Uncircumcised Men

ManHood® Benefits for Intact / Uncircumcised Men

Uncircumcised menEach ManHood® is carefully hand-made without inside seams to ensure it stays smoothly against your glans and foreskin. It has two layers of silky soft 100% polyester material that rub together, absorbing friction that would normally irritate the skin. Place your index finger inside the ManHood® and your thumb on the outside, then rub together and you will feel how it works.

Sometimes uncircumcised men have a short or tight foreskin, which causes the head to peek out and rub against clothing. This creates awkward and uncomfortable situations, especially when you need to re-adjust in public, among co-workers, or at social gatherings.

ManHood® will make this problem a thing of the past. By completely covering and protecting your glans, it creates a protective barrier for any part of your penis that the foreskin doesn’t cover on its own. You will feel more comfortable and confident when you’re wearing ManHood®.

How to wear ManHood

Wrap ManHood® around your penis and fasten the velcro securely at the base. Using ManHood® will enhance and prolong the life of your sensitive penile glans by protecting it from friction. Hand wash it daily to keep it fresh. We also recommend dabbing the tip of your penis with toilet paper after urinating to ensure maximum cleanliness and good hygiene.

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Will Manhood slip off?

If the velcro strip is properly fastened around the base of your penis, it takes a great deal of movement to make ManHood® slip off. However, since it is an undergarment and isn’t attached to the skin, it is possible for it to dislodge. This is true with all retainers. As long as it’s properly fastened, and you’ve ordered the correct size, you should be fine on a day to day basis.

Here are some tips to maximize the comfort of wearing ManHood®:

how to measureMake sure you have accurately measured your penis before ordering. You should measure when flaccid, around the base of the penis (the area where your pubic hair usually ends, not including the testicles), and measure it in a circle. The sizing is based on the girth of your penis, not the length.

Wear briefs or boxer briefs because they usually hug the body more than traditional boxers. The fabric will hold your penis against your body, which will minimize the amount of movement against Manhood®. The less movement, the less likely it will slip off. Also, if it does slip off, it will mostly likely get caught inside the brief, which will prevent you from losing it.

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  1. Jenanan says:

    Over the last 5 months I’ve noticed a significant difference. The sex is incredibly better. My glans looks much more healthier (I have a foreskin, but it’s short and doesn’t fully cover). The first month was the biggest jump with the tip becoming smooth and shiny. The foreskin has taken 5 months but I can definitely say it covers much more area. Persistence pays.

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