Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about wearing ManHood, as well as general inquiries about foreskin restoration and circumcision. If you can’t find your answer here, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

pre-order questions

The “Original” fabric is soft and smooth and made to sit on top of your naked penile glans all the time. Many prefer the original for sleeping as the soft fabric has a soft pillow effect when preparing your penis for rest.

The “Restorer” version is more skin-like and will to cling to the glans on the penis a little better than the Original. The restoring customer’s goal is for the restoring ManHood to eventually hold the different stages of loose foreskin on top of the glans while protecting any uncovered portions; years before they are finished restoring.

However, both ManHoods will work in the same manner in that the Original will hold the skin on the glans and the Restorer ManHood will protect the naked penile glans. It is more a preference that sets them apart. I have customers who use only use the Restorer and others who swear by the Original; and still others like myself, who prefer using both. This takes practice so don’t throw it on and expect miracles.

That’s a great question and a common concern. ManHood does have a little bit of stretch to it and the velcro strip allows some flexibility. We often recommend getting one of each size to determine which feels most comfortable. Please choose “other” during checkout and leave a note in the comments box explaining your exact size. We can even provide custom-sizing. Since each and every one is hand-made, we have the ability to create any size you need. Just let us know and we’ll take care of you!

Tightly Circumcised
little to no shaft skin remaining.

Loosely Circumcised
some loose shaft skin that although difficult allows one to still masturbate if he chose without lotion.

Restoring Foreskin
actively or in the process of lengthening the shaft skin in hopes of one day restoring your natural protection.

Almost Restored
have regained enough shaft skin to cover half to full coverage of the glans.

Intact with a Short Foreskin
the intact foreskin is often not long enough to keep the penile glans from peeking out and causing discomfort.

Yes. Consider the glans penis is at its highest sensitivity level during the intense nocturnal erection (Viagra x2) and is irritated touching bedding or clothing. This irritated glans will cause one to wake to change position and relieve the irritation. If the nocturnal erection does not wake you, then your glans has already formed a surface to protect it from being irritated. Wearing the ManHood at bed time will allow you to sleep comfortably knowing you will not be irritated while sleeping.

When you initially receive Manhood there are a few more occurrences than usual of daytime erections. This is due to the anticipation of covering your penis with something smooth and silky. Few of these erections are intense enough to dislodge your ManHood and as the blood leaves your penis, the ManHood stays intact.

However, there are occasions where you will need to wear your stretching ManHood that is included with your order. This would be at times you are expecting erections such as on a date, or when sleeping to accommodate the intense nocturnal erection.

If you have an existing short foreskin, or you are in the process of restoring a foreskin, this ManHood will actually hold the short foreskin on the glans through nocturnal erections, and you will wake up covered and well rested. Without this protection a sensitive naked glans wakes you to change position because the sheets or clothing irritated your penis.

I swim, play baseball and hockey, volleyball, tennis, walk and jog, and many other fun activities. I do it all wearing a ManHood. Many people I play with know I sell ManHood, but no one is sure I am wearing it.

If you can succeed in covering your penis with ManHood for approximately a month, your penis will tell you when the ManHood is no longer in the proper position as the penis is instantly irritated from your undergarment; just as those men who are uncircumcised grab their crutch in discomfort as their penis sometimes moves from its protection, the foreskin.

I try to wear a brief or boxer that fit your thigh tightly when in public. I am very active. I play many sports and I can’t remember the last time I lost one of mine. Receiving your ManHood is like a kid tying his shoes for the first time. At first he does not tie them exactly right and they will become untied. With your ManHood you need to learn to fasten it quickly and properly so that it becomes part of your daily routine. I do it without thinking about it.

A cloth ribbon attached to the ManHood can be draped over the elastic of an undergarment and anchor a dislodged ManHood from falling.

There is nothing on our package that would lead anyone to its contents.

ManHood orders arrive within 4-10 working days to most destinations. If you would like tracking, the shipping charge is 3 times our shipping charge, and may arrive a day or two faster. Email me shortly after placing the order and I can send an invoice for the extra charges.

The ManHood can last over a year if you are in a restoring program using the ManHood intermittently with a stretching device. However, a new ManHood is always enjoyable to put on.

For tightly circumcised and using the ManHood 24/7, it can last for several months. Consider even at 60 days, on reorder, a new ManHood would have cost 16 cents a day. At three months, the ManHood is 9 cents a day and much cheaper if an extra is included on a re-order of 5 ManHoods. For appearance, some like to replace this ManHood with a new one, others wear it longer because the inside layer is protected by the outside layer, and not damaged. This used ManHood can be saved and used again if needed for emergencies. Actually, the ManHood’s outer layer will show the damage the naked glans used to endure before it was protected by the ManHood.

Because ManHood is a lingerie product, we will allow you to have it in your hand for viewing. If your purchase is not what you thought, please return the package for a refund of purchase price. However, once the bag has been opened and the ManHoods touched, they are no longer able to be re-sold. We do this for your comfort, as well as the next customer that they are receiving a first hand ManHood. So the guarantee is only valid if the bag containing the ManHood has not been opened. Please email me if there is a sizing issue. Remember, initial fitting can be difficult due to excitement and your penis needs to be at its smallest size when fitting the ManHood. If need be, the ManHood can be manually stretched larger if tight on delivery.

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usage, cleaning, and moisturizing

ManHood is easily cleaned. While it is durable enough to withstand a washing machine, it is recommended that you hand wash it to minimize wear and tear on it. Gently hand washing it daily will help maximize the durability and softness of it. You can let it air dry or use a blow dryer on it. If you buy two Manhoods, you can alternate them so you’ll always have a fresh, clean ManHood ready for you.

Some of the 2 way stretch restoring ManHoods will lose their outer surface. The 4 way stretch ManHoods and Original will not. The glitter will be on some specialty ManHoods like our Christmas ManHood, and will eventually stop shedding the glitter. Actually these 2 way restoring ManHoods and those with glitter, improve with age as they become more skin like without the outer surface. Some prefer them new with the coloring or glitter intact, as it clings to the skin a little better. These customers will reorder using our discount code more often than others. This coloring or glitter on some specialty ManHoods is the same as used in clothing and is harmless. For those concerned about it entering the urethra, the human body has designed itself so substances cannot flow uphill into the urethra. It does this by urinating often, or with an antibacterial drip that constantly flows down the penis. These two substances create smegma. Our 4 way stretch ManHoods are the tiger skin, the electric, the crocs, sterling silver and the xx.

Many customers report feeling a difference within 30 days of wearing ManHood consistently. But as far as specific numbers, it’s difficult to say since every man’s body is different. Some say they can feel a difference within a couple of days, others take up to six weeks. The most important thing is consistency. You have to let the new skin replace the old and that can take a while. If you are stressed out, it will take longer than usual as stress kills even an intact man’s sensitivity.

Yes, Manhood will improve the look in dryness and texture to your penis shaft and glans if worn properly. Which means you have to wear it and follow the instructions included. It is not as easy as it sounds because it takes a while getting used to wearing ManHood. But in time it becomes a habit and the results just happen.

It is like going to the gym. If you only occasionally go, you will not get the results you hoped for but if you change your lifestyle and exercise daily, it would not be long before you started noticing the results.

The shaft skin will also become more sensitive. Think of when you have broken a leg or arm and had it set with a plaster cast. Now if you had the cast removed after a couple weeks there wouldn’t be much improvement. But if you wore the cast for a couple months the protected skin would be much more sensitive when the cast was removed. This is the same principle behind the ManHood. Of course the results will depend on the damage already done. Similar to the shape you are in before you start exercising.

A recent testimonial: I had a super tight circumcision and a very callused wrinkle head. I have been wearing Manhood for a year 1/2 now and I’m happy to say the callused wrinkled head has diminished greatly. I can feel sex so much more than I ever have had before. I’ve heard it said, having great sensitivity in your penis is like the difference between listening to an a.m. radio station and stereo. So true!

An elastic ribbon is attached to the ManHood so it can be draped over the waist band of your undergarment to help prevent loss if it slips off. You would want to use this attachment when wearing boxers or during athletic activity. If it gets in the way, it can be removed with scissors. Just be careful not to cut the stitches on the Velcro. If the cloth ribbon begins to unravel it can be heated up carefully with a lighter and the frayed end melted back together.

Your ManHood will remain working as the two layers are meant to rub together, the inner remaining silently on your penile glans as the other absorbs the friction. Be careful not to over moisturize; you do not want the lubricant to soak through both layers, sticking them together. I personally don’t toy with anything rough. I use olive oil to moisturize. I put some in a bottle and mix it with water and spray it on after a shower. Light olive oil has less of a scent. Or you can just dab in on your nob “as is” straight from the bottle. Everybody finds what works best for him.

Absolutely. Many customers report this. It’s a new feeling and the erections will lessen as your penis gets accustomed to feeling comfortable. You will also feel more relaxed so the ManHood less likely to slip because there is more to hold on to.

ManHood is measured by circumference (girth), therefore the length of your penis isn’t as important for proper fit. The main factor is making sure your glans is fully covered and there’s also some coverage of your shaft (but your entire shaft doesn’t have to be covered). If you feel the space of exposed skin at the base is significant, you might want to place a special custom order to request a ManHood that is designed specifically for your measurements. Also, keep in mind that you may be sporting a partial erection if your penis is adjusting to the silkiness of the fabric. For most penis sizes, the ManHood will completely cover your penis when it’s flaccid. Give your body some time to adjust.

This occasionally happens when the ManHood is fastened without enclosing as much of the bottom of the penis as possible or if the wrong undergarment is worn. If you lose a ManHood in this manner again, try not to be embarrassed.

Come up with a good excuse like, you’re too sensitive to wear underwear, or you just got a tattoo/piercing and the ManHood protects your penis from being irritated while it heals. Being embarrassed is stressful, so pick it up, shake it off and be proud and thankful you did not lose it.

One day you will find that it never happens or at least rarely in my experience. Until wearing the ManHood becomes routine, wear snug-fitting underwear or use the cloth ribbon wisely. If you need extra safety, the ribbon can be pinned in a safe place (away from your penis) by the elastic of your undergarment.

Be careful not to use a pin that is easily opened. Not all the ManHoods have this ribbon because with the proper undergarment, working around the house or sleeping, you do not need it. With an average sized penis, without a pin or ribbon, this has been my experience wearing ManHood. All the best, and for God’s sake, try and educate anyone you know that is pregnant with a baby. Circumcision is torture, so do what you can to prevent the helpless infant and be thankful for what you have. It is a crazy world, solve your problems and don’t care what the next guy is thinking. I say this because the quality of our life will be determined on how well we solve our problems and not worrying about what the next guy thinks. We will all be educated on this subject one day and you will be ahead of the curve.

This is likely caused by the ManHood not being fastened or attached properly. The Velcro tabs were attached crooked so when you bend over or sit down the edges of the Velcro contact the skin and irritate it. You will need to re-adjust the ManHood first chance you get. This can happen when you fasten the ManHood too fast, or while not watching. You can try and trim the Velcro corners to make this less likely to occur, but if the tabs are directly on top of each other, this will not be a problem.

foreskin restoration

Manhood will assist you in restoring your foreskin by providing a safe comfortable place when you need a break from stretching the foreskin. When you are stretching, there are times when you have plans for sexual activity, hurt yourself with small tears to the skin, or just plain tired of it all. ManHood will keep you protected until you feel like continuing… or not… I tried the stretching for two months and now only use ManHood because it helps keep my glans sensitive without a foreskin. The choice is yours, and the ManHood can be utilized in multiple ways to help. If you are partially restored, you may be able to roll what skin you have over the glans and the ManHood will comfortably hold it in place without the use of tape. This has been reported in some cases.

If you decide to restore your foreskin, you will find your ManHood very helpful if you have plans for sexual activity or need a break from stretching. Especially for sporting events.

It will depend on the length of your existing foreskin for results time. I recommend the CAT II Q Stretcher.

You are never too old to restore your foreskin! Just keep in mind that the older you are, the more sensitivity you may have lost, so it may take longer to regain it. But no, you are never too old and re-growth will not be uncomfortable. As the foreskin lengthens, it become desirable because you will no longer need lotion to masturbate. This in turn keeps your hands off your glans which in itself causes de-sensitization.

foreskin myths

FACT: Today, masturbation is viewed as a healthy part of sexuality. In fact, it’s the only sexual activity that is “safe”.

FACT: Cleanliness and proper hygiene should be routine – not circumcision. Daily cleaning is all it takes to keep your foreskin clean and daily cleaning should be encouraged for many reasons. With regard to babies, the rate of infection is actually higher with circumcised infants during the diaper stages when the healing glans is exposed to feces and urine.

FACT: Circumcision has become a destructive cycle in our culture. One that needs to be broken. Removal of a functioning part of a child’s body violates human rights, goes against medical ethics, and ultimately damages men. Regarding religion… if God gave males a foreskin, isn’t it contradictory to cut it off?