Instructions : Drip Dry

Dear Valued Customer,

If your drip is minor one ManHood will last you the day. If the urine trapped in the ManHood becomes more constant, the other drip dry ManHood can be carried in your wallet to replace the wet one. Keep the plastic bag included to store the wet ManHood before it is returned to your wallet.

Please be patient with ManHood until you have grown accustomed to fastening ManHood as the initial excitement of putting your penis in the ManHood results in blood flow to your penis as you are fastening(making it larger than usual). With the ManHood on and the penis put back in the pants, this blood flow leaves the penis and may result in a loose ManHood. This excitement will become routine and slippage less likely to occur the longer you follow through with ManHood.

The ManHood can be manually stretched larger if too tight on delivery but be careful not to overstretch. Pull in all directions with little force if a small stretch is needed to a stronger pull if a larger size is needed. The ManHood will stretch and thin out better as it warms up.

We had a cloth or elastic ribbon attached to the ManHood that can be draped over the elastic of your undergarment to help prevent loss in cases of extreme shrinkage. You would want to use this attachment when wearing boxers or during athletic activity and at home you would not need it, which is why you might want to own ManHoods with a ribbon and some without. Or if you are average or longer in length and the cloth ribbon or label are in the way they can be removed with scissors but not too short as to cut the stiches on the Velcro. If the cloth ribbon begins to unravel it can be heated up carefully with a lighter and the frayed end melted together.

The ManHood may stretch out over time but this happens with most clothing. The fact the ManHood stretches and gets larger, will keep you from feeling constricted when an erection occurs. If the ManHood is too tight while an erection is occurring, the ManHood should be loosened so to be not as tight when the erection occurs (some of the Velcro has been shortened or different in size to make the size more adjustable) or consider ordering a larger size for sleeping on reorder.

Since ManHood’s are hand crafted not all the ManHood’s are exact in size as the Velcro placement or cut may be slightly different. This will mean you may prefer one or the other for sleeping and need experiment to find which ManHood will accommodate the nocturnal erection best. This can be adjusted by not fastening ManHood as snug as you do in the day, try a different color or you may need a larger size on reorder.

Washing Instructions

The Drip Dry ManHood can be washed in a variety of ways but one way is to machine wash and dry them in a trouser pocket and they will also be easily found. Then to finish let them air dry.  ManHood’s outer layer can also be sprayed with your favourite scent if desired and released each time you use the washroom.

While you are learning to wear ManHood


1) Snug it on but not too tight as too tight may cause a pinching of the skin when you sit down.

2) To keep ManHood from slipping please ensure the bottom of the penis is entirely inside the ManHood before securing. You can lift the penis and pull the bottom of the ManHood up closer to the base after fastening.

3) Until you become accustomed to wearing ManHood please wear boxers that fit tightly to your thighs, or wear standard briefs to ensure you never lose a ManHood.

4) Before fastening ensure the Velcro is not grabbing the fabric as this flap of fabric keeps the Velcro away from the skin.

5) Stretch the ManHood larger if the hard Velcro tab touches the skin when fastened.

6) Wear the proper undergarment that will not only help hold a ManHood in place but catch a dislodged ManHood.

7) Sleep in loose clothing or nude to keep your ManHood from being pulled off by tight clothing when the nocturnal erection deflates.

8) If your pubic hair are in the way they should be trimmed. This is also the quickest way to make your penis appear larger.

9) Moisturizing is optional so be careful how much you use because when some lotions dry they become sticky and this will cause the restoring ManHood and your skin to stick together. And whatever you use, dilute with water as this helps the moisturizer be absorbed through the skin.

10) A penis will retract to different degrees when ignored. If this is the case pull your penis out from the base to make it longer before fastening ManHood.

11) The ManHood may initially feel constricting on the nocturnal erection until the ManHood learns the stretch to accommodate it. Try manually stretching the ManHood larger if the erection needs a larger fitting girth.  Again careful not to overstretch and stop fitting the flaccid penis.

I’ve set up a specific coupon code for future reorders, “hood5promo.” When you order 6 ManHoods, you get 50% off the order, which brings it down to $9.99 each. This coupon cannot be used or combined with other coupons, so you can’t use it on top of the hood25 promo. Please email me at this address if you need help ordering.

And finally, ManHood has survived all these years because of our testimonials. People learn more from stories than being told what to think.

We never share your personal information, just the message.  If not I understand. This is personal.

Thank you, RT  For questions please check before emailing for answers.