Instructions : Tightly Circumcised

Dear Valued Customer: I want to personally thank you for your trust and your open mind. For some, changing our lives can be stressful, but there are things that can be done to enhance sensitivity and prolong the sexual experience. In fact, we can feel better than we ever have before.

manhoodWith a tight circumcision, use the ManHood as a removable foreskin and you will find your sensitivity and smoothness return. This process is not unlike when hands become damaged working without protection, and later restoring the sensitivity, and appearance by protecting your hands by wearing gloves. Time will depend on the damage done however, your glans penis will eventually look better, feel better, and live longer if you continue to protect it.

How ManHood works: Circumcision causes an internal organ to be external. As would happen to our eye if we cut off the eyelid because blinking is a waste of time, so happens to the exposed penile glans because of circumcision. As the penis reacts to this change, the penile glans will form a new surface to protect itself from the irritation of an environment never intended. This surface gets thicker as we age, hinders sensitivity, and makes orgasm harder to achieve. Grasp your flaccid penis in your hand and hold it for a while. When I do it, I wish I could keep him there all the time, until I was ready to use him. Besides protecting from abrasive fabrics in the highly fictive groin, wearing the ManHood will restore the penis at, or near body temperature. Insulating the penile glans’ natural heat also creates moisture. Something no underwear will do. Eventually, the old skin will shed away, and a healthy, more sensitive glans will appear. This captured heat will be felt in your hand when the ManHood is removed to urinate. Something no underwear will do.

Safety Strap: We had a safety strap attached to the ManHood that can be draped over the elastic of your undergarment, to help prevent loss in cases of extreme shrinkage. This attachment can also be used when wearing boxers or during activities. At home, or while sleeping, it is not necessary. If the strap begins to unravel, the frayed end can be easily repaired by heating it up with a lighter. If you are average, or longer in length and the safety strap is in the way, it can be removed with scissors.

Sleeping with the ManHood: the penile glans penis is at its highest sensitivity level during the intense nocturnal erection (Viagra times 2) and is irritated touching bedding or clothing. This irritated glans will cause a man to stir and change position. If the erection does not do this, the penile glans has already formed a barrier to protect it from being irritated. As your penile glans become more sensitive the ManHood will help you will sleep peacefully.

Initially, the ManHood may constrict an erection. Understanding one penis will get larger than others, when erect. These men are more commonly known as growers. When a ManHood is initially fitted, it is made to fit the penis at its smallest girth. When an often-intense nocturnal erection occurs, the ManHood will tighten around the penis. These erections slowly force the stretching range of the ManHood larger, until the ManHood range has been stretched out enough to accommodate the erection comfortably. This happens rather quickly for most penises.

For growers, the tightness may become constricting during a nocturnal erection, and very uncomfortable. In this situation, the ManHood will take a little longer to create a larger stretching range. However, if the tightness continues, we suggest not fastening the ManHood as tight, or try a different ManHood. Like our navy, white, or dark knight, the black bat ManHood, or the original ManHood. Consider, what works for one penis, will not necessarily work for another, making recommendations difficult. So, what we have done is made the ManHood relatively inexpensive on reorder, so experimenting with different models is not a problem. Sleep in loose clothing to keep the ManHood from being pulled off by the clothing when the nocturnal erection deflates. Or for best results, sleep in the nude.

Moisturizing: We suggest using extra virgin olive oil, mixed 50/50 with water to moisturize the penile glans after showering. Extra virgin olive oil is scentless and effective. I save money and use the mixture for hair conditioner, aftershave, and moisturizing the rest of the face. Again, only after, or in the shower. It feels great and a little goes a long way. Your hands and the often-ignored cuticle will also become healthier as you massage the mixture into your hair. Mixing the oil with water helps carry the healing ingredients through the skin. *Source: Authority Health “Olive oil is rich in vitamins and nutrients extremely good for the skin; they include Vitamin E & A, fatty acids, and minerals.  This oil helps the skin in wrinkle removal, softening and smoothening, complexion lightening, and moisturizing. It is easy to ward off dry skin issues and scales formation on the skin with the daily application of olive oil over affected areas. Make sure to use only the extra virgin olive oil on the skin to avoid the side effects of chemicals found in regular refined olive oil.”

Excellent For Hair Car. If you have dry and dull hair, just start using extra virgin olive oil to make your hair moisturized and shining. This oil forms a protective cover around the outer layers of the hair to make them look healthy and beautiful. The Vitamin E and fatty acids in this oil penetrate deep into the hair roots and boosts the growth of new hairs. You will also find that most of the natural hair care solutions have olive as a very important ingredient in them. Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Health, Skin, Hair (

Stopping the damage: after circumcision, the most damaging thing done to the penis is masturbation. Using the palms of our hands, vigorously at times. will eventually cause the penile glans to look like the inside of our hand. The more damaged the hand, the more damaged the penile glans. Grip, frequency, and duration all play a part. Start using a lighter grip, a masturbation device, or a rubber glove if your hands are rough.  If you are single, there are many inexpensive masturbation devices available today. is very fair. If you have a partner, try and refrain from masturbating. If possible, think about restoring your foreskin. The ManHood will eventually hold the newly stretched shaft skin on the glans, from a quarter coverage to eventually full coverage, years before the skin will stay there on its own. A quarter coverage is enough skin to masturbate with. How to Regrow Foreskin: 14 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Wearing a ManHood in a tanning bed or nude sunbathing is equally important. UV rays thicken skin and kill nerve endings. The ManHood makes a great gift for friends or family who use tanning salons because the ManHood protects the penis while leaving no tan lines. Understanding the tan lines are the reason they are naked in the first place. They just do not know they are hurting the penile glans.

The following information is for circumcised men who are looking to further enhance their sexual pleasure. However, we understand some occupations will not support this decision.

A well-kept secret: Please investigate using the ManHood in combination with cannabis products if they are available in your state or country. Not the smoking kind. Smoking anything is unhealthy and should be stopped. However, the essential oils in the marijuana plant come in sodas, chocolates, gummies, or oil capsules. Being a natural substance, it is far better than Viagra. One use could cost less than one dollar to enhance sexual pleasure, especially orgasm. If this product has never been used before, introduce your body to this medicine by ingesting a small amount each day for one month, before expecting explosive results. Then simply use as needed an hour or two before sexual activity. You do not have to get high. Like all medicine, it is not to be abused. You can moderate the amount ingested very easily. Smoking pot makes you high, eating a little chocolate does not. You only get high if you eat too much.

The ManHood will make the penis more sensitive, and THC/CBD will help the nervous system transport those feelings. Medical CBD will work on its own, just not as well. You can buy the edibles half THC and half CBD, or any combination. Simply start out testing small amounts, until you have found what works best for you. Once accustomed to the medicine, even kissing is enhanced. It will also help with stress because you will sleep better. Understanding the compounds in the plant do not put you to sleep, (exercise does that) but helps you fall back to sleep when you wake up in the middle of the night. Studies have found that PSTD is a condition for soldiers because they cannot sleep properly when they return from combat. This constant lack of sleep leads to a PTSD diagnosis. They are now using THC to treat PTSD because it helps patients fall back to sleep after bad dreams wake them up. It is also found to suppress dreams. With No side effects. Sleeping problems are an epidemic in western civilization, usually stress-related. If a combat soldier can overcome his stress from war, we can help overcome the stress of being circumcised, by sleeping and feeling better than we ever have before. The CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria,” Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany. Within the nervous system, CB1 receptors are turned on in a sense by THC. Which basically means it is not just your imagination, but that cannabis products really do make orgasm better – and a way better at that.” There is a list of benefits connected to using cannabis products in this manner. Including anxiety. Here are twenty of them.  20 Medical Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew (

As sensitivity improves while wearing the ManHood, the cared-for penis will feel better and better. Think about it. Cocaine grows in Columbia. Americans and others crush it into a powder and snort it, fully knowing it is cut with dangerous substances that have many side effects. However, Columbians could have a plant growing outside their front door. On leaving the house, they will chew one leaf to get the healing effects the plant has. Like a cup of coffee. With No side effects. The point is, if taken in moderation, both these plants have benefits to the human condition.

Instructions and other ways to care for the exposed organ

1) Snug the ManHood on, but not too tight. Too tight can cause the skin to pinch when you sit down. You should be able to tug the ManHood off, by grabbing the far end without unfastening.

2) To keep ManHood from slipping, please ensure the bottom of the penis is entirely inside the ManHood before securing. You can lift the penis and pull the bottom of the ManHood up closer to the base, after fastening.

3) Until you become accustomed to wearing ManHood, please wear boxers that fit tightly to your thighs, or wear standard briefs to ensure you never lose a ManHood. If you are an avid boxer user, be sure to use the safety strap.

4) Before fastening, ensure the Velcro is not grabbing the fabric as this flap of fabric keeps the Velcro away from the skin. If the hook Velcro is not completely on top of its loop counterpart, it will irritate the skin and need to be refastened. take your time until fastening is more routine.

5) A penis will retract to different shorter degrees when ignored. If this is the case, pull your penis out from the base to make it longer before fastening. Be aware, in some cases the circumcised penis can retract more than an inch when it is tucked away in your pants, leaving nothing for ManHood to hold on to. In fact, a circumcised penis retracts often because it is nervous, cold, or irritated by clothing. He then searches for his natural protection, the foreskin. Sadly, it never finds it. However, with continued use of the ManHood, your penis will recover and eventually retract less.

6) Changing any behavior takes time; like urinating and simply putting your naked penis away. FYI, many intact men need to pull their foreskin off the penile glans before urinating, or urine spills everywhere but in the bowl. This is usually the case at public urinals when there is a lot of pee on the floor, right in front of the urinal.

7) Heat Sources: When in a bath, avoid really hot water as it will dry your skin and damage nerve endings. Be gentle with face cloths or loofahs, as they can be quite abrasive. Take the same care when drying with towels. Don’t scrub dry, but allow your glans to drip dry, or pat dry with a soft tissue. If you like to hang your towel around your waist, first put on your ManHood and protect your penile glans from rubbing against the towel. Shower at will, as the water cools by the time it reaches the mid-section.

8) Cold Sources: The cold causes our skin to dry and chafe. If you live in a colder climate, as we do, it is important to provide your naked glans with protection. ManHood will provide extra warmth by insulating your glans natural heat.

9) Remove for sexual encounters, urinating, or masturbation. ManHoods are non-transferable.

The Original ManHood: Put the original ManHood in your pocket and rub it between your fingers. It will feel baby bottom smooth and demonstrate how the two layers rub together, protecting your penis from the irritation it now endures. The outside layer of the original ManHood will begin to show the wear your penis used to endure; however, the inside of ManHood will remain soft and smooth. Both the original and restoring ManHood will work in the same manner. In fact, it is more important to keep the penile glans covered than which style of ManHood is used to cover him. It is simply a preference for different situations that set them apart. Like one for activity and the other for leisure or sleeping. Understanding each penis has a mind of its own. Like a foreskin, the ManHood two layers insulate the penile glans’ natural heat, maintaining a normal body temperature. The original ManHood does not lose color and can be washed in a variety of ways, but one way is to machine wash them in a laundry bag or trouser pocket with a zipper, or button so they will also be easily found.

The Restoring ManHood: Many tightly circumcised customers prefer the restoring ManHood because it will not be dislodged as often. Many as I do, use both. Use them as a toolbox and find which ManHood works best in different situations. The outer color will eventually wash away on the restoring ManHood, leaving you with a soft skin-like fabric, that feels more like skin as it ages. To prevent this color from running, please do not wear for a long time while wet

The Ultra Skin ManHood will keep the penile glans at its warmest because it is less porous and does not absorb fluids like our other ManHoods. Therefore, for those with a high degree of hygiene, the Ultra ManHood will need to be cleaned more often. For those who wear the Ultra ManHood for longer periods of time, it may begin to smell like smegma, the natural lubricant that is produced by our bodies. It will have a sweet smell if you have a good diet.

The Drip-Dry ManHood: If someone is older than 50, it is safe to assume the prostrate has weakened, causing urine to dribble. It is going to happen to most of us eventually but having to urinate will come on quickly. Especially if hands are put in warm water, lol. Wearing the ManHood keeps me from rushing to the toilet and saves me from that embarrassing wet spot on my trousers. All our ManHoods will help in this situation, but the drip dry is a little more absorbent. Please educate your family and friends or think of gifting a ManHood. Believe me, they will be thankful.

Washing Instructions: The restoring ManHood can often be gently cleaned using a slightly damp face cloth and air-dried, without soaking the ManHood. Or gently wipe with a sanitation wipe.  Otherwise, the restoring ManHood should be hand washed in warm water and hang dried completely before wearing. Extras are important.

As an intact man, it is more important to keep your penis clean. If you find the odd restoring ManHood with excess coloring (as some colors or parts of the roll seem more saturated than others) please wash it with colors in the washing machine. To avoid having this coloring transferred to your skin, some of the restoring ManHoods should not be worn wet or damp until they have been washed a few times and the color faded. If you choose, wash it before wearing it.

How often the ManHood is washed is a personal decision. Some will wash daily but others will go days without washing the ManHood. Consider the fact intact men could go for long periods of time trapped in wet, filthy, disease-infected trenches without cleaning their penile glans. This would be because the penis has antimicrobrial properties to protect it. Combined with many flushes with urine during the day, infections are not common from outside sources. It is more important to wash the penis before sexual activity, as intact men should.

  • A gentle swipe with a sanitation wipe or damp wash cloth will often clean the restoring ManHood.
  • Hot water is not needed when washing the ManHood. Soap does the cleaning.
  • If using the washer and dryer, put the ManHood in a pocket with a button to protect the fabric and easily found. If you wash the restoring ManHood in this manner, please be sure the color has faded away as to not stain other clothing.
  • Like most colored fabrics, some, (not all) of the ManHood’s will run color when wet. Wash with colors or hand-drying surfaces.

*ManHood’s outer layer can also be sprayed with your favorite scent if desired and the scent is released each time you use the washroom.

Results will vary from one penis to another, determined by damage done and effort changing a lifestyle, to one that cares for an exposed organ.

1) —–Original Message—–Subject: Re: ManHood

I purchased my Manhood roughly a year ago, and since they arrived I have not gone a day without wearing one.  Since then my glans has improved considerably.  It used to be kind of rough, and have what seemed like little cracks down the back of the head when erect.  Over the course of a year they have finally disappeared completely. Little by little, smooth skin returned until now i have a much more sensitive glans that I am happy with.

Also, even though I don’t believe I’ll be attempting to restore my skin, I greatly prefer the clingy texture of the restoring manhood, and recommend anyone looking to make a purchase to include one. You won’t be disappointed. Mitch

2) Hello; The covers have done their job extremely well, and has dramatically improved my mental health. While it did take 3 months for rapid dekeretinization to begin, it still happened, and it has been so mentally and physically therapeutic I’ve decided I want to get a few more. Sincerely, Jacob

3) Original Message— Re: ManHood

Hey Rand! I just wanted to say that your product works fantastically. My healing process took about 5 months but I had to repair years of rubbing from running in boxers. I felt like giving up around month 2 and 3 but i stuck with it and the difference is like night and day now! Thank you.

4) Original Message—–Subject: I was ready to give up when I stumbled across ManHood.

It was cheap and had great testimonials, so of course I thought it was too good to be true. I ordered my first ManHood skeptically, and after about a week (because I was impatient), I wasn’t feeling the crazy results I was hoping for, and I almost gave up, but I decided to stick it out a little bit longer. Right around the two-week mark, I felt a decently significant change in sensation during sex.  And then the next week, an even greater change. Here I am, only two months into using this product, and I’ve already stopped losing erections during sex, feeling greater sensations, and being able to consistently achieve orgasm, and every week it just gets better and better. The discomfort during physical exercise is almost completely eradicated as well.

I cannot praise this product enough for the positive effects it has had on my sex life, daily life, and mental health. JK

5) Original Message—- Re: ManHood

My son has been a naked, traumatized prisoner for two months now after His operation.  Yesterday he tried the manhood: he has slept through the night, he has attended school, wants to work out and visited friends. It is a miracle! We will write a testimonial, put it on internet widely and talk to his doctors about this. Lifesaving!!!!

Follow up, 8 months later; I contacted some urologists to tell them about manhood, in order to help other guys. To my surprise I did not get positive reactions. They feel wearing a manhood is just postponing the healing after circumcision. Well, that may be the case, but Jesse literally got his life back instantly with MH. And that was 2 months post procedure, so he was “healed”. His doctor also tells us that this continuing sensitivity is something he has never seen before. Anyway, manhood was, and is, his savior! Kind regards, Emmelien

6) Subject: ManHood: Whoa…. whoa!

I was circumcised at 17 because of pretty bad phimosis, now in my early 30s. I have been using manhood original for a few weeks and do enjoy it. Since I was cut looser than an infant circumcision would be, I decided to try the restorer xx. Oh my god.  Oh my…. it feels just like the real thing. I am shocked. It’s unreal. Seriously, thank you. Thank you.

Being a lingerie item, the guarantee is only valid if the contents of the bag have not been opened. Please email me if there are sizing concerns. However, please remember the ManHood can be manually stretched larger.

Thank you, RT

Testimonials can be written on the ManHood at,