ManHood was designed to comfort the penile glans and has proven to do so in a variety of ways. Each ManHood is carefully handmade without inside seams to ensure it stays smoothly against your penis. The ManHood has two layers of soft fabric that rub together absorbing the friction the naked penile glans would normally endure. Washing instructions are at the bottom of each category.

Click on your penis type for instructions:

Tightly Circumcised
little to no shaft skin remaining.

Loosely Circumcised
some loose shaft skin that although difficult allows one to still masturbate if he chose without lotion.

Restoring Foreskin
actively or in the process of lengthening the shaft skin in hopes of one day restoring your natural protection.

Almost Restored
have regained enough shaft skin to cover half to full coverage of the glans.

Intact with a Short Foreskin
the intact foreskin is often not long enough to keep the penile glans from peeking out and causing discomfort.

Drip Dry ManHood
catches urine dribble and stops the embarrassing wet spot.