The foreskin substitute for circumcised men, foreskin restoration, and uncut men with a short foreskin — since 1995

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The perfect retainer to assist with foreskin restoration! Our thin and light uniquely textured fabric clings to your glans like a real foreskin and holds your skin in place.

NEW: Now includes a safety strap that can be anchored over the elastic band of undergarments to prevent loss.

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world’s first foreskin substitute just got better

manhood-restorer-modelThe original ManHood was a breakthrough innovation in foreskin restoration when it was invented in 1995. In the past 29 years, thousands of satisfied customers have experienced a smoother, more sensitive glans penis after wearing ManHood daily.

The new ManHood Restorer has an added benefit for men who are restoring their foreskin. Just like the original ManHood, you’ll get the benefits of a more sensitive glans. PLUS, thanks to our new cling technology, you can also use it as a retainer!

All you have to do is roll your own skin over the glans, or as far as it will comfortably go, then slide the ManHood Restorer on and secure it. Your skin will stay comfortably in place all day without any tape or sticky residue.

what does the new cling texture feel like?

You may be wondering what sets the new ManHood Restorer apart from the original ManHood. Our revolutionary new fabric feels very similar to the inner foreskin.

Your penis has two different types of skin on the shaft. The outer foreskin, which extends from the base of your penis to the circumcision scar. This skin is thicker and more durable. If you were intact, this would be the outside skin on your penis.

The inner foreskin is much thinner, more delicate and sensitive, and it extends from your circumcision scar up to where your glans starts. It also may be a slightly different color; usually pinkish. The inner foreskin was not intended to be exposed and if you were intact, it would be the inside layer that covers the glans.

The inner foreskin has a unique “sticky” texture that clings to your penis. The ManHood Restorer has a similar feel and it’s this texture that assists it in holding your skin in place when you use it as a retainer.

From the moment you put on the ManHood Restorer, you’ll begin to notice the comfort of having a glans that’s protected, just like with a real foreskin. This is the closest we’ve ever gotten to producing a durable, re-usable fabric with the same protective properties as the inner foreskin. It’s an exciting new addition to the ManHood product line that you have to feel to believe.

why it’s important to retain during foreskin restoration

Foreskin restoration is a long process. It usually takes men years to grow enough skin to have full coverage of their penis. So what do you do to protect it while you’re restoring? Your glans is still exposed and it’s still being damaged.

ManHood Restorer stops the damage and starts the healing process by retaining your new skin growth. By keeping your glans covered with a retainer, you’ll begin the dekeratinization process. Within 30 days, you’ll experience a smoother, more sensitive glans, just like intact men have. This can increase the intensity of your orgasms and bring you more pleasure than you’ve ever felt before.

what is the dekeratinization process?

dekeratinizationThe glans is made up of a soft, spongy tissue with thousands of nerve endings. The foreskin protects this tissue by covering it when the penis is flaccid. When you’re circumcised, you lose the protection of the foreskin, and this affects the glans.

Let’s use your tongue to demonstrate the damage. Ordinarily your tongue stays inside your mouth, where it’s warm, moist, and safe from outside damage. Now let’s try sticking your tongue out for a minute or two. What happens to your tongue? It dries out and even starts to get numb.

The damage to your glans is very similar. Without the protection of the foreskin, it dries out and loses some of the feeling. As a result, you may encounter decreased sensations during sexual activity and less satisfaction overall. Your partner may also suffer from friction caused by the rough texture of your glans.

That’s where dekeratinization comes into play. When you wear ManHood Restorer, your glans will once again have the protection it was intended to have. That dry, rough surface will gradually flake away from the head of your penis to reveal a smoother, shinier glans.

Within a month of regular usage, you will begin to notice an improvement in sensitivity. An easy way to test it is to go running without your ManHood Restorer. You’ll feel itchy and uncomfortable, and that’s how you’ll know the dekeratinization process has begun.

Continue to wear ManHood Restorer daily so your glans remains protected, just like it would with a real foreskin.

wear manhood restorer as a retainer

manhood restorerThe new ManHood Restorer has a unique “sticky” texture, similar to the texture of the inner foreskin, which makes it an excellent retainer during foreskin restoration. All you have to do is roll your skin as far as it will go over your glans and then put ManHood on. The fabric will hold the skin in place for all day retaining without tape, o-rings, straps, or discomfort.

Wrap ManHood around your penis and fasten the velcro securely at the base. Using ManHood will enhance and prolong the life of your sensitive penile glans by protecting it from friction. Hand wash it daily to keep it fresh.

will manhood® slip off?

If the velcro strip is properly fastened around the base of your penis, it takes a great deal of movement to make ManHood slip off. However, since it’s an undergarment and isn’t attached to the skin, it is possible for it to dislodge. This is true with all retainers. As long as it’s properly fastened, and you’ve ordered the correct size, you should be fine on a day to day basis.

The ManHood Restorer is also unique due to its new texture, which helps it gently cling onto the skin. This adds an extra level of protection from slipping off.

here are some tips to maximize the comfort of wearing manhood®:

how to measureMake sure you have accurately measured your penis before ordering. You should measure when flaccid, around the base of the penis (the area where your pubic hair usually ends, not including the testicles), and measure it in a circle. The sizing is based on the girth of your penis, not the length.

Wear briefs or boxer briefs because they usually hug the body more than traditional boxers. The fabric will hold your penis against your body, which will minimize the amount of movement against Manhood. The less movement, the less likely it will slip off. Also, if it does slip off, it will mostly likely get caught inside the brief, which will prevent you from losing it.