Instructions : Loosely Circumcised

Dear Valued Customer,

Being loosely circumcised use these ManHood’s as a removable foreskin and you will find your sensitivity and smoothness return. Use them as a tool box and find which ManHood works best in different situations. This process is not unlike when hands become damaged working without protection and later restoring the sensitivity by continuing to protect your hands by wearing gloves. Time will depend on the damage incurred however your glans penis will eventually look better, feel better and live longer if you continue to protect it.

You will be surprised at the sensitivity that returns wearing only the ManHood, and for many this inspires them to think about taking the next step, foreskin restoration. Being that you had a friendly doctor who did not cut all the shaft skin off, be advised it would not take you long to have the ManHood hold the short shaft skin on top of the glans for you in many times under a year. And if you decide to restore the ManHood will greatly simplify the restoring process for you by giving you a safe place to keep your sensitive penile glans when taking a break from stretching the foreskin or you have plans for sexual activity. ManHood will also hold the partially restored skin on top of your glans years before you are finished restoring and continue to protect any uncovered portions.

manhood loosely circumcisedIn the photo you can also see how the skin is held on the penile glans (24/7) and how the uncovered portions of the penile glans has healed from wearing  only the ManHood. FYI The photo is of a 47 year old circumcised male who stretched his skin for a little over one year to this result.

Your ManHood may seem small when it first arrives because there is some excitement dressing your penis however the size of your penis when out of sight is the size we want to fit. As your penis gets used to being dressed this excitement will decrease and your penis easier to fit. This is important to remember; the ManHood can be manually stretched larger if too tight on delivery but be careful not to overstretch. Pull in all directions with little force if a small stretch is needed to a stronger pull if a larger size is needed. Initially there may be a little discomfort to the size changes in your penis but the ManHood will stretch out as it warms up to form and fit your penis more comfortably as it ages.

If your ManHood has a cloth or elastic ribbon attached, this attachment can be draped over the elastic of your undergarment to help prevent loss in cases of extreme shrinkage. You would want to use this attachment when wearing boxers or during athletic activity and at home you would not need it, which is why you might want to own a ManHood with a ribbon and some without. Or if you are average or longer in length and the cloth ribbon or label are in the way they can be removed with scissors but not too short as to cut the stiches on the Velcro. If the cloth ribbon begins to unravel it can be heated up carefully with a lighter and the frayed end melted together.

Both the original and restoring ManHood will work in the same manner by protecting the penile glans from irritation while minimizing odor. It is simply a preference for different situations in your life that set them apart. Like one for activity and the other for leisure or sleeping. Like a foreskin, the ManHoods two layers insulates the penile glans natural heat maintaining a normal body temperature. This provides warmth and moisture many times more than when your penis is left naked rubbing against your clothing.  Actually you will feel the warmth the ManHood foreskin provides your glans when it is in your hand while urinating, something any underwear will not do.

Put the original ManHood in your pocket and rub it in your fingers throughout the day and feel how baby bottom smooth ManHood is and how the two layers rub together protecting your penis from the irritation it now endures. The outside layer of this stretch ManHood will begin to show the wear your penis used to endure; however the inside of ManHood will remain soft and smooth as it is protected by the outside layer.

The restoring ManHood’s soft and smooth inner layer will grip your skin helping hold it silently on your glans. The restoring ManHood’s outer layer will absorb the friction in your groin and leave the inner layer to lay quietly on your glans. The outer color will eventually wash away on the restoring ManHood leaving you with a soft skin like fabric that actually gets better as it feels more like skin as it ages.

You will smell the smegma that is produced under the ManHood if you go a few days without washing the ManHood. Smegma has a sweet smell if you have a good diet. Understanding smegma is a combination of naturally occurring antibiotic urethra secretions, dead skin cells and urine driblets that create a lubricant when trapped under the foreskin/ManHood. This lubricant allows the foreskin to slide smoothly over the penile glans in movement or masturbation. Intact men at times will produce a cheese like substance but this is more from lack of cleaning under the foreskin for longer periods of time and will also contain sperm, giving it the bitter taste and cheesy look when combined with the other secretions. The original ManHood will have a similar smell but less so because of its absorbent qualities.

As we age the prostate weakens causing urine dribble, the original ManHood will absorb the occasional urine dribble saving you from that embarrassing wet spot on the trousers. Or, try our Drip Dry ManHood that will absorb even more dribble than the original. But again, both the Drip Dry and the original ManHood will solve this problem and you will be thankful you are wearing it. Please educate your friends.

The ManHood may stretch out over time but this happens with most stretchable fabrics. The fact the ManHood stretches and gets larger will keep you from feeling constricted when an erection occurs. However, most ManHoods do not stretch out too large as many customers ManHood’s have lasted many months. This is exceptional of a product with everyday use.  If the ManHood is too tight while an erection is occurring, the ManHood should be loosened so to be not as tight when the erection occurs or consider ordering a larger size for sleeping on reorder. Since ManHood’s are hand crafted not all the ManHood’s are exact in size as the Velcro placement or cut may be slightly different. This will mean you may prefer one or the other for sleeping and need experiment to find which ManHood will accommodate the often-intense nocturnal erection best. This can be adjusted by not fastening ManHood as snug as you do in the day or try a different ManHood.

Consider the glans penis is at its highest sensitivity level during the intense nocturnal erection (Viagra times 2) and is irritated touching bedding or clothing. This irritated glans will cause one to wake to change position and relieve the irritation. If the nocturnal erection does not cause you to move to relieve the irritation, then your glans has already formed a surface to protect it from being irritated. As your penile glans becomes more sensitive the ManHood will help you will sleep peacefully. The same way the penile glans will eventually look like the inside of our hand if we use them for masturbating to often. The more damaged the hand the more damaged the glans as the glans forms even a thicker surface to keep from being irritated.

Remember, the penile glans is an internal organ and what would happen to our eye if we removed the eyelid because blinking was a waste of time, and then without protection, kept poking our finger in it. Well, sooner or later our eye would look like our finger tip. and if you are single there are many soft inexpensive masturbation devices available today. is very fair. If you have a partner, try and refrain from masturbating and become more romantic as you get more sensitive wearing a ManHood. If possible, think about restoring your foreskin as the ManHood will eventually hold the newly stretched skin on the glans, from a quarter coverage to eventually full coverage, 24/7. Faster than most realize and years before the skin will stay there on its own.

Wear and Care Instructions

manhood1) Snug it on but not too tight as too tight may cause a pinching of the skin when you sit down.

2) To keep ManHood from slipping please ensure the bottom of the penis is entirely inside the ManHood before securing. You can lift the penis and pull the bottom of the ManHood up closer to the base after fastening.

3) Until you become accustomed to wearing ManHood please wear boxers that fit tightly to your thighs, or wear standard briefs to ensure you never lose a ManHood. If you are an avid boxer user be sure to use the safety ribbon.

4) Before fastening ensure the Velcro is not grabbing the fabric as this flap of fabric keeps the Velcro away from the skin.

5) Stretch the ManHood larger if the hard Velcro tab touches the skin when fastened.

6) Wear the proper undergarment that will not only help hold a ManHood in place but catch a dislodged ManHood.

7) Sleep in loose clothing or nude to keep your ManHood from being pulled off by tight clothing when the nocturnal erection deflates.

8) If your pubic hair are in the way they should be trimmed. This is also the quickest way to make your penis appear larger.

9) Moisturizing is optional so be careful how much you use because when some lotions dry they become sticky and this will cause the restoring ManHood and your skin to stick together. And whatever you use, dilute with water as this helps the moisturizer be absorbed through the skin.

10) A penis will retract to different degrees when ignored. If this is the case pull your penis out from the base to make it longer before fastening ManHood.

11) The ManHood may initially feel constricting on the nocturnal erection until the ManHood learns the stretch to accommodate it. Try manually stretching the ManHood larger if the erection needs a larger fitting girth.  Again careful not to overstretch and stop fitting the flaccid penis.

Other ways to protect your sensitivity

Ultraviolet Rays: We place particular importance on protection from ultraviolet rays as they damage and eventually kill nerve endings. Sunscreen will protect skin from sunburn but will not protect skin from thickening. In tanning booths, ManHood will protect without tan lines and provide further protection to porous swim wear when tanning outside.

Masturbation: Frequency, duration and grip all play a part in determining the extent of desensitization. In actuality, after a while of the hand rubbing up and down and over the penis, the penile glans will eventually resemble the look and texture of that hand. So better to keep your hands off the penile glans by using your existing foreskin during masturbation. If you do not have enough foreskin, keep in mind that there are many documented cases where men have stretched their foreskin to this desired length. If you are tightly circumcised use one of the many masturbating devices that are available today.

Lubricating: If you wish to lubricate the penile glans, we recommend using a light layer of extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive is natural, inexpensive and does not carry a scent. Mix 50/50 with water in a bottle. Shake the mixture up and use lightly on the glans after a shower. The water will help the oil be absorbed through the skin. I also use this mixture as after shave and it keeps my cuticles and nails healthy as I massage the mixture into the hair as conditioner.

    “From the ancient time onwards, olive extracts have been used as a perfect natural skin moisturizer and rejuvenator. In fact, most of the natural skin lotions and creams have olive oil as a major ingredient in them. Olive oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients extremely good for the skin; they include Vitamin E & A, fatty acids, and minerals. This oil helps the skin in wrinkle removal, softening and smoothening, complexion lightening and moisturizing. It is easy to ward off dry skin issues and scales formation on the skin with the daily application of olive oil over affected areas.”*
    *Source: Authority Health

Heat Sources: When in a bath avoid really hot water as it will dry your skin and damage nerve endings. Be gentle with face cloths or loofahs, as they can be quite abrasive. Take the same care when drying with towels. Don’t scrub dry, but allow your glans to drip dry or pat dry with a soft tissue. If you like to hang your towel around your waist, first put on your ManHood and protect your penile glans from rubbing against the towel. Shower at will as water cools by the time it reaches the mid-section.

Cold Sources: The cold causes our skin to dry and chafe. If you live in colder climate, as we do, it is important to provide your naked glans with protection. ManHood will provide extra warmth by insulating your glans natural heat.

Changing any behavior takes time; like urinating and simply putting your naked penis away. So, there may be times when you initially get frustrated fastening a ManHood but before long it becomes routine. FYI, many uncircumcised men often must pull their foreskin back off the glans before urinating or the urine sprays everywhere. So don’t be alarmed when ManHood occasionally slips off or ManHood was not fastened properly causing an irritation, they will stop as you get used to fastening ManHood properly.

Be aware in some cases the circumcised penis will retract more than an inch when it is tucked away in your pants leaving nothing left for ManHood to grasp. In fact, an unprotected penis retracts because it is cold or being irritated by clothing and searches for its natural protection, the foreskin. Tragically it never finds it. However, with continued use of ManHood your penis will recover and eventually retract far less because wearing ManHood keeps your naked penile glans warm and free from irritation so he can relax.

So please, this takes a little patience as getting used to changing anything in your life requires commitment. And that requires some time. But I assure you the texture and sensitivity of your glans will improve significantly and hopefully inspire you to start a restoration program where ManHood, in far less time than one would suspect, be of greater benefit by protecting you 24/7.

Please understand besides your order I am required to make many other different sizes and colors, so the price is very reasonable making a delicate fourteen step ManHood. Please consider on reorder the only way we can reduce the price is by ordering more than one, making five less than ten US dollars each. In fact, the ManHood will work out to costing you only pennies a day. I’ve set up a specific this coupon code for reordering customers,hood5promo. When using the hood5promo code any 5 – 20 ManHoods can be ordered and the total will be reduced 50%. This promo code hood5promo cannot be doubled with another promo code or the order will not go through. So if you order 7 ManHoods (of any kind) the total amount of the order will still be reduced 50 percent using the one promo code hood5promo.

Washing Instructions; ManHood’s outer layer can also be sprayed with your favourite scent if desired and released each time you use the washroom. The restoring ManHood can often be gently cleaned using a slightly damp face cloth and air dried without soaking the ManHood. Or gently wipe with a natural sanitation wipe.  Otherwise; The  restoring ManHood should be hand washed in warm water and  hang dried completely before wearing. Extras are important. The original ManHood does not lose color and can be washed in a variety of ways, but one way is to machine wash them in a trouser pocket and they will also be easily found. If you wash the restoring ManHood in this manner, please be sure the color has faded away as to not stain other clothing.  They both do not need be washed as often as you might think. Like an intact man it is more important to keep your penis clean. If you find the odd restoring ManHood with excess coloring (as some colors or parts of the roll seem more saturated than others) please wash it with colors in the washing machine. To avoid having this coloring transferred to your skin some of the restoring ManHoods should not be worn wet or damp until they have been washed a few times and the color faded. If you choose, wash before wearing.

1) Remove for sexual encounters, urinating or masturbation.
2) ManHoods are non-transferrable.
3) You can snug on a ManHood but be sure not to restrict blood flow. The ManHood should be easily pulled off the penis while fastening. If you feel any discomfort or pinching when sitting down, this is normally caused by the Velcro tab not being fastened perfectly, and the Velcro contacting the skin.

Please understand besides your order I am required to make many other different sizes and colors, so the price is very reasonable making a delicate fourteen step ManHood. Please consider on reorder the only way we can reduce the price is by ordering more than one. In fact, five ManHoods (if cared for gently) can last a year and will work out to costing you only pennies a day. I’ve set up a specific this coupon code for reordering customers, hood5promo. When using the hood5promo code any 5 – 20 ManHoods can be ordered and the total will be reduced 50%. This promo code hood5promo cannot be doubled with another promo code or the order will not go through. So if you order 7 ManHoods (of any kind) the total amount of the order will still be reduced 50 percent using the one promo code hood5promo. Being a lingerie item, guarantee only valid if contents of the bag has not been opened. Please email me if there are sizing concerns. However please remember the ManHood can be manually stretched larger.

And finally, ManHood has survived all these years because of our testimonials. People learn more from stories than being told what to think.

We never share your personal information, just the message.  If not I understand. This is personal.

Thank you, RT  For questions please check before emailing for answers.