile glans will change from dry and chafed, to one that is shiny soft.

    We understand that circumcision is a sensitive issue, but one that needs to be discussed. Whenever humans alter nature there are consequences, and the consequence of circumcision is a de-sensitized sex organ and shortened sex life. If we removed our eyelid, which at first thought serves little purpose, our eye ball would slowly dry, thicken, and die. As your eye is an internal organ, so is your penile glans. Both eyelid and foreskin serve similar functions as they protect the internal organ from an environment for which they were never intended. With your purchase of ManHood is our guarantee you will receive a quality product that will maintain its soft texture throughout its lifetime. We promise never to forward any personal information, at any time, in any way, shape, or form.