ManHood in FHM magazine

The ManHood
Shorn bachelor creates hats for your little soldier

ManHood foreskin substitute in FHM magazine

“I had just turned 30, and I started to realize that life was changing,” say Canadian Randy Tymkin. “I was at that point when you look back and think ahead. Then I began to wonder about my penis. Sometimes it rubs against things. That can’t be good.”

But when Tymkin set about creating a manmade foreskin to keep his circumcised stalk out of harm’s way, he quickly found that wrapping the pig in a blanket wasn’t as simple as he’d hoped. Fabric selection was crucial. “It had to be soft like women’s panties, yet masculine,” he explains. Plus, no one wanted to hand-stitch what appeared to be the world’s smallest Klan hood.

In time, Tymkin perfect the ManHood, the world’s finest artificial foreskin. “Actually, I think it’s the only artificial foreskin,” he corrects. “I wear it all the time. It made my member much more sensitive.” But aren’t the ladies shocked when they find Mr. Winkie is wrapped in a burka? “Women hardly ever see it,” he explains. Go figure.