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Drip Dry


Medical experts estimate that 90% of all men will experience some type of urinary incontinence (“dribble”) in their lifetime. While it's perfectly normal, it can lead to embarrassing wet spots and create an ongoing feeling of anxiety.

ManHood Drip Dry helps keep you feeling fresh and confident. It's thicker and even more absorbent than the ManHood Original. And just like the Original, it's made of a silky smooth material that covers and protects your penis like a real foreskin, allowing cells to regenerate and produce a smoother, more sensitive glans within 30 days.

NEW: Now includes a gripper strip and a safety strap that can be anchored over the elastic band of undergarments to prevent loss.

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29 years later + thousands of happy customers

manhood originalManHood® was a breakthrough innovation for restoring penis sensitivity when it was invented in 1995. In the past two decades, thousands of satisfied customers have experienced a smoother, more sensitive glans penis after wearing ManHood® daily.

Wearing ManHood® is simple and painless, without any complicated tapes, straps, or cones that look like medieval torture devices! All you do is insert your penis between the two layers of fabric and secure it with the built-in velcro strip. Your glans will be safely and comfortably protected all day. Removing it is simple too. Soon you will know how great it feels to be intact!

manhood® benefits for circumcised men

When you’re circumcised, ordinary daily activities irritate your glans because there is a great deal of movement in your groin area. Manhood® will solve this problem by protecting the head of your penis the same way a foreskin would.

Your glans was not meant to be exposed to outside elements. It was intended to be soft and smooth, for maximum sensitivity. But over time, because it’s been exposed to harsh outside elements, the glans had to toughen up to survive. This caused it to dry out, which is why you’ll notice a circumcised penis usually has lines and ridges on the head. This is from the damage.

Once you start wearing Manhood®, your glans will begin to recover. You’ll notice more softness and more shine. After about a month of daily use, you should notice an increase in sensitivity as well. This means your sex life will improve, the intensity of your orgasms will be evident, and your glans will finally begin to “feel” the way it was supposed to.

manhood® feels like heaven for your penis

Each ManHood® is carefully hand-made without inside seams to ensure it stays smoothly against your glans. It has two layers of silky soft 100% polyester material that rub together, absorbing friction that would normally irritate your glans. Place your index finger inside the ManHood® and your thumb on the outside, then rub together and you will feel how it works.

From the moment you put on ManHood®, you’ll begin to notice the comfort of having a glans that’s protected, just like with a real foreskin. By keeping your glans covered, you’ll begin the dekeratinization process. Within 30 days, you’ll experience a smoother, more sensitive glans, just like intact men have. This can increase the intensity of your orgasms and bring you more pleasure than you’ve ever felt before.

what is the dekeratinization process?

dekeratinizationThe glans is made up of a soft, spongy tissue with thousands of nerve endings. The foreskin protects this tissue by covering it when the penis is flaccid. When you’re circumcised, you lose the protection of the foreskin, and this affects the glans.

Let’s use your tongue to demonstrate the damage. Ordinarily your tongue stays inside your mouth, where it’s warm, moist, and safe from outside damage. Now let’s try sticking your tongue out for a minute or two. What happens to your tongue? It dries out and even starts to get numb.

The damage to your glans is very similar. Without the protection of the foreskin, it dries out and loses some of the feeling. As a result, you may encounter decreased sensations during sexual activity and less satisfaction overall. Your partner may also suffer from friction caused by the rough texture of your glans.

That’s where dekeratinization comes into play. When you wear ManHood®, your glans will once again have the protection it was intended to have. That dry, rough surface will gradually flake away from the head of your penis to reveal a smoother, shinier glans.

Within a month of regular usage, you will begin to notice an improvement in sensitivity. An easy way to test it is to go running without your ManHood® on. You’ll feel itchy and uncomfortable, and that’s how you’ll know the dekeratinization process has begun.

Continue to wear ManHood® daily so your glans remains protected, just like it would with a real foreskin.

will manhood® slip off?

If the velcro strip is properly fastened around the base of your penis, it takes a great deal of movement to make ManHood® slip off. However, since it is an undergarment and isn’t attached to the skin, it is possible for it to dislodge. This is true with all retainers. As long as it’s properly fastened, and you’ve ordered the correct size, you should be fine on a day to day basis.

here are some tips to maximize the comfort of wearing manhood®:

how to measure

Make sure you have accurately measured your penis before ordering. You should measure when flaccid, around the base of the penis (the area where your pubic hair usually ends, not including the testicles), and measure it in a circle. The sizing is based on the girth of your penis, not the length.

Wear briefs or boxer briefs because they usually hug the body more than traditional boxers. The fabric will hold your penis against your body, which will minimize the amount of movement against Manhood®. The less movement, the less likely it will slip off. Also, if it does slip off, it will mostly likely get caught inside the brief, which will prevent you from losing it.

featured customer testimonial:

For medical reasons, I recently underwent an adult circumcision, and adapting has been incredibly difficult. I was constantly purchasing gauze and bandaging to assist in my healing and to protect myself from the extreme sensitivity I was experiencing, even wearing a cup when going to work when I knew I would be away from home for a long period of time. The gauze and wrapping would either constantly get loose, or be wrapped tight enough to experience discomfort. Looking for solutions online I saw manhood and decided to try it out.

A new issue I was experiencing after my circumcision was a bit of dribble after urination (as its still too sensitive for me to wring myself out so to speak), so I decided to go with the drip dry version. The measurement was very accurate and I was surprised at how easy it was to keep on. Not only did I no longer need any gauze wrap, I was able to stop using the cup, and now the drip dry manhood is enough to keep me secure even at a long day at work. I barely notice I’m wearing it, it absorbs any left over dribble quite well, and the extra padding in the drip dry version is perfect as a buffer when wearing course feeling jeans. The velcro adjustment allows either a relaxed or firm fit, and the ribbon gives you piece of mind to know it hasnt fallen out of place. The regular manhood is perfect for sleeping as its much thinner and easier to stretch, but the extra padding and absorption of the drip dry model makes it my go to version for daily activities.

The manhood has restored some regularity back to my life where I am not constantly worried or concerned about my penis, and I’ve been able to completely stop using any sort of gauze or medical bandaging. I’ve been able to retain my sensitivity while not being held back or concerned throughout my everyday activities, and thats all I could ask for from this product.
— G