Foreskin Restoration

ManHood® Benefits with Foreskin Restoration

"I have tried several retaining devices, and I recently tried the Manhood. It is by far my most satisfying purchase. The claims on the Manhood website tout what a great product it is, and I have to tell you, it does everything it says. I have been using it for a few weeks, and I am thrilled with this product. I have already seen noticeably more shine/dekeratinization in my glans in just a few weeks surpassing the results of anything else I have previously tried. I am amazed at how well Manhood stays on (make sure you follow the website instructions for measuring before ordering). I have slept with it on most nights, and it doesn't come off even when I get a nocturnal erection. I am a grower, and get 7" when fully erect. I woke up with some semi-hard erections several times, and the Manhood not only didn't come off, it maintained my rollover foreskin coverage -- even when erect. I am amazed and very happy with this product. That the synthetic material they use feels so good on my manhood, makes Manhood even better. I tend to be a cynical, but I recommend this product 100 percent, and just ordered two more!" — Chris (ManHood Customer)

Congratulations on your decision to begin the foreskin restoration process. Eventually you’re going to have enough skin to keep your penis completely covered.

But in the mean time, wouldn’t you like to know how it feels to recapture some of the lost penis sensitivity? You probably already know that it may take years to have enough skin coverage to keep the head of your penis covered. It would be pleasurable to at least get a sneak preview of how sensitive your glans will be. With ManHood®, you can!

Each ManHood® is carefully hand-made without inside seams to ensure it stays smoothly against your glans. It has two layers of silky soft 100% polyester material that rub together, absorbing friction that would normally irritate your glans. Place your index finger inside the ManHood® and your thumb on the outside, then rub together and you will feel how it works.

Start wearing ManHood® daily, and within about a month, you’re going to notice that the head of your penis is softer, shinier, and has more sensitivity. This means your sex life will improve, the intensity of your orgasms will be evident, and your glans will finally begin to “feel” the way it was supposed to.

Why wait until your foreskin is restored to enjoy the benefits of a more sensitive penis? The pleasure can be yours now. And once you have enough skin, ManHood® can also help hold it in place over the head. Not only does it help you restore sensitivity, but it can also help you keep the skin pulled forward. It’s multi-purpose!

PRO-TIP: Roll your skin as far as it will go over your glans and then put ManHood® on. The fabric will hold the skin in place for all day retaining. The photo above demonstrates fabric that has been opened to show how the skin stays in place. The actual ManHood® product is not open on the sides—the photo above is for demonstration purposes only.

How to wear ManHood

Wrap ManHood® around your penis and fasten the velcro securely at the base. Using ManHood® will enhance and prolong the life of your sensitive penile glans by protecting it from friction. Hand wash it daily to keep it fresh. We also recommend dabbing the tip of your penis with toilet paper after urinating to ensure maximum cleanliness and good hygiene.

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Will Manhood slip off?

If the velcro strip is properly fastened around the base of your penis, it takes a great deal of movement to make ManHood® slip off. However, since it is an undergarment and isn’t attached to the skin, it is possible for it to dislodge. This is true with all retainers. As long as it’s properly fastened, and you’ve ordered the correct size, you should be fine on a day to day basis.

Here are some tips to maximize the comfort of wearing ManHood®:

how to measureMake sure you have accurately measured your penis before ordering. You should measure when flaccid, around the base of the penis (the area where your pubic hair usually ends, not including the testicles), and measure it in a circle. The sizing is based on the girth of your penis, not the length.

Wear briefs or boxer briefs because they usually hug the body more than traditional boxers. The fabric will hold your penis against your body, which will minimize the amount of movement against Manhood®. The less movement, the less likely it will slip off. Also, if it does slip off, it will mostly likely get caught inside the brief, which will prevent you from losing it.

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