Instructions : ManHood Sleeve

Dear Valued Customer,

ManHood Tugging Sleeve GoldYou would not use both the ManHood and sleeve at the same time. You would use the restoring ManHood when not stretching and the ManHood sleeve when stretching the foreskin. The sleeve is made to cover the stretching device and protect any exposed penile glans so that the device does not rub against your inner thigh when using it.

We had a cloth or elastic ribbon attached to the ManHood sleeve that can be draped over the elastic of your undergarment to help prevent loss. Or if you are average or longer in length and the cloth ribbon or label are in the way they can be removed with scissors but not too short as to cut the stitches on the Velcro. If the cloth ribbon begins to unravel it can be heated up carefully with a lighter and the frayed end melted together.

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